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Festivals and wedding occasions demand you to dress perfectly. Festivals hold a strong cultural value in our lives and most families stock their wardrobe with new clothes during the same time. Festivals not only bring with them amazing times but they are also a prime reason for shopping Indian wear. Indo-western clothes are termed as much more fashionable and comfortable as compared to traditional dresses but when it comes to looking impeccable, most people opt for traditional Indian wear without a second thought. Many online and offline stores now offer special festive collections. Women these days prefer to go for salwar kameez and kurtas but sarees have their own charm. Indian sarees are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Festive sarees are a bit different from wedding sarees in terms of their designs, colour combination and vibe. For festivals, you can also opt for casual sarees with minimal prints. These days you can get festive sarees online too. Sarees no longer need to be all typical and traditional, even contemporary designs and patterns are now added to the same. Festivals apart from being all ritualistic are now more about family get-togethers. Due to the stated women prefer to wear not so heavy sarees. Sarees with comfortable designs and patterns are much more preferred. Indian sarees are quite flexible when it comes to the usage of fabrics. Sarees can be made in any material and that makes it wearable for all weathers. Check out why Indian sarees are the best option for festivals.

  • Blends with the Overall Vibe

Festivals are a family affair and are associated with happiness. Most women prefer to dress in traditional wear when celebrating festivals and sarees are widely chosen. A saree blends amazingly well with the festive vibe because this particular attire is different from the other outfits in many ways. If you want to give a miss to the usual attires like kurtas, salwar kameez, etc then you should definitely wear a saree.

  • You can Experiment with Sarees

Sarees are available in all colours and fabrics. With sarees, you can experiment to a great extent. Try and opt for a different blouse pattern or go for a unique colour combination. Even in sarees, there are Indo-western styles like lehenga style sarees, saree gowns, etc. Choose a simple saree or go for the stated unique styles. A single saree can be styled in many different ways which makes it all the more worth.

  • Sarees are Available in all Fabrics

Unlike other outfits, sarees are available in all materials. This means that they can be worn for all seasons. For summer festivals, you can go for comfy materials like cotton, silk, etc. whereas for winters you can opt for velvet, chiffon, Banarasi silk, etc. Depending on your comfort level and choice of work you can choose from a wide variety of sarees. Make sure that the material you choose for your Indian saree is comfortable enough.

Just deciding to wear a saree for a festival is not enough, you also need to select the right Indian saree which suits your personal style and festival. These days you can choose an Indian festive saree online too. Check out the tips to style your latest Indian sarees for festive events.

  • Go for a net Saree with a Contrast Coloured Blouse

Net sarees are easy to handle and are light in weight too. Moreover, net sarees look good on every body shape which makes it more flexible. Net as a fabric can sustain a good amount of embellishments too. However, if you want to go for prints then you need to go for another fabric. Net sarees with minimal stonework can look extremely elegant and stylish. Team up the overall look with a contrast coloured blouse to add some oomph to your look.

  • Choose a Floral Saree with an Embellished Blouse

You need not overdress for a festive event even a simple floral saree can do wonders to your overall look. A vibrant floral saree is apt for festivals like Holi, Diwali, Lohri, etc. Pair up your colourful floral saree with an embellished blouse to add some ethnicity. Choose from the tones of pink, green, peach and blue for your floral saree. These days several floral sarees also have heavy borders. If you feel your saree is looking too simple then one with a heavy border will work the best for you.

  • Drape the Saree in Style

Draping the saree right is very important. When you are wearing a saree for a festive occasion you can also try to go for a different draping style. Select the draping style as per the saree and your comfort level. Most women tend to go for the same and boring draping styles but nowadays many other styles are also worn. Be it any draping style it is necessary to pin up the same correctly. Make sure you pin up your saree tightly to avoid any hassles. The pins should not be too visible!

  • Add some Accessories to your Look

Indian sarees are quite traditional in their vibe. In order to complete the look, it is better to add some accessories too. Try and go for simple and minute accessories like light earrings, a bracelet or a ring. The accessories need not be too blingy. Most sarees from the festive collection are filled with some kind of embroidery or work. In this case, you should keep your accessories to the minimum.

  • Complete the Look with a Clutch

Women pair up their traditional outfits with a clutch these days. A clutch is available in all patterns and sizes. Moreover, ethnic clutches are available in the tones of silver, gold and metallic too.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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