Wear Cap Sleeved Salwar Suits and Make a Statement This Summer

Salwar suits are elegant Indian outfits that women can flaunt both on a joyous occasion and on a casual day at work. The best thing about the Kameez of the salwar suit is the obtainability of numerous styles that one can opt for. The sleeve styles of the kameez proffers ladies to have a favorable outfit for every season. Full sleeves for winters and various styles of short sleeves for the summers. Likewise, cap sleeves are an option that is both playful and charming on any attire.

A cap-sleeved kameez has a short or small sleeve which ends close to the shoulder. It either falls on the arm to provide minimal coverage or else forms a stiff cap. The cap sleeved kameez has become very famous in the last few decades and has been sailing strong for the past some time. It could be worn anywhere, anytime and provides a charismatic look to its wearer. Especially in summers, cap sleeves are a great pick for making style statements this summer. Apart from keeping the heat at bay, it is also a lovely style to flaunt to get a little change from the usual clothes you flaunt.

The cap sleeved kameez can be tailor-made according to your height and body structure. The mid-thigh level and one that is a little above the knee are the two kinds of lengths of the kameez which are in trend lately. As per your comfort level, you can opt for either semi-fit or tight-fit. This outfit is ideal for all occasions – from parties and normal casual wear to college functions and official meeting.

What type of Kameez should you Opt For?

You can try out a number of different styles in kameez when planning to purchase one this coming summer.

  • Prints and Shades

Go for floral printed kameez this season if you are confused about what pattern you should go for.  On the other hand, when it comes to shades, make sure you go for yellow, blue or a lemon shade which can work wonders to enhance your beauty in summers.

  • Size

While the length of your salwar kameez can vary depending on how you like it, the short kameez look is certainly a trend that is here to stay. You can wear a kameez as short as your thigh with the right fitted pants and pull off the look with the ease of a model.

  • Bottoms

What kind of bottoms you want to pair with your salwar kameez is totally up to your preference. While many opt for the simple look with a salwar on, you can also go for cigarette pants, palazzos, harem pants, and more that are each classy and in vogue in every season!

How to Style Cap-Sleeved Outfits Right?

Cap sleeves are definitely a great choice in seasons that are merciless. Summers can be terrifying if you are made to don on a pretty dress that is bound to leave you perspiring throughout the celebration. However, if you feel that your cap-sleeve salwar kameez is too simple to be flaunted at important events, here’s something to add to the ensemble to make it rock any event with its elegance:

  • Play with the Neckline

If you want to flaunt a cap-sleeve on your salwar kameez, you can always play with the neckline. Avoid boat necks with cap sleeves. This can make you look wider than you are. Instead opt for deeper necklines, or go for a plunging one if you are bold enough to carry it off well.

  • Add sum puff to the Sleeve

While cap sleeves are fun to have on your salwar kameez, adding a little puff to the sleeve like the styles followed in the good old days can create an oomph factor that a simple cap sleeve cannot. You can sleeves that puff up at the shoulder or ones that start by defining your shoulders and puffing up as it extends lower.

  • Drape the Dupatta Right

Another way to pull off cap sleeved outfits is draping the dupatta right. Draping it around you in the usual typical fashion can put off the look completely, especially if the kameez is a simple one. Draping is along one shoulder and letting the ends fall freely is one way to make it look good. However, the best draping method would be to drape the dupatta across your arms from the back to the front.

  • Strap on an Armlet

Here’s another idea to add some bling to your arms. A lovely, classy armlet would look perfect adorning your arm, adding a little charm to your overall look. And why stop at just an armlet? There’s a lot that you can flaunt along with your salwar suit when it comes to jewelry or accessories, allowing you to add as much sparkle as you want to your look and make you shine, no matter what the event.

Where to find the Best Salwar Suits for Women?

Compared to most boutiques around you, online stores definitely have more to offer to you. From a wide range of outfits on display where you can check out the entire inventory to the convenience of shopping from your homes, shoppers have more to look forward to while shopping online.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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