The Nine Yards of Indian Tradition

A tradition that has gone on for years, the Indian ethnic saree has seen changes over centuries and become the enigma it is today. From the most influential woman to the unknown, everyone can be seen draping and styling this outfit in their own charming way. And no one can fault anyone flaunting this attire. Apart from being a commonly worn ethnic Indian outfit among Indians, people from other countries too have realized the charm this attire exudes. And why wouldn’t they when sarees have become available in all of the major countries that lay so much emphasis on fashion.

From choosing the material of the saree, the pattern of the blouse, the draping of the attire to accessorizing it some more, one can do a lot more with a saree if making statements and creating trends is the goal. Here’s all the ways you can make a great impression on your audience this year draped in the nine yards of tradition.

Styles of Draping the Beloved Saree

Traditional sarees have been a much favored outfit among women for ages, and rightly so! With the many styles of draping it, you can create numerous styles of your own that are each as exquisite as the other. If you love sarees enough to flaunt them at every occasions, why stop yourself from creating your own style statement?

  • Lehenga Saree

There is no one who wouldn’t understand a lehenga saree. And having seen Deepika Padukone flaunt a few in one of her movies, do we not all agree upon the charm the ensemble gives off? An enchanting blend of a saree and a lehenga, the outfit is easy to carry and convenient as well. You can opt for varying styles of blouses to keep giving the outfit a new look every time.

  • Bollywood Inspired Draping

Bollywood movies have, no doubt, inspired most women to try different styles of draping a saree. From Priyanka Chopra stunning us all in her ‘desi girl’ look to Sonam Kapoor stunning people through her sense of fashion and her ability to pull off any look. You can find Bollywood sarees online to recreate your own look or get some inspiration from the styling techniques used.

  • Mermaid Drape

A beautifully styled saree that hugs your curves in just the right places and tapers down gorgeously to erupt right back into a flair is one way to show off you lovely figure and make your saree look ethereal. If you have the perfect curves, this saree style is definitely for you.

  • Double Saree

This is another trend that has been seen often lately, albeit a little strange. The concept of double saree is making use of both sarees while draping, and letting the pallus fall across the shoulders, making it look as good as a cape.

  • Half Saree

If you have trouble draping the saree right, a half saree can solve most of your problems. Worn as a casual saree or even as something exquisite, these are styled and stitched below the waist, making it easy for you to just slide it up to your waist and drape the pallu any way you like. The bottom half of the saree can also be designed in numerous ways, the most stylish look being dhoti styled.

Blouse Styles to Accentuate your Ethnic Look

Bold ways of styling blouses have become quite the rage. You can do a lot to accentuate your ethnic look with the right blouse cut and design along with your saree. Here are all of the styles of blouses you can must try this year to stay in trend and make style statements of your own:

  • Jacket-style blouse

Thought jackets were only good for a western look? Think again! You saree can look much more glamourous with your blouse styled like a jacket. To pair a jacket blouse, try simple sarees with gorgeous borders to emphasize the blouse as much as your saree.

  • Ruffled-neck blouses

If you have loved the Victorian era, or even the late 1900s, ruffles are a trend that most of us have admired. So who’s to say it cannot be merged with a saree look? Just get a ruffled blouse to pair with your saree, or have it curated for a customized look. Apart from adding ruffles to the neck of the blouse, you can even add some to the sleeves!

  • Cape-styled blouses

Not all superheroes wear capes. And every woman is a superhero in her own right. So, rather than opting for a no-cape look, get your blouse styled in the form of a cape that emphasis your shapely figure and blends beautifully with the saree you are planning to get draped within.

  • Bell sleeved blouses

Bell sleeves are yet another fashion that have managed to snag the hearts of fashionistas and designers alike. Comfortable and convenient in warmer weather, bell sleeved blouses would give you the freedom to move about without feeling too constricted. No matter what style of saree you intend to wear, a bell sleeved blouse can never go wrong.

  • Stone-embellished halter blouses

For those confident about their bodies and their figure, a halter neck is a suitable option whether they wear a western outfit or an Indian. To bring out a real ethnic look, many have tried halter necks that are embellished with stones to replace the straps. If you love bling enough, you can even have the blouse embellished throughout and shimmer throughout the evening.

  • Lace blouses with boat necks

Has any woman ever said no to lace? We doubt it. The beauty, elegance, and delicateness of lace is ideal to grace a woman designed in any attire. And for an ethnic look, a lace blouse can work wonders, irrespective of the fabric of the saree. If you do plan on having a lace blouse designed, try a boat neck which would look elegant and be comfortable at the same time. Pair the lace with crochet and you have the key to making heads turn your way wherever you go.

  • One side off-shouldered blouse

Experimenting with sleeves is certainly a great idea. But why not do away with the sleeves altogether? If not both, you can try wearing a one-shouldered blouse and drape the pallu on the shouldered side, making you look ethereal and chic at the same time.

  • Chic crop tops

If your wardrobe is stocked with crop tops that you don on every weekend, don’t worry about having to purchase new blouses with your sarees. A chic crop top is as good a substitute for a blouse with an equally enchanting saree in tow.

Accessorizing your Sarees to Perfection

Saree without accessories? Where’s the fun in that! The absolute perfect way of styling your saree is adding bling and glitz to your look. All you need do is keep the occasion and the time of day of the event in mind to figure out which accessory would make a hit. And by blending the shades and pattern of your saree and blouse, you would exactly what to add to your ethnic look.

  • A belt or kamarpatta

For all the women out there with a curvy waist that they can boast about, a kamarpatta around the waist is sure to grab eyeballs. And for those who wish to add a modern touch, opting for metal belts or beautifully designed belts can work in your favor. The only thing is to remember is the color scheme.

  • Statement jewelry

A bold look needs nothing more than confidence. But for an easy way out, statement jewelries never go wrong. A stylish and chic statement piece – which can be a choker or a long price of jewelry that accessorizes your décolletage – can work wonders for your overall look.

  • Brooches

A pallu look great when left open but is more manageable when it is scrunched up or pinned to your shoulder. However, rather than using a pin, you can opt for a lovely studded brooch that blends perfectly with the shades of your saree add a little more bling to your overall ensemble.

  • Chic bracelets

If your saree is of a material where your accessories are bound to get stuck or end up snagging a thread, avoid wrist accessories at all cost. If not, opt for chic bracelets that are vintage yet ethnic in their look and feel. Beads, kundan, and other such ethnic materials are perfect to be added along with your saree.

  • Anklets

Apart from the right footwear, beautiful pieces of jewelry lovingly embracing your ankle is needed too. While it might not be clearly visible, the tantalizing glimpses it would offer as you walk would make up for the expense of purchasing a chic anklet.

  • Bling add-ons

If you are unsure of what to add but still wish to make your look more glitzy, try more bling like a key ring on your waist, or an armlet.

  • Hair accessories

This is another accessory that will not only take the beauty of your look up a notch but also pull people’s attention your way wherever you tread. You can gather your tresses up in a bun and add some glitzy accessory to grace the curves or leave it open and wear a simple yet elegant maangtika instead.

  • Vintage-style watches

These are a trend that are must tries if you love the blend of modernity and the conventional. Watches with beautifully crafted beaded straps and vintage designs make vintage-style watches a must as an accessory to your ethnic look.

Trending Shades for Sarees

2018 has seen a number of trends passing by or staying for good when it comes to women’s ethnic wear. Colors and patterns have created waves of trend and impressions on minds, both young and old. For those who plan to flaunt sarees this year at the many occasions that come up, here are all of the shades that are creating fireworks in the world of fashion.

  • Off-white

While white is a color that can never get old, variations have indeed crossed paths to give people another option to lean toward when they’d rather not have too much of it. The brilliant off-white color that one can regularly see celebs flaunting has caught up with the world of traditional fashion. Called a number of other names such as the egg shell shade, ivory, and more, this shade of saree will make you seem more sophisticated and trendy than any other color you intended to try.

  • Nudes

Nudes, be it in makeup or fashion, has grabbed eyeballs all over the world. And with the shade being appreciated on a number of people who have lately tried to flaunt outfits in said color, we can safely say that it will suit people of every complexion. So, if that is what has stopped you so far, give the shade a try!

  • Black

The color black needs no introduction. Nor does it need an explanation. No matter what one wears in this shade, the look is bound to be appreciated owing to its characteristic of making one look regal and bold at the same time. So, when in doubt, go for black!

  • White

There was a time when wear whites made people question your choice in fashion, or the reason for your mourning. Not anymore though! Now, you can be draped in the whitest of sarees and make fashion statements that stay for life.

  • Grey

Although a somber color, greys can very well be the next trend. Whether it is a western outfit you don on or an ethnic saree that has caught your attention, you can be sure of being the belle of the ball at whatever occasion you flaunt the outfit in.

The Right Avenue to Find your Perfect Saree

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So, no matter what your preference, take a look at all of the reigning trends this year to create your own look and be an influencer in the world of fashion. After all, a trend is everything you wear with confidence.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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