Look Gorgeous in These Unique Saree Draping Styles!

Sarees are said to be the most elegant looking Indian outfits. Thanks to their uniqueness and flow, this piece of attire has now gained popularity all over the globe. Indian sarees are no longer just traditional in their look and feel, they are also contemporary in their print and design. Moreover, along with the patterns even draping styles have transformed to a great extent. Sarees have a long history in the Indian culture and they are a part of the tradition since time immemorial. Sarees are worn by women usually for weddings and festivals. However, you can wear sarees for casual events too. Depending on the vibe of the event you can choose the appropriate colour and the pattern. Sarees come in a variety of styles and selecting one can be quite confusing. Women need to have at least one impactful saree in their wardrobe. Sarees come in a variety of materials and one needs to know what suits their body type. Additionally, the work on the sarees also differs according to the material. Along with different saree styles, there are several other draping styles too. These days many new draping styles have also come about apart from the regular ones. Every state in India is popular for one or the other kind of saree and these states also have a peculiar draping style. Here are some popular draping styles which one must try.

  • Nivi Draping Style

Nivi draping style is the most common form of draping style. Almost all the other draping styles are taken from this particular form. This particular style is easy to wear and carry. Additionally, Nivi is ideal for women who want to flaunt their curves in a saree without much effort! The pallu of the saree is put on the shoulder and is fixed with a pin. Make sure your petticoat is tight and firm because otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. Be it a formal occasion or a casual one, this draping style is apt for both.

  • Dhoti Style Saree

A dhoti style saree is very modern in its look and feel. If you want to attend a cocktail party or if you are looking out for a unique wedding look then it is best to go for this draping style. When you think of opting for this draping style make sure the fabric of your saree is soft because otherwise, you won’t be able to drape it properly. The pleats in this saree are tucked on the back from between the legs to give it a dhoti vibe.

  • Mumtaz Style Saree Draping

Going for a retro look can also work for weddings and sangeet ceremonies. The Mumtaz saree draping style has been one of the most iconic fashion styles in Bollywood. For this draping style, a chiffon saree with a heavy border works the best. Only 2 pleats are needed for this draping style because the remaining saree will be wrapped around back and forth. The pallu of the saree is then pinned on the shoulder like other normal draping styles.

  • Butterfly Draping Style

Simple to the core, a butterfly draping style is similar to Nivi draping. The pallu of this style needs extremely thin pleats which then enhances the look. The thin pleats need to be pinned on the shoulders firmly. This particular draping style will show off your curves all the more so opt for it only if you are comfortable with some skin show! Fabrics like chiffon, net, etc work the best for this draping style.

  • Pant Style Saree Draping

If you are in a mood to experiment then you must go for a pant style saree draping. In this draping style, you will need to replace your underskirt with tight fitted pants. Indian sarees with no border and minimal prints work the best for this draping style. A unique blouse pattern much like a crop top and pants are required for this draping style. Most of the saree is tucked in the front-half and the rest of the pallu is pinned on the shoulder.

The look of any Indian traditional saree depends heavily on the draping style. Well, there are several other things too which need attention. The care and the maintenance of the saree also plays a crucial role. These days you can get Indian sarees online too. Here are some useful tips to drape your designer saree.

  • Drape it at an Appropriate Length

Any Indian saree worn too high or too low can ruin the entire look. If the saree is tied too high then it will look extremely weird whereas if it is tied too low then it can make your movements uncomfortable.

  • Make Sure the Petticoat is Right

A petticoat needs to be properly fitted because otherwise, the saree will not be tucked in firmly. Moreover, a loose petticoat can also loosen the saree. Additionally, the colour and the texture of the petticoat also matters a lot. A petticoat needs to match the tone and the colour of the saree otherwise, it can ruin the whole look.

  • Check the Fitting of the Blouse

Most women are unhappy with the fitting of the blouse. Wearing the right blouse is very important because the draping of the saree depends on the same. Additionally, also pay attention to the sleeves and the neck pattern of the blouse. These days contrast coloured blouses are also very much in. Make sure the material of the blouse is comfortable and is not irritating the skin.

  • Secure the Saree Correctly with Pins

One thing which destroys the overall saree look is the use of excess pins. Though it is necessary to secure the saree with pins, one shouldn’t use excess pins. Make sure that the pins are not too visible and obvious.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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