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The gorgeous Indian kurta has made a mark in the world with its simplicity and charm. Beautifully stitched and designed, be it for casual purposes or for special occasions, kurtas can be worn in a number of ways to make it look stylish and chic. Here’s how your kurta can look its best when you purchase it at Nihal Fashions:

How to Choose the Right Colored Kurta for you?

Colors play an important role in deciding how your outfit is bound to look at the event you are dressing up for. Certain colors make for the perfect shade to be worn at most events while some can be rather odd to be flaunted at certain events. How you choose the right color depends on a majority of factors such as the ones mentioned below:

  • The Time of the Event

What time will the event be held? Will it be bright? Is it something that will be held at night? All of these factors are important to be considered when deciding the color of your outfit. Wearing a dark shade of kurta during the day can be a very dreary choice. Instead opt for shades that are vibrant and bright. On the other hand, darker shades are absolutely perfect for a starry affair.

  • Your Complexion

Your complexion is equally vital in figuring out the color that would suit you the most. Whether you are fair or a combination of tall, dark, and handsome, you can carry out your outfit brilliantly by opting for pastel shades against your suave and dusky skin or something bright and dark against your fair complexion. Also, be sure to check how the shade looks against your skin before purchase the fabric in the first place.

  • The Color of your Companion’s Outfit

What your plus one for the evening is planning to wear is also a factor that must be taken into consideration when buying your kurta. If she intends to wear a certain shade, make sure you wear something that blends well with her outfit or offers a breath-taking contrast. Pairing different shades of pastels together can be a great combination to opt for when planning couple traditional outfits.

  • The Season During which the Event is to Take Place

What season the event is being held in is also an essential factor in considering the color of an outfit. If it is the winters where the days and nights are dreary and somber, go for shades that are dark such as navy blues, blacks, maroons, etc. During summers, it is best to stick to pastels and lighter shades such as lemon yellow, peach, etc.

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind apart from the Color

While the color of the outfit is a major aspect of dressing up well, there are a number of other factors that are equally vital in making the outfit look charming. Here are some tips that must be kept in mind apart from the color of the ensemble:

  • Get the Right Fit

When you get your kurtas, make sure it isn’t very loose on you. Before you make the purchase, make sure it is well-fitting and emphasizes your body contours well. On the other hand, a kurta that is too tight can also lose its appeal. A proper fit is what can help you charm your audience when you don on a kurta pajama or a dhoti kurta.

  • Leave Room for Breathing

This is just an addition to the earlier point of the right fit. You never know how your body mass would fluctuate. When getting your kurtas stitched, make sure you leave some breathing space in case you put on some more weight between the time that you purchase it and the time that you wear it.

  • Get a Trial Done before the Event

No matter how much you trust the person stitching your outfit, never pass up on a trial before the event. You may have tried it when you purchased it but doing another trial the night before the event can give you the time to alter it in case you have any issues with the fitting. From sewing it up a little tighter for a better fit to opening up the stitches to loosen up the outfit, you can do all of it given enough time before the event to try it on.

  • Get your Footwear Right

A kurta is best paired with footwear that looks as traditional as the outfit. Wearing boots with the kurta, while suave, can take the show away from the roots that are being flaunted through the cultural outfit. A mojdi would look terrific with a kurta, no matter what you wear as a bottom.

  • Experiment with the Bottoms

Instead of wearing the usual pajamas with your kurta, experimenting with the look by trying out a different style of bottom. Go for a dhoti or a Jodhpur pants to go all out in flaunting your roots. On a casual outing, you would do well pairing the kurta with cigarette pants, corduroys, or denims.

Purchase the best Kurtas from your Favorite Store

Traditional Indian menswear has become quite a popular outfit in recent years among Indian men as well as those who find the Indian culture and dressing enchanting. The Indian ethnic kurta is one such attire that has captivated the hearts of many. Nihal Fashions is the perfect destination to purchase every Indian ethnic outfit for men, women, as well as kids. From a plethora of options to choose from and the chance to purchase it without needed to leave the comfort of your home, online shopping certainly makes for an ideal choice compared to visiting shop after shop in search of the right kurta for you.

Nihal Fashions offers free shipping over a certain amount of purchase across the globe, making it the perfect shopping destination for families who are sure to buy something exquisite for every member of the family.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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