In Vogue: Keeping Up with the Latest Trends in Party Wear Indo-Western Suits

K.D. Lang, a Canadian singer and songwriter, once said, “Art knows no prejudice, art knows no boundaries, art doesn’t really have a judgement in its purest form. So just go, just go.” The word ‘Art’ encapsulates everything that takes a particular form due to an unhindered flow of one’s inner expression, fashion being one of the significant outcomes. In the same light, we have seen a surge of cross-cultural outfits as designers step beyond their ethnicity’s threshold to blend different traditional styles into one. A typical example would be the unique Indo-Western party wear suit for men.

Indo-Western is an epithet for a rare blend of conventional styles of two cultures with a contemporary finish. It is a cross between Western and Asian fashion, representing the crème-de-la-crème attributes of both worlds. The category includes everything, from pre-draped cocktail saris, jumpsuits, kurtas and pyjamas, tunics with attached dupattas, cape tunics and palazzo pants with drapes, and a lot more. The attires flaunt the functional aspect of Western styles with intricate Indian ethnic details woven into the fabric, ensembled into a glamorous finish. Today, this category is in-vogue, offering an entire line of splendid designer Indo-Western suits for men.

Indo-Western – The Trendiest Fashion Statement for Men

Indo-Western as a style category is certainly not new. It is a universal trend for men who prefer jazzing up their ethnic wear for a traditional Indian function. Men’s designer Indo-Western suits ensemble the Indian ethnicity and sophisticated Western cultural elements to create the perfect festive showstopper outfit.

This category’s origination dates back to the 60s and 70s when the Western world was opening its door for Indian ideas to flow in, allowing a practice of mutual appropriation to emerge. And by the first decade of the 21st Century, Indo-Western fusion became a thing.

Believe it or not, this category presents a much wider choice for audiences and others worldwide. Indo-Western designer party wear suits formed the epicentre of cultural amalgamation, allowing men to stay true to their tradition while adding a dash of westerly to their overall looks. Shorter sleeve and shirt lengths, subtle colours, and vivid patterns are a few striking characteristics of Indo-Western men’s designer outfits, enabling Indian men to embrace a style that was foreign to them.

Favoured Styles of Indo-Western Party Wear Suits

A typical Indian ethnic wear for men would be a kurta pyjama set, with traditional juttis and probably a Nehru jacket worn atop the outfit. But, with the westerly touch, the regular garment gets a complete makeover. Today, Indian men are also stepping up their styles by opting for bolder, out-of-the-ordinary fusion looks. And, Indo-Western suits for men are just one of the many examples.

The following is a set of the most popular styles falling under the said category:

1. Indo-Western Jodhpuri Suit

This unique contemporary version of traditional men’s Jodhpuri suits, fully buttoned and high-collared, looks fabulous when paired with formal trousers. This can be an ideal outfit for festivities. Contrarily, a darker shade of the suit might just be apt for a formal event.

2. Indo-Western Angrakha Kurtas

The asymmetrical Indo-Western style Sherwani or Angrakha, heavily ornamented with rich handwork, gives a whole new meaning to a traditional kurta pyjama set for men. In apt shades, this attire might be the fitting one for casual family gatherings or small events.

3. Indo-Western Kurtas

The Indo-Western party wear suit for men is a complete ensemble of westerly kurtas worn with jackets and paired with various bottoms, like churidar or dhoti pants, for different looks every time. Various colours, shapes, prints and patterns are used to upgrade the Indo western styling.

4. Indo-Western Achkan

Combined with traditional embroidery textiles, these Achkans will uniquely quote a man’s style statement. And the best part is – such Achkans could be easily matched up with jeans to complete the fusion look.

Colours and Fabric to Complete the Indo-Western Party Wear Look

Well, any style statement will not be complete without matching accessories. But more than that, colours and fabrics have the ultimate say. Even sophisticated embroidery might look dull on an inappropriate fabric and colour. So this advice is for men – when you are spicing up the party wardrobe with Indo-Western outfits, ensure it is stocked up with the best fabrics in stunning shades. After all, party wear is all about getting high and above your regular style. Men’s designer Indo-Western suits are the killer choice only when accompanied by suitable materials and shades. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Art Silk

The synthetic fiber resembling silk is just another name for the material, rayon. This cost-effective version of pure silk can step up to transform a regular kurta pajama into a trendy Indo-Western party wear for men. This garment can be a classy head-turner, available in elegant shades like Maroon, Steal, Royal Blue, Beige, Green, and Others.

2. Art Dupion

This plain, weave and crisp silk-like fabric is closer to rayon than pure silk, offering textured touch but a lustrous look to an Indo-Western designer suit. Now, jazz it up with rich colours, from royal blue to cream and beige, and you have the perfect outfit for the night.

3. Brocade

Beautiful brocade work on several material blends, from cotton to silk and even polyester, oozes ethnicity from every turn and corner. A brocade fabric will look fabulous against a grey, peach or yellow-coloured background. Style the Indo-Western brocade kurta with appropriate bottoms and shoes; you are all set for the event.

4. Silk

Nothing can be as regal as the raw silk fabric. Any kurta set with basic or minimal designs will still resemble attire for the royals, especially when supported with equally rich shades of maroon and others. Pair the short-length kurta with a designer chic jacket, jeans, dhoti pants or classy pajamas in contrasting hues to steal the show.

5. Jacquard

The Jacquard fabric has a motif design woven into the very material, following numerous patterns, from dramatic ornamental damasks to florals, stripes, chevrons, and even geometric ones. The self-design material is apt for a traditional kurta pajama. However, a subtle Western touch can be added to the whole outfit, like asymmetrical hems, mandarin collars, and buttoned-down westerly style. This apparel will look spectacular in rich shades of navy blue, green, and blue, especially when adorned with loose pajamas or fitting trousers.

6. Lucknowi

A delicate hand-made embroidery woven into cotton, chiffon, silk or organza material in subtle shades looks elegant and refined for Indo-Western morning wear. Pair it with casual jeans and chappals and get a cool look for a small morning or evening gathering.

7. Velvet

Like pure silk, velvet is the epitome of softness and luxury. The fabric is usually in rich shades like black, dark green, dark blue, and maroon. This expensive material gives a royal, elitist look to the Indo-Western party wear for men.

8. Imported

The imported woven fabrics include linens, ready-for-dyeing fabrics (RFD), poplins, twill, corduroys, cambric, canvas, chief value cotton, and others. Opt for darker shades in black and navy blue and pair up the Indo-Western styled kurta with formal trousers, silk pajamas, a rich embroidered stole or a Nehru Jacket, and you will have a showstopper outfit. You can also opt for lighter shades in grey, cream, peach, or beige and accessorize them with contrasting-coloured dupattas, juttis, or mojaris and beads. The look will be equivalent to a cross between classic Western and royal Indian.


Men’s Indo-Western suits have revolutionized how Indian men used to dress up. With the transition and new trends in the market, men from the Asian sub-continent are experimenting with a horde of new looks, and this category offers a unique blend of Indian and Western elements woven into one. Check out the impressive collection from Nihal Fashion and buy Indo-Western party wear suits for men online from the comfort of your home.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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