Choosing the Right Nehru Jacket for Your Body Type: Flattering Fashion Tips

Fashion is not about sporting the trendy look and staying in vogue; it means something more. Fashion is the art of expressing one’s personality and staying true to oneself. And the Indian fashion industry has so much to offer for both genders, enabling them to slay any event with apt outfits befitting the pomp and glamour of the country’s festivals, parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

The options are huge for a man, from Indo-western to chic boho styles. Indian men can look classy and fashionable in ethnic wear when paired with equally stunning Nehru Jackets and suitable footwear. These jackets aptly complement a traditional outfit, effectively reflecting a cultural amalgamation to match what the present trend demands.

Nehru Jackets for men are easily paired with both traditional and contemporary attires that capture the very essence of our culture while enabling the owner to stay affectedly trendy.

Nehru Jackets – A Versatile Wardrobe Staple for Men

Nehru jackets have never been out of fashion. They were once the staple item in men’s wardrobes earlier. Even now, the young Millennials and Generation Z are finding excuses to wear the same look to uphold the true spirit of our country. The decadent jacket has evolved from the average Joe look to a more avant-garde feel, reflecting the owner’s style. Unlike other traditional Indian jackets, this one usually forms a part of an ensemble, for instance, adding a new meaning when worn atop a basic t-shirt and a pair of rugged jeans – You got the idea!

The Nehru jacket is ideally a hip-length tailored coat woven for men that comes with a mandarin collar and a front modelled on the Indian achkan or sherwani style. This attire was unique to Jawaharlal Nehru, our prime minister from 1947 to 1964.

Today, Nehru jackets for men have evolved into a cross between the khadi Jodhpuri, Angarkha and Bandhgalas, popularized by the late prime minister himself. Ironically, he never wore the same kind of jacket that is trending now. Contrarily, Jawaharlal Nehru preferred the traditional version of the jacket resembling an Achkan or a Sherwani.

Initially, this garment was marketed under the ‘Nehru Jacket’ name in Europe and America in the mid-1960s. Years later, in 2012, the jacket was listed in Time Magazine as one of the Top 10 Political Fashion Statements by Jared T. Miller.

Contemporary designer Nehru jackets for men have transformed into a go-to party wear because of their versatile style, fabric, and colour, easily paired with any form of men’s garment, Indian or Western.

This one-of-its-kind piece of clothing can be suitable for any occasion or moment, a few examples of which are stated below:

1. At work

A Nehru jacket can look extremely professional when paired with formal trousers and a button-down shirt.

2. On a date

Men can look stunning for a romantic date night dressed up in casuals, taking their statement a notch high with a chic Nehru jacket.

3. To a wedding

Nehru jacket and kurta combinations are perfect for formal occasions like big fat Indian weddings.

4. On the weekend

To sport a breezy, casual, yet stylish weekend look, the jacket becomes an incredible add-on.

Choice of Colors and Fabric for Party Wear Nehru Jackets

India is a beautiful and diverse nation, filled with light and vibrance, from its landscapes to festivals and people. Indians love colours and enjoy walking their style or flaunting their unique tastes. Therefore, an atypical plain Nehru jacket might not be the ultimate style preference for most young men.

Like their female counterparts, men like to experiment with different looks, sport various brighter hues and go overboard with their creative fashion statements. And party wear Nehru jackets completely fit the description. This jacket oozes royalty, elegance, and style in every sense. When paired with the right fabric and shade, these Indian attire add-ons can reflect all of the above.

Here are a few fabrics and colour combinations that work well on a regular Nehru jacket:

1. Beige Maroon Jacquard Banarasi Silk

Beige maroon colour combination symbolizes royalty. When this shade appears on an elaborate weaving and slightly textured-to-the-touch fabric, it gives a surreal finish to a traditional Nehru Jacket. Nothing can beat an Indian regal look more than a beige maroon jacket made of this delicate material, which is ideal for every look.

2. Yellow Jacquard Banarasi Silk

As mentioned above, the fabric is extremely delicate and textured but feels refined and elegant. But when you paint a brighter hue like sunny yellow, the jacket reflects the brightness and pompousness of the moment, be it a wedding or a night party. A yellow-coloured Nehru jacket for men in jacquard silk material exemplifies the true festive spirit of the country.

3. Embroidered Art Silk Wine

Artificial silk, also known as Bamboo silk, is the budget-friendly cousin of raw or pure silk. This material looks quite refined and elegant, especially on a wine-coloured background with rich silk thread embroidery to give the famous Indian jacket a decadent look. This can be the perfect part-wear accessory for men.

4. Embroidered Art Silk Black

Black is often associated with bold, beautiful, classy, and elegance, with a hint of danger and fun. The Black Nehru jacket is a universal favourite and considers no age limit. With rich embroidery on a delicate art silk fabric, this jacket can easily become the showstopper of the night.

5. Art Silk Thread Work in Blue

Blue in different shades is always a staple of an Indian man’s wardrobe. Darker shades are ideal for a glamorous night gathering, while lighter ones are more apt for a day event. Beautiful thread works or hand embroidery on an equally delicate fabric like art silk will give a whole new meaning to a basic jacket and the overall party outfit.

6. Art Dupion Light Purple

Dupion is a plain weave silk fabric with a fine touch. But an artificial dupion feels a bit rough and uneven to your hands. The latter is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-friendly purchase. And the purple shape just adds the extra icing to the overall fashionable look.

7. Printed Banarasi Silk in Pink

Pink might not be the most popular colour among men. But a few don’t mind exploring such lesser masculine shades. However, a self-print Nehru jacket on Banarasi silk can never go wrong for a classy and festive wedding or a night party look.

8. Cream Lucknowi

Lucknowi is a handmade embroidery carefully stitched on a range of materials, from cotton to chiffon, silk and organza. A cream-shade Lucknowi Nehru jacket atop a solid kurta in a darker shade like black will look stunning.

9. Wine Pure Silk Jacket

Pure silk is a smooth, delicate, and expensive fabric oozing royalty from every thread. With a rich wine colour, the jacket can transform a regular casual look into something more regal and glamorous.

10. Navy Blue Art Silk with Mirror Work

Mirror work on rayon or artificial silk with a navy blue shade seems like the perfect wedding wear for the groom’s best man and friends. The tiny mirrors reflect the colourful festive spirit of the country, and the darker shade adds a dash of elegance to the whole attire.

Obviously, the choice of colours is not restricted to those mentioned above. You can easily check out Nehru jackets online for a range of shades only on Nihal Fashion.

How to Style Designer Nehru Jackets for Men

Indian fashion is evolving faster than a bullet train, with new trends coming in every week and replacing the older ones. But to fully understand the whole cycle, one has to understand that a style never really goes out of fashion. It just evolves into something more powerful than its predecessor. And the same can be said about Nehru jackets, or so the history says.

However, these transitions or subtle modifications are necessary since today’s art of styling has taken the shape of a unique fusion mix, courtesy of the Internet and the increasing influence of other cultures. There’s nothing wrong since fashion has no limits or boundaries. So Nehru jackets for men have travelled a long way from being the ethnic official look of India’s politicians to a choices fashion accessory for today’s generation.

In the same light, we list a few variations where the jacket can be fused into lesser ethnic garments.

1. Nehru Jackets with Shirts

For a dapper look, try the jacket atop a formal shirt and pair it up with pants or jeans. The whole look is great for a formal or a casual outing.

2. Nehru Jackets with Kurta Pajama

The basic formula for Indian ethnic wear, a jacket over a kurta pyjama is possibly the regular style statement for all Indian men alike.

3. Nehru Jackets with Slacks

Try pairing a plain, white formal shirt with slacks for a bottom and accessorize the attire with a buttoned-down Nehru jacket in a brighter shade. You cannot miss the party quotient here.

4. Nehru Jackets with Trousers

These jackets function much like formal blazers for a formal, serious getup. The overall look will be quite bossy yet approachable type.

5. Nehru Jackets and Sherwanis

Another typical style statement for men, Nehru jackets with wedding sherwanis will always look glamorous and royal. This is exactly what a groom should look like on his special day.

6. Nehru Jackets with Dhoti Pants

You might not want to go all boho with your look but are willing to retain just a tiny fabric of it. Well, pairing the jacket with dhoti pants, a casual full-sleeve shirt, or a short kurta that is aptly accessorized will jazz up the whole appearance.


Traditional Indian outfits are a treasure chest for men who like to jazz up their regular look with something out-of-the-ordinary. Today’s men are more keen on accessorizing their getups but are not ready to fully sacrifice their ethnic culture. Therefore, Nehru jackets become the fitting attire companion for them.

Check out the unique collection from Nihal Fashion and buy Nehru jackets for men online from the comfort of your home.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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