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Indo-western outfits are comfortable and easy to carry as compared to traditional clothes. Traditional attires for men commonly consist of kurta pajamas, sherwanis, etc. However, with the Indo-western trend catching up like never before, all these clothes have now transformed. Mens Indo western wear is easily available online too. Just like ethnic trousseaus, even Indo western outfits now come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. These kinds of outfits are perfect for those who like to dress simple and classy. Indo western suits are in vogue these days because they are preferred for almost all occasions and events. Be it wedding events or casual occasions, Indo western clothes make an impact effortlessly. Indo western menswear will also give you a break from the monotonous ethnic outfits like kurta pajamas, sherwanis, dhoti kurtas, etc. Indo western suits are perfect fusion attires because they have a hint of traditionality and are also contemporary in their look. When selecting an Indo western suit there are several factors which need attention.

  • Event and its Vibe

One should always dress according to the occasion. Be it a wedding ceremony or a cocktail party, it is necessary to first know about the event. An Indo western suit is quite formal but is also suitable for informal occasions. Indo western suits are available in several colours and patterns so depending on the occasion select the right one. For instance, if you wish to wear an Indo western suit for a cocktail party then you can also opt for quirky prints on the suit whereas if this attire is to be worn for a reception then opt for darker shades like midnight blue, black and grey to give it a formal look.

  • The Material of the Outfit

Indo western suits for men are available in a variety of fabrics. Fabrics like cotton, khaki, silk, velvet, are used to make Indo western suits of different kinds. Each fabric gives a specific look to an outfit and also the colours appear quite different in terms of their finish when they are present on different fabrics. Keep in mind the weather conditions too when opting for any Indo western suit.

  • The Fit of the Attire

Though every outfit needs to be of a proper fit, this aspect is very crucial when it comes to traditional outfits and Indo western suits. Make sure that your suit is of a proper fit because that can influence the look of the overall outfit. Especially, if you are opting for a bandhgala suit then make sure that the fit is enhancing your physique comfortably. Additionally, even the pants need to fit you comfortably.

  • Maintenance of the Outfit

Most traditional and Indo-western outfits need maintenance. Because of their rich fabric, they need to be maintained with regular cleaning. Make sure that you do not clean the outfit with harsh chemicals and cleaners because that can harm the texture of the material. It is best to dry-clean these outfits.

Usually, when one talks about Indo western menswear the first thing that comes to mind is an Indo western suit. Though these fusion attires are easy to carry, they do require a bit of styling. Here some useful tips which will help you enhance the look of your Indo western attire.

  • Replace the Pant with a Dhoti!

If you are someone who does not shy away from experimentation then the combination of a dhoti and a bandhgala jacket is a must-have. Usually, a bandhgala jacket is paired with straight pants but you can replace the pant with a dhoti. Make sure the colour of the dhoti blends with the jacket or else the whole look can go for a toss. Moreover, you need not necessarily wear a white dhoti, these days there are many colour options available in dhotis too. Complete this Indo-western look with smart footwear like mojris or brogues and you are very much likely to make a style statement.

  • Ivory Bandhgala with Jodhpuri Pants

An ivory bandhgala jacket looks perfect with similar toned Jodhpuri pants. This combination is apt for all events be it a wedding occasion or a casual event. Classy and elegant to the core, Ivory is very much in fashion these days especially, for traditional outfits. For Indo western menswear, bright colours may not suit every event, in such cases, it is best to choose ivory. The stated outfit is also perfect for daytime events wherein you want to be simply dressed. Don’t wear traditional footwear with this combination instead opt for loafer shoes or brogues. It is best to choose these footwears in neutral shades depending on the colour of the jacket and the pant.

  • Adding the right Pocket Square

In the case of Indo western suits for men, you can add pocket squares to the outfit too. It is best to choose the colour of the pocket square wisely because a very drastic contrast here may not do justice to the outfit. Well, this does not mean that the pocket square has to be of the same colour as the suit. You can surely experiment with different hues for pocket squares but make sure it goes with the overall suit.

  • Go Minimal with Jewellery

Indo western clothes need not have too many accessories. These attires are meant to look modern and unique and wearing accessories with them can bring them back to being traditional. Well, if you want to add an extra element to your outfit then you can go for a wristwatch or a bracelet. A statement finger ring can be opted for if you want to go for some jewellery or else let your outfit alone make an impact!

You can get an amazing range of Indo western menswear online. There are many perks of shopping online be it saving time or money. You can get mind-blowing discounts and festive offers online. Additionally, you will have more options to choose from when you opt for online shopping.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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