Tips on How to Style Men’s Wedding Attire

One of the biggest days in a person’s life is his or her wedding and looking at your fashionable best is an absolute compulsion. Right from the outfit, to the accessories, to the overall look that one carries, everything and every element need to be perfect, to make sure that you look your best on your big day. Ensuring that you are well prepared and have done sufficient preparation work, you can be assured that you will complete and carry off the perfect look from head to toe.

Understanding your body type:

No two people are the same, the same is applicable to their body types as well. It is a known fact that a certain outfit that looks good on one person, may not necessarily look good on another person, just because of their body type, height, etc. Ensure that you take an opinion of friends, family, and if needed, even a fashion expert and consultant, to ensure that your look is absolutely perfect. You can also opt for slightly stiffer and thicker fabrics, so they would give you a lean look and will do justice to the look that you intend to carry off.

Ensuring the right fit:

Traditional Indian outfits such as kurta pyjamas are one of the most sought-after outfits for various functions, such as weddings, etc. and given the fact that the one wearing it can carry off the outfit with style and elegance. A poorly fitted Indian Men’s Kurta can make the overall look poorly put together. Outfits that are too tight can make you feel uncomfortable, while also making you look heavy. Similarly, an Indian Men’s Kurta that is too loose may look like it was borrowed, and will make you look and appear skinnier than you actually are. Therefore, getting the fit of the outfit absolutely right is important.

Accessorize the look:

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and looking for anything but your best is not good enough. Since it is your wedding, you also need to ensure that you leave no stone unturned, to ensure that you look your best. Accessories such as a funky turban that will not only add some much-needed swagger to your look but is also a refreshing change to see from the basic kurtas that everyone else will be sporting.

Opt for a coat:

One of the best ways to style up your look and to add a layer and element of complexity and contrast is to ensure that your Indian Men’s Kurta looks and feels a little more complex and will add an element of extra style to your look. With various patterns and designs to pick and choose from, such as a Men’s Nehru Jacket, can go a long way in ensuring that your look is more detailed. If you are slightly on the heavier side, then leaving the buttons open, is one way of not just ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout, but will ensure that your outfit does not make you look stout. If, on the other hand, you’re leaner, closing the buttons all the way up to the top might be a good idea.

Keep it classy:

One can seldom go wrong with a traditional outfit such as an Indian Men’s Kurta, and ensuring that you get the basics right is the first step towards ensuring that not only the spotlight stays on you on your big day, but will also ensure that you make heads turn, for all the right reasons, of course. If you are someone who is confused about which to choose from the hundreds of kurta options available, then you should try to get yourself a simple, yet classy solid cream embroidered kurta to add some classy contrast and a much-needed refreshing change in your wardrobe. If you happen to be someone who is merely attending a wedding of a friend or a family member and do not want to go over the top with your look, then you can also sport it with a pair of denim for a more casual look or with the usual crisp pajama if you’re going for a more traditional outfit. Make it dressier by throwing in a silk dhoti. This is one classic you surely need in your wardrobe.

Add some elegance to your outfit:

Nothing comes close to a classic kurta, and picking the right pattern will make your outfit stand out and everyone else to take notice of your outfit. A classic Pathani kurta oozes style, royalty, and elegance and also gives the wearer a sense of authority. If you are someone who is looking to bring some classiness to your look, while experimenting with the outfit, then you can try the signature black kurta for men. But if black is not your preferred color choice and you find it too intimidating, or not the right color for the event then you can experiment with different hues of bright or subtle colors, depending on the kind of look you want. This is one trend that’s sported by many but never goes out fashion.

Traditional Indian clothing is rich in history and culture and every outfit has a story to tell, along with its long heritage. When picking an outfit for an occasion such as a wedding, ensure that you take into consideration the above-mentioned tips and pointers, that will help you carry off the perfect look.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.