Types of Occasion and What to Wear: Indian Fashion Guide

Looking for a specific look for your next party or gathering? Here are some simple tips for picking an outfit for men to suit any occasion.

Though the ‘women love clothes shopping’ stereotype is prevalent in most societies worldwide, you gentlemen shouldn’t laugh just yet. Recent studies show that men tend to spend about $10 more each month on clothing and accessories than women do.

While this may be surprising, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Being a man of style is a great thing for many reasons, and no one can judge you for wanting to look your best. One of the greatest ways to get the most out of your money is to look at Indian-inspired styles. They’re a great way to show off your cultural love and good taste.

Additionally, there are Indian men’s clothing for every occasion, so you’ll never be left in the dust. Here, we’re going to talk about many types of occasion and what to wear to these events, so read on to ensure that you look your best!

Casual Clothing

When you’re going out with friends or headed off on a first date, it’s important that you have some well-made casual clothing to wear. Looking overly stiff and formal will be off-putting for those around you, but you also don’t want to wear sweatpants all the time and have others believe you to be sloppy.

There are many ways that you can solve this problem. Sometimes a sweater and nice jeans will do the trick, and polo shirts are every man’s best friend. However, these outfits aren’t always the best option- you won’t stand out from others when wearing them. The mass-produced textiles are usually also pretty low-quality and the cuts are subpar.

You won’t have this problem when you buy imported Indian clothing! Not only will your outfit stand out and make you memorable, but your outfit will be of the highest quality. You can choose from knee-length jackets in bold, masculine colors like gold and red. These are perfect for wearing over a pair of black jeans and pairing with the matching shoes sold with the jacket.

Relaxing at Home

If you’re like most people, you like to kick back at home to read or watch Netflix at the end of a long day. 24% of US workers also work from home on any given day, so to say that time spent at home is critical to most men’s lifestyle is a vast understatement!

You can get extremely comfortable Kurta pajamas for men from our online shop. The soft silken materials that the nightwear is made from is sure to have you relaxing in luxury. You’ll be excited to take off your professional outfit and curl up in these pajamas, so make sure that you order a pair as soon as possible!

While they are technically pajamas, the fine materials that these outfits are made from make them okay to wear when entertaining at home. They also are fine to wear to casual restaurants and walks in the park or garden, if that’s something you enjoy. The bottom line is that they mesh fashion and comfort and are something that every man needs to own.

Wedding Fashion

Looking for something to wear to a wedding? A wedding sherwani for men might be right for you. These long coat-like articles of clothing are intended to be worn at wedding events so that you can look like a fashionable and upstanding man.

Like casual outfits, you can purchase sherwani in a huge number of different brocade styles. They come in multiple materials including silk and jaquard. While raised silk accents are common and generally a good decision, you can also get sherwani in solid colors like green. These usually feature a single-colored accent around the cuffs and down the front of the coat where the buttons are.

If you’re headed to a family wedding or a large formal dinner, you also will likely want to wear a traditional turban. You can order a turban that’s made to perfectly match any sherwani that we sell in our shop. This is also the case if you want matching shoes, dupatta, and trousers.

Professional Perfection

Indian fashion is perfect for professional settings. Brocade silk is significantly nicer than the material that western suit jackets are made from, and you can get various raised-silk patterns to make your professional attire your own. Whether you want diamonds, large circles, or floral patterns, there’s an Indian-inspired suit jacket for you!

Indo-Western outfits also come in many different cuts. You can get both symmetrical and asymmetrical jackets, which lets you get in on one of the latest American fashion trends. Thes are also perfect for wearing in casual settings if you’re a fan of asymmetrical patterns and styles!

Some of our Indo-Western outfits also cut off above the waist as American suit jackets do. If this length is required by your work dress code, there’s nothing to worry about! We also offer full customization of most products so you can modify the length of your favorite Indian men’s wear.

More Types of Occasion and What to Wear Tips

While there are many ways that you can dress for all occasions, Indian clothes are the perfect blend of unique and trendy. Not only will you be boasting the finest colors and fabrics, but you also will be able to express your love for your Indian roots (or, if you aren’t Indian, the fact that you love to learn about and share other rich cultural practices).

Now that you know many types of occasion and what to wear to them, it’s time to get started. Shop for Indian-inspired men’s clothing today and find the best deals on high-quality outfits. In our online store, you’ll find fashions that you can wear to any occasion so that you can look handsome and show off the fact that you’re a man of good taste, so get shopping!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.