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For weddings and festivals, Indian traditional wear is widely preferred. Some of the most common Indian outfits are kurtas, sarees, lehenga cholis, sherwanis, etc. Women these days prefer to wear lehenga cholis for weddings instead of sarees. A traditional lehenga choli consists of a lehenga, choli and a dupatta. This outfit looks royal by all means and is easy to carry too. However, choosing the right lehenga choli according to the occasion is a tricky task. One must make sure the pattern of the lehenga choli is suiting the body shape. The choli i.e. the blouse plays a very important role in defining the overall look of the lehenga. It is necessary to style the dupatta right when it comes to wearing a lehenga choli. These days ethnic lehenga cholis are available in all fabrics. Well, other than the typical patterns, one can also go for Indo-western styles in lehenga cholis. Designers these days add a lot of unique elements to give the traditional outfits a new look. For brides, a lehenga choli is a must-have but the same also goes for bridesmaids! Lehenga cholis need not be just heavy-laden, nowadays many casual lehengas are also available. The selection of a perfect lehenga involves the consideration of a lot of factors. Most women only concentrate on the colour combination when it comes to selecting an Indian outfit but focusing on the material is also important. Year after year the trends of lehenga choli keep changing. Right from colour combinations to blouse patterns, this particular outfit has undergone a drastic transformation. Here are some new-age lehenga choli trends which are in vogue.

  • Crop Top and Lehenga

The combination of a choli and a lehenga is quite common. These days women have started pairing up lehenga with a crop top. This combination is hassle-free because it does not need a dupatta! Contemporary in its vibe, this combination is quite easy to style and pull off. Well, make sure the crop top here is impactful enough. The colour combination of the crop top and lehenga should blend well and you can also opt for contrast hues.

  • Jacket Style Blouse and Lehenga

A long jacket-like blouse can blend well with a lehenga. A jacket style blouse is perfect for winter weddings. It is best to go for a coordinated colour scheme when you opt for this lehenga choli pattern. In order to add some oomph to the overall outfit, you can try interesting neck and sleeve patterns too. The best colours for this lehenga choli pattern are grey and gold, beige and maroon, yellow and cream, etc.

  • Slit Choli with a Lehenga

Cholis are usually short in length but even long cholis with a centre slit can be worn with a lehenga. This combination is apt for cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, etc. It is recommended that you go for a full-sleeves pattern when it comes to this choli style.

  • Ruffle Lehenga with a Choli and Dupatta

Lehengas are usually like a long flared skirt but these days ruffle lehengas are also in trend. Ruffled-style lehengas look extremely modern and fashionable. A ruffled lehenga can be worn with a typical choli. Make sure you don’t overdo the ruffles because otherwise, the outfit can look overboard. Select the colour and the size of the ruffles carefully.

Well, before selecting a lehenga choli know about the vibe of the occasion too. Moreover, see to it that you are not overdressed for a particular event. Lehengas are usually full of embellishments or embroideries but not all functions need that kind of heavy work. You need not buy a bridal lehenga for your friend’s wedding! Here are some trendy elements for lehenga cholis.

  • Opt for a Sheer Fabric

The sheer material is very much in trend these days. This fabric is best used for blouse patterns. The use of sheer fabric can make any outfit look glamorous. Experiment with different blouse patterns when opting for sheer. When you choose a sheer fabric see to it that you select the colours carefully.

  • Peplum Style Blouse

Indian lehenga cholis are also available in peplum style. A peplum style choli is fitted at the waist and has a gathering below. This blouse pattern is very much in trend nowadays because it is quite modern in its look. You need not carry a dupatta with this outfit combo.

  • Opt for Pastel Shades

Usually, traditional Indian wear is available in dark tones of red, green and blue. Well, in order to bring some newness to the outfit, pastel shades are very much preferred. Go for colours like mint blue, sea green, baby pink, peach, etc. These colours are easy on the eyes and look extremely classy too.

  • Choose a Double Shaded Dupatta

Draping the dupatta in a different way can also influence the overall look of the lehenga choli. Well, instead of opting for a single coloured dupatta you can go for a double shaded dupatta too. A double coloured dupatta can enhance the look of any lehenga choli. See to it that you choose the colours carefully when going for this dupatta style.

  • Go for Mirror Work

Mirror work on a lehenga looks elegant and royal. If you want to try something new, you can ditch the usual works which consist of artificial stones. Well, make sure the colour of the lehenga is suitable for mirror work. Choose colours like light pink, peach, sky blue, purple, etc.

  • Add an Element like a Belt

These days lehenga cholis come with an added belt. A well-decorated belt can look amazing with a lehenga. A belt not only enhances the look of the lehenga it also gives a good fit to the overall attire. See to it that the belt is matching with the lehenga.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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