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Bollywood has a huge influence on fashion trends. Be it traditional wear or western clothes, most women take cues from celebrities. Sarees have made a huge comeback this season because of the unique blouse patterns and colours. Bollywood style sarees can be worn for wedding occasions and festivals. It is necessary to choose the right saree depending on the event. Designers these days curate sarees based on the event. You can get amazing Bollywood sarees online too. Selecting the right Indian saree is very important because these days even sarees have many elements like ruffles, contrast hues, etc. Draping the saree right can also influence the overall look to a great extent. Sarees suit all body types but the draping needs to be done keeping in mind the body shape. Even with the introduction of gowns and several Indo-western attire styles, our Bollywood divas prefer to don sarees for important occasions. This fabulous looking Indian attire has walked the red carpet at many global events too. Available in all fabrics, sarees are wearable in all weather conditions. In order to look impeccable in a saree, one needs to choose the colour and the design of the saree carefully. Generally, for weddings and festivals, women opt for sarees with embellishments. But lately, many other styles are included in sarees. Taking inspiration from Bollywood divas is often helpful but one need not follow them blindly. Here are some Bollywood inspired saree styles.

  • Plain Beige Saree with a Matching Blouse

Not all occasions require you to wear something impactful and decorative. For casual events, you can go for a beige coloured saree with a matching blouse. A plain beige coloured saree is easy on the eyes and is also apt for all events. If you find this look too simple you can experiment with the blouse pattern. Try and go for a unique blouse pattern which will enhance the look of the saree. Add statement earrings to this look and you are bound to make a mark. Team up the look with a tan brown handbag. Select the fabric of the saree carefully when going for this particular look.

  • Grey Saree with Checks!

Who says checks are only meant for formal attires. These days even sarees have checks and they look extremely classy if carried well. Opt for the combination of grey and off-white for casual occasions. Try a different hairstyle to give the look an edge. Go for minimal make-up with this look.

  • Net Saree with Heavy Border

Net can support high volumes of embellishments in an outfit. This particular fabric is best worn for wedding reception, engagement parties, sangeet ceremony, etc. Go for a light shaded net saree with a heavily embellished border. Make sure the blouse pattern of this look is equally glamorous. Moreover, choose a net saree only if you are comfortable with a bit of skin show because the texture of the material is such.

  • Dual Coloured Saree

These days women are open to trying new colours and tones. Go for a dual coloured saree if you are confident about pulling off the same. Select the colours carefully because otherwise, you can end up looking weird. Some trendy colour combinations are gold and beige, silver and grey, peach and mint green, etc. The blouse pattern for this saree style needs to be designed carefully keeping in mind the tones of the saree.

  • Pink Banarasi Saree with a Dark-Hued Blouse

A traditional Indian Banarasi saree looks perfect for wedding occasions. Ditch the mundane dark colours and instead opt for a pink Banarasi saree with golden toned details. Complete the look with gold jewellery and appropriate footwear.

  • Pastel Coloured Floral Saree

For daytime events, you can go for a pastel coloured floral saree. Floral sarees are much in fashion these days because they need minimal styling. You can add oomph to this saree design by teaming it up with an embellished blouse. Choose colours like mint green, peach, pastel blue, etc. for this saree style.

When you think of purchasing a Bollywood saree you need to keep in mind several other things too like the underskirt, the care and maintenance of the saree, etc. Here are some key points to remember!

  • Don’t Ignore the Underskirt

A saree needs to be worn with an underskirt. The colour of the underskirt needs to blend with the colour of the saree. The underskirt plays a very integral role in a saree because it works to support the draping. See to it that your underskirt is properly tied at the waist.

  • Select the Right Draping Style

Not all draping styles can be carried out in all fabrics. Select the draping style taking into consideration your comfort level. Moreover, make sure you pin the saree right. Avoid using excess of pins because that can damage the saree. Most draping styles enhance the body shape but not all draping styles are comfortable for everybody. Consider the style of your Indian saree before going for a particular draping style.

  • Care and Maintenance of the Saree

Sarees which are made up of delicate fabrics need some amount of care and maintenance too. If your saree has embellishments then you need to take care while cleaning it. The best option is to go for dry cleaning. Even when it comes to washing the saree make sure you use mild detergents. Storing the sarees also needs some thought. Change the folds of the saree regularly.

  • Don’t Compromise on the Fitting of the Blouse

Though most people only focus on the saree, it is also necessary to focus on the fitting of the blouse. Unique blouse patterns need more concentration when it comes to fitting.

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Vikas Chaudhary

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