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Indian outfits are known for their amazing patterns and traditionality. Out of all the traditional outfits, dhoti kurtas are the most famous ones. The combination of dhoti and kurta is age-old but is still very much preferred. Even dhoti kurtas have transformed to a great extent with the addition of new styles and patterns. Typically, dhotis were 5 yards long and were tied at the waist with a knot. The dhoti was nothing but a piece of unstitched cloth. Earlier, men used to wear dhoti kurtas on a regular basis! However, this traditional outfit is now worn for festivals and wedding occasions. These days men no longer drape the dhoti in a typical style and many easy to wear dhotis are available. Dhoti kurta is a classic combination which is never out of style. If you are looking for a complete traditional Indian clothing for men then dhoti kurta is an ideal choice. The kurta in this combination is quite long and is generally full sleeves. You can buy ethnic dhoti kurtas for men online too. Buying dhoti kurtas online is very convenient these days because several Indo-western styles are also available! Instead of opting for plain and simple kurtas, you can also try kurtas with unique patterns. Here are some stylish kurtas for men which look amazing on a dhoti.

  • Shirt Style Kurta

A shirt style kurta is very much in vogue these days. This particular kurta looks like a shirt and is casual at the same time. With buttons and long sleeves, this style is effortless to carry. You can wear a shirt kurta on a dhoti and look stylish. This pair up is suitable for events like casual occasions, cultural events, festivals, etc. Go for bright colours when it comes to shirt kurtas like yellow, sky blue, pink, etc. Combine your shirt kurta with a white colour dhoti or go for some other shade if you want to experiment.

  • Asymmetric Kurta

Traditionally, knee-length kurtas were worn with dhotis but nowadays asymmetric kurtas are also worn with dhotis. Dhoti kurtas for men don’t just mean boring kurtas you can also experiment with a vibrant coloured asymmetric kurta. This kurta is quite Indo-western in its look and can be worn for casual events. Team up your asymmetric kurta with a neutral-toned dhoti. If you are unclear about the colour of the dhoti then simply go for off-white or white.

  • Jacket Style Kurta

Kurtas with jacket not only look impactful but they are also easy to style. If you are planning to wear a dhoti kurta for a wedding occasion then this kurta will work the best. Usually, such kurtas are quite festive in their vibe because they have embroideries or borders. Moreover, the addition of the jacket further enhances the overall look of the outfit. The best shades for this dhoti kurta combo are maroon, mustard yellow, olive green and midnight blue. Depending on the colour of the kurta you might have to opt for a shimmery toned dhoti.

  • Jodhpuri Jacket Kurta

Generally, most kurta patterns are comfortable and not too tight fitting wise but a Jodhpuri jacket kurta is quite body-fit. This particular kurta is extremely formal looking and works the best for events like wedding receptions, cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, etc. However, before going for this kurta style make sure you are comfortable in its fitting. Crisp to the core and buttoned like a shirt, this kurta is made from rich fabrics. This dhoti kurta look will surely set you apart from the crowd.

Colour combinations play a very important role in dhoti kurtas. Make sure you select the right colour combo when choosing an ethnic dhoti kurta pair. You can get amazing dhoti kurtas online too. Check out the most trending shades when it comes to dhoti kurta.

  • Mint Green and Beige

For day time events, it is best to go for lighter colour combinations. Opt for pastel shades because they are easy to style and carry. Mint green is very much in trend, especially for wedding events. Pair up a silk mint green kurta with beige dhoti and you are good to go. It is good to have some embroidery on your kurta to make it look festive.

  • Maroon and Black

Usually, men opt for the combination of maroon and white. Go for the combination of maroon and black and you will definitely make a style statement. This combo is ideal for evenings and events like receptions, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties etc. Make sure your men’s kurta has some embellishments. The black dhoti you opt for needs to be of silk.

  • Dark Pink and White

For casual occasions, you can simply opt for a dark pink kurta and a white dhoti. This look is effortless to carry because it hardly needs any styling. You can replace the dark pink kurta with any other simple kurta! However, if you are opting for a plain coloured kurta make sure you team up the kurta with a white dhoti.

  • Off-White and Maroon

For wedding occasions, a heavily embroidered off-white kurta looks perfect with a maroon dhoti. See to it that you opt for a rich fabric when it comes to this combo. Usually, this colour combination looks well in silk!

  • Black Kurta with Printed Dhoti

If you want to opt for an Indo-western look then team up a black kurta with a printed dhoti. These days you can get printed dhotis too. Opt for a black kurta and a printed dhoti for evening occasions. Instead of going for a plain dhoti it is best to go for minimally printed dhoti. However, for this combination make sure your kurta is simple and plain.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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