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Dressing up kids in ethnic wear is quite a tough task for most parents. These days even traditional wear for kids has several varieties like kurta pyjamas, sherwani, lehenga choli, crop top and skirt, etc. When it comes to dressing up kids in traditional Indian wear, comfort needs to be given the top-most priority. Earlier, it was confusing to dress kids in ethnic attires because of lack of varieties and choices. In today’s times, even kids need to be dressed properly for festivals and wedding occasions. Wedding occasions like sangeet ceremonies, cocktail parties, receptions and engagements ceremonies demand a prim and proper look. Kids need not dress in complete traditional looks they can also be dressed in contemporary styles. People these days dress according to the vibe of the event and the season. Moreover, fashion trends also play a vital role in deciding the overall look. For young boys, kurta pyjamas and sherwanis are very much preferred because they are easily available and effortless to style. Young girls have a wide range of choices in ethnic wear like crop top and skirt, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, kurta pyjama, etc. The best thing about dressing up children in ethnic outfits is that they can experiment to no ends. You can get amazing traditional wear for kids online too. Shopping online for ethnic attires is very convenient because you can take a look at all the varieties in one go. Online shopping platform Nihal Fashions offers an exciting range of kids’ ethnic wear. Here are some useful tips to dress up kids in ethnic wear.

  • Check the Material

If the material of the outfit is irritating the skin then your child might not be comfortable in the same. Before choosing the attire, make sure your kid is fine with the texture of the material. Additionally, select the outfit based on the season. For instance, if the event is taking place in summers then go for cotton and if the occasion is in winters then you can go for velvet or heavy silk.

  • See what the Occasion is all About

It is essential to dress according to the occasion because every event needs a specific look. Even though they are kids and they have the liberty to look a bit improper it is necessary to go with the flow of the event. For wedding ceremonies, you can dress your young boy in ethnic kurta pyjama and choose a vibrant coloured crop top and skirt for your girl! Well, for other casual occasions, you can tone down the outfit in terms of its patterns and colours.

  • Check the Fit of the Outfit

Kids are extremely active and even if they wear traditional outfits they will walk and run! The outfit needs to have a comfortable fit because otherwise, it can hamper the child’s movement. Most women and men go for tight fitting when it comes to traditional wear. For kids, the fitting of the outfit need not be too tight. Instead, if the attire is a bit loose then too its okay for a kid.

  • Choose the Right Colour

With kids, you can experiment with colours. You can go for unique colour combinations too when it comes to kids’ traditional wear. Traditional wear for kids is mostly chosen in bright colours because they can carry it with ease. Well, before choosing a colour take note of the time of the event too. For instance, if there is an evening wedding reception then you can also go for dark shades like midnight blue, maroon, red, dark pink, etc. The colour should also suit the pattern of the outfit. If the pattern requires two contrasting shades then you need to see whether the two chosen colours blend with one another or no.

  • Know the Pattern you are Opting for

Some parents blindly follow the fashion trends and don’t understand whether it is suitable for the child or no. Before choosing an outfit with risqué cuts and slits, see whether your child is comfortable with the same or no. Moreover, not all styles are suitable for children. Make sure your child is okay with the outfit otherwise, he/she might get too frustrated after donning the same.

Buying kids kurta pyjama online is hassle-free. Well, there are many styles and patterns in kurta pyjama too. Here are some colour combinations which work the best for children be it any ethnic attire!

  • Pink and Beige

The combination of pink and beige works best for girls. This combination can be opted for attire styles like kurta pyjamas, lehenga choli and crop top and skirt. Perfect for all occasions and festivals, this colour combo is extremely easy to carry and style. Even if your child dislikes accessories, this colour will make an impact.

  • Yellow and Rust

For daytime events, going for bright colours is the right thing to do. The combination of yellow and rust is perfect for both young boys and girls. A rust coloured kurta paired with a yellow pyjama is not just refreshing but is also ideal for kids. This combination can also be worn for lehenga choli, sherwani churidar and salwar kameez.

  • Lime Green and Lemon Yellow

Opting for unique colour combinations works the best for kids because they are able to pull off any style with ease. The teaming up of lime green and lemon yellow looks perfect because both these colours are easy on the eyes. These two colours look ideal in all attires like kurta pyjamas, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, sherwani churidar, etc.

When it comes to adding certain elements to a kid’s attire most parents are clueless. Footwear is one aspect which also defines the look to some extent. Kids need comfortable and wearable footwear even when wearing ethnic clothes.

Visit the online shopping hub Nihal Fashions and revamp your kid’s traditional wear wardrobe. This online shopping platform also has unique varieties for men’s traditional wear. Nihal Fashions also has amazing festival discounts and offers.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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