Choose from a Range of the Best Ethnic Menswear in India

Menswear in India embraces the essence of various traditional apparels. Every outfit offers an ethnic touch and these are appropriate for all sorts of occasions, be it formal or informal. The range of men’s traditional clothing is highly affected with diversity in Indian tradition and cultures of different states. No doubt, men can easily be the cynosure with most traditional menswear, be it at a wedding or a party.

With the kind of choices available to flaunt men’s Indian wear the best possible way, you can take your pick by going through a wide inventory from numerous places before you decide to choose something that is perfect for you. Not only do you get to take a look at the various outfits but also get a glimpse of all the accessories that could go along with the outfit you choose to make your shopping as complete as possible. Here are all of the options in men’s ethnic wear to look into before you settle on one:

Elegant sherwanis

Sherwani is a long coat garment that fits close to the body, fastened at the front with buttons, or sometimes without. This outfit usually extends to slightly below knee-length. However, wearing longer sherwanis have also become a trend as have wearing shorter ones. The sherwani is often created using rich fabrics which are embellished with Indian embroideries and crystal work at the front, neck, and sleeves, making them an epitome of elegance and royalty. With cultural fashion spreading far and wide, the sherwani has gone on to be curated in numerous types. Some of these are the Achkan Sherwani and the angrakha style sherwani.

Sherwanis - Nihal Fashions

  • Wearing the sherwani right

How you wear the sherwani helps you add the oomph factor to your outfit. If you are hoping to look appealing without being part of the monotony, adding accessories and elements to your ensemble that is trendy yet unique is one way to do it. Apart from add-ons, selecting the right fabric, color, and pattern of the outfit are important factors involves in donning the ensemble the right way.

Classy kurta pajamas

A kurta pajama is the amalgam of a pajama and kurta. While the kurta is a loose garment that falls to knees and is worn to cover the torso all the way until the thigh or knee, the pajama is the loose fitted drawstring trouser that is worn below the kurta. Kurta pajamas are a convenient and comfortable pick for daily, casual wear as well as to be worn during traditional moments. This attire can be made using a number of fabrics such as cotton, satin, silk, jacquard and more that are each ideal for different kinds of events. Where cotton kurtas are best suited for office wear or casual outings in the summer, silk, brocade, and other such rich fabrics are ideal to be worn at special events where your presence is sure to be noticed by your hosts or perhaps at events being hosted by you. Depending on your choice, body type, the occasions, and the season, you can choose the fabric for your kurta pajama without seeming out of place.

  • Ways of styling the kurta

If you thought a kurta pajama is the only way to flaunt kurtas best, you are in for a surprise. The Dhoti Kurta is another traditional sort of menswear that is influenced by the kurta pajama, consisting of the dhoti and kurta. A dhoti is a rectangular piece of cloth which is wrapped in a rather complex manner around the waist and the legs. Owing to the diversity in Indian region, there are more than 60 different ways of wearing it. Be it a dhoti kurta you intend to wear or a kurta pajama, men can grab their ideal choice of outfit from an exquisite range of ethnic menswear at Nihal Fashions at the lowest prices.

Stylish Indo-Westerns

Indo-westerns have become quite popular among those with a penchant for both western outfits and traditional wear. A brilliant amalgamation of both worlds, this particular outfit has managed to become a favorite among people who have often feared choosing one over another. Men can choose to purchase an Indo-western outfit for events that aren’t completely traditional nor very casual. A family get-together, attending a wedding as guests, or a celebration with your acquaintances are the perfect venues to flaunt your indo-western outfits in without feeling like you belong somewhere else.

  • Making your indo-western outfit more special

The best part about an indo-western outfit is that one can add more of the western influence in the outfit if they prefer or lean towards a more authentic and traditional outfit by adding just a glimpse of the west in terms of patterns and cuts. Further, you can also add jewelry and other such add-ons to this attire to complete the ensemble as best as you can. With an indo-western outfit, you can also choose to flaunt formal boots rather than strictly sticking to mojdis.

Where to buy your men’s ethnic wear?

The best place to make any purchase for ethnic wear is online where the range of options to buy Indian ethnic wear is never limited. You can go through numerous inventories and online stores before taking your pick. By checking out all your options simultaneously, you have a better chance at weighing the pros and cons of every option rather than spending days going from one store to another around your home in a bid to finalize one. Further, deciding between an outfit in front of you and one that you saw a week ago can certainly get you in a fix. Instead, you can look up all your options online at Nihal Fashions, the best portal for shopping for ethnic outfits online, and enjoy the many perks that this portal offers as well.

Online shopping also allows you to choose the kind of fabric you want, the style of outfit you prefer, and also lets you customize the outfit to your specification and preference.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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