Everything You Need to Know About Saree Draping

The list of traditional Indian wear is incomplete without the mention of sarees. Indian sarees have a charm of their own and they are known for being unique. This long piece of unstitched cloth is more than just an attire. A lot of cultural values are attached with a saree. A saree needs right styling and poise. Earlier, women used to wear sarees everyday too but nowadays with the introduction of Indo-western and western clothes, sarees are worn for weddings and festivals. Women these days prefer to don sarees for important occasions. Initially, sarees were considered mundane and traditional. Apart from the heavy-laden patterns, sarees are now available in casual styles too. This particular ethnic wear is extremely versatile because it suits all body shapes and sizes. This particular piece of clothing is ideal for both casual and formal occasions like weddings, receptions, sangeet ceremonies, cocktail parties, cultural events, etc. Unlike other Indian outfits, sarees require a bit of effort when it comes to wearing. Draping plays a very crucial role in enhancing the look of the saree. Most women go for the same draping style but these days sarees are draped according to the pattern and work. One needs to carry the saree with élan otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. Draping the saree with perfection can surely help you ace the look. Check out some saree draping styles which will make you look flawless.

  • Go with a Twisted Pallu

Usually, when we drape a saree the pallu is always pleated and secured with a pin over the shoulder. Well, if you want to drift away from the common technique then you should try a twisted pallu. In a twist pallu, the loose end of the saree is not pleated properly, in fact, it is twisted like a rope. If you are opting for this draping style then the blouse needs to be very glamorous and also the saree shouldn’t have heavy borders otherwise, the twisting cannot happen correctly! See to it that the fabric of the saree you have opted for is ideal for twisting.

  • The Front Pallu Draping Style

In most saree draping styles, the pallu falls behind. However, you can twist the mundane draping styles and go for a front pallu. If your saree has a heavy blouse which is embellished then a front pallu style can work wonders. Instead of keeping the pallu in pleats, you can keep it loose too!

  • Scarf Style Draping

If you don’t want to look all traditional in a saree then you can opt for a scarf style draping too. In the scarf style draping, the pallu of the saree is wrapped around the neck just like a scarf. This style is apt for sarees which have prints. The materials which are ideal for this draping style are cotton, silk and georgette. This draping style is quite unique in its vibe so before you step out with it make sure you are comfortable.

  • Drape it and Add a Belt

These days many different elements are added to a saree. A belt can make your saree look all the more perfect because it will give posture to your overall look. Once you drape the saree add a belt to your waist. Well, see to it that your saree is not too ethnic for adding a belt. Sarees which have quirky prints or contrast colours can work well with the belt look.

An Indian saree looks elegant if it is draped correctly. Draping not only means selecting the latest style it also means following the technique in the right manner. Here are some handy tips to drape a saree effortlessly.

  • Pleat it Right

The most important thing in draping an Indian saree is pleating it right. Pleats need to be neat and crisp be it any draping style. When you start draping a saree see to it that the pleats are rightly formed. Every fabric will have a different texture and that’s why the pleats might not form easily for all. If the fabric is too soft then the pleats tend to get loose over time, so when you go for pleats make sure they are firm.

  • Choose the Footwear First and then Start Draping

A traditional Indian saree has to be levelled properly. The length of the saree needs to be uniform from all sides. The height of the footwear can also influence the draping. Before you start draping make sure you consider the height of the footwear especially if you are planning to wear heels.

  • Go for the Right Underskirt

Apart from the saree and the blouse, it is also necessary to wear proper underskirt. The underskirt needs to be of a proper fit otherwise, it can ruin the drape completely. The colour and tone of the underskirt also need to match with the saree. If you are wearing a net saree or a lace saree then the underskirt needs more focus.

  • See to it that the Pins are not Too Visible

Women sometimes pin-up the sarees too much and that itself creates a very weird look. A saree needs proper pin-up but that does not mean the pins should be visible all over the saree. Make sure you use pins strategically and place them properly. Try and use pins which blend with the colour of the saree!

  • Consider your Body type Before Opting for a Unique Draping Style

Not every body shape is suited for a particular draping style. It is best to focus and analyse your body shape before going for a certain saree draping style. Additionally, not every draping style works for all occasions so it is necessary to select the draping style carefully.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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