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Colours have a great significance in Indian culture. The colour red is one of the most important hues in Indian tradition. Though these days brides are experimenting with other hues too, traditionally a bridal trousseau is incomplete without the colour red. Red sarees have always been popular and are an all-time favourite. Even with the change in the trends, red has remained one of the most chosen colours for Indian wear. Women generally choose to wear salwar kameez and kurtas but sarees still hold the top spot when it comes to elegant looking traditional wear. Sarees are now available in almost all colours but a red saree looks the most sensuous and stylish. A saree looks breath-taking if it is draped correctly. Several women are confused about investing in a red saree because they don’t know how to style it properly. Wearing a red saree doesn’t require a specific occasion. One can don a red saree casually also. Well, it is necessary to select the right kind of red saree to do justice to the same. Opt for a simple red saree for casual occasions and go for an embellished one for wedding occasions and reception events. Red is one colour which has many tones and it is essential to choose the correct one. Here are some factors based on which you should select the tone of the saree.

  • Nature of the Event

Select the saree based on the occasion. Especially when it comes to a red saree one has to know about the nature of the occasion. It can be rightly said that red looks good for both daytime events and evening occasions. A bright red saree would look good for wedding occasions and reception events whereas a ruby red saree is perfect for engagement ceremonies and sangeet functions!

  • Your Personal Style

Not everyone is able to pull off a saree look. When it comes to wearing a red saree, it is necessary to carry the look with confidence. Moreover, select the saree which suits your personal style too. See to it that the pattern on the saree is of your liking and is not looking out of place. The blouse and the tone of the saree should complement your body type too.

  • Check the material

Red sarees are usually chosen in georgette and chiffon materials but they are also available in other fabrics. The fabric can influence the look to a great extent and therefore selecting the right material is also important when choosing a saree. Also, not every material can have the same patterns and work, so if you want to get specific designs check with the material first.

  • See if the saree needs add-ons

Many women make the mistake of blindly following the trends. Following the trends is definitely a good sign but one also needs to add a personal touch to the look. A plain red saree may look good on a magazine cover but might give a very mundane look if worn in real life. Check whether your red saree look needs any add-ons like accessories, tassels, etc.

A red saree is impactful to the core because of the colour. Red gives out a very strong vibe because it is one of the most striking shades. Here are some tips to enhance the look of your red saree.

  • Go for Makeup!

Traditional outfits are meant to look dramatic and impactful. With makeup, you can experiment to no ends. Go for a subtle makeup look when wearing a red saree and you are bound to make a style statement. Highlight your lips by applying a nude shade lip colour. For women who are not lipstick fans, you can try and go for smoky eyes look! Don’t go overboard with makeup because that can ruin the whole look.  If you want to go for a complete traditional look then you can add a bindi too!

  • Wear statement Jewellery

An Indian saree is meant to look traditional and wearing the right jewellery with a saree can make you look stunning. Wear long statement earrings with the saree or simply go for a neckpiece. The tone of the jewellery should blend with the saree and must not look weird.

  • Drape it Right

There are several draping styles these days and it is not necessary to go for the usual draping styles. Each and every draping style can change the look of your saree. Some draping styles will highlight your saree border whereas some will highlight the blouse style. Choose the right draping style and you are ready to rock any event!

  • Go for unique Blouse Patterns

A red saree can look quite boring if it is not worn with a fashionable blouse. These days women experiment a lot with the blouse designs. You can go for a halter neck blouse or simply opt for a full sleeves sheer blouse. You can also try and go for contrast colours for the blouse.

  • Complete the look with Appropriate Footwear

Wearing the right footwear on traditional dresses is extremely vital. In order to get the desired look, wear heels with your saree. Choose the colour of your footwear wisely because that can make or break your overall look. If you are not comfortable with pencil heels then you can also go for block heels. Heels are also available in all tones these days so it is quite easy to pair them up with your saree.

All in all, a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without an elegant red saree. Head to Nihal Fashions and get yourself that perfect saree. With numerous patterns and designs, Nihal Fashions has red sarees in several materials too. If you are looking out for a red saree with amazing quality then this is the best online platform to check for. Moreover, this online shopping platform also offers amazing discounts and festive offers which will make your purchase all the more worth it. Save your time and money both by shopping online with Nihal Fashions.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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