Fabulous Blouse Cuts to Try with your Prized Sarees from Nihal Fashions

Blouses have the appeal to make any saree pop out if these are styled, designed, and worn right. From the fabric you choose for your blouse to the neck patterns, sleeves, back, and more, all of these aspects are vital in making your ensemble a hit. For those who don’t mind being a little bold in how they dress, the latest trends in blouses are sure to make you squeal for joy when you take a look at the list! And if you are just starting to get out of your shell to try out newer styles, we have some ideas for you as well.

Take a Look at the Blouse Styles below!

  • Halter Neck Blouses

One of the most stylish cuts in which to design a blouse is a halter neck that is forms a bandeau around the bust and is tied around the neck. These can be dual strapped or single strapped. Another way of wearing a halter neck is a cold shouldered blouse that is tied around the neck while the sleeves form from below the shoulders for a cold-shoulder sleeve effect.

  • Chinese Collared Blouses

High-necked blouses, also called the Chinese collared blouse, is another elegant style of blouse that can make you look stunning beyond compare. For those on the hunt for a look that is unique and chic at the same time, tulle high-necked blouses work best. With the net gathers around the neck of the blouse, the outfit is more likely to define your features in a flattering manner.

  • Embellished or Bejeweled Blouses

Rather than opting for blouses made of simple fabric, a way to brighten up the look of your blouse is to add embellishments to it. Bejeweled blouses are not only bound to make your look grander but also take your overall look up a notch.

  • Corset Blouses

Influenced by the Victorian era, the corset blouse can be a lovely addition to your collection of stylish blouses that can be worn on palazzos and other bottom styles as well. These are especially great for women who are heavy at the bust. Offering the right support, these can work as the perfect avenue in which to flaunt your assets right.

  • Spaghetti Strap Blouses

Spaghetti straps, as the name suggests, is the perfect excuse to show off your defined shoulders and collarbone in a chic way. Drape the saree right, and you have a winner!

  • Back-string Blouses

Another classy and attractive blouse style is the back string blouse. Instead of the usual stitch, this particular style of blouse is held by a single string at the back that is perfect for those who like to flaunt their toned backs and are confident about their body.

  • One-shouldered Blouses

If you are tired of the same old look while wearing a saree blouse and are confident about the way you look, one-shouldered blouses is what you should go for. You can have a single sleeves gathered beautiful on a shoulder that meets the back of the blouse in an elegant way.

  • Peplum Blouses

Peplum tops have become quite a trend for those with petite figures. Offering a snug fit at the bust, the blouse then flows outward from the bust line to the hem, giving it a princess-feel. A peplum blouse can have a similar effect if worn right.

  • Crop top Blouses

Crop tops have made their way into women’s wardrobes as more than just tops. One very popular method of using a crop top has been as a saree blouse that gives you the comfort you need while offering a snug fit. You certainly don’t have to worry about the right fit when you use a crop top as a substitute!

Ways to Style your Accessories with your Sarees

The look of a saree is augmented further with the right accessory added to the ensemble. By styling your accessory right, you can make your blouse cuts stand out along with enhancing the feel of the entire look in your enchanting sarees.

  • Neck Pieces

When you have a high-necked blouse on, a neck piece is hardly necessary. You can opt for a high necked blouse that is bejeweled which can work as good as a neck accessory. For blouses with a low neck, you can pair your outfits with a choker or a statement piece. A single piece that stands out against your outfit is enough to take the elegance of the ensemble up a scale.

  • Rings

No matter how pretty your fingers, never leave them empty. Flaunt your best cocktail rings with your lovely sarees that match the embellishment on your outfits. If you are someone who loves a simple look, you can always opt out of gemstones and go for ones that are simple bands.

  • Wrist Accessories

Bangles and bracelets are some of the most common wrist accessories worn with Indian outfits. Glass bangles certainly add an appeal to your ensemble in a way that augments the way you look. It definitely makes your hands look prettier. If you are worried about wearing glass bangles, go for metal wrist accessories or bracelets with rings attached to them to opt out of wearing more jewelry than one.

  • Anklets

Along with the right footwear for your feet, make sure your anklets are equally gorgeously adorned. Anklets or payals that have a trilling little bells attached to them can make your arrival at any place like a fairytale entrance. And if you like a subtle presence, just go for ones that are shimmery and beautiful without the ghungroo.

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