Great Tips to Buy Bridal Lehenga Choli

The day of the wedding is ‘auspicious’ in all senses and amazing especially for the bride. It is probably an unforgettable occasion of her life. So, the dress she picks up must appear out of ordinary in every possible way. Whether it is a designer lehenga choli, Bridal Lehenga or traditional wedding saree that she plans on selecting, it has to be excellent and made specifically for her. Among all of the Indian outfits available in numerous patterns, a bridal lehenga is designed with utmost care because it is intended to dress-up the most important person of the occasion – the bride. Each and every stitch and every metal or sequin work is intertwined in bridal lehenga with finesse and care.

Tips to Buy a great Wedding Lehenga

To buy Lehenga cholis, one needs to take a lot many things into account which determine whether the look would be a hit or a fail. While you can always purchase an outfit and think of the consequences later, you can never go wrong when you look at options with a goal in mind. Considering the following tips are sure to be of great help to you when you venture to shop online for the perfect lehenga choli.

Here are the questions you need to ask ourselves when you begin your shopping spree:

What’s your body type?

One major factor that one needs to consider before shopping for lehenga choli is the body type. When one takes into account her body type, she needs to consider her height, body shape, her complexion, and styling preferences. If one has a slim and slender body, she is lucky enough as she would appear beautiful in any type, ranging from off shoulders, deep necks, single shoulder or backless cholis.

While shopping for cholis for a woman with a heavy bust, utmost care needs to be taken so that the embroidery does not make her bust appear prominent. ‘Flat embroidery’ will do a pretty good job in enhancing your beauty, rather than messing up the look. Also, picking up the right color option to go well with your skin texture will do wonders in giving you a slender look.

What is the event?

What is the event you are planning to dress up for? If it is your wedding, engagement, or a ceremony where you are bound to be in the limelight, we would definitely not stop you from going overboard with your choice in patterns, shades, and more. However, if you are part of the crowd, it is best to opt for subtle shades and patterns, depending on the event and your role in the celebration.

What time and season will you wear the lehenga choli in?

Apart from the event, what time of the year you plan to wear the lehenga choli in and the time of the day is equally important to create a great impression. If you plan to flaunt the outfit during the cooler seasons you would hardly make a statement wearing a backless or off-shoulder choli while covered in goosebumps and shivering while trying to keep the cold at bay. You can design or style your outfits to fit the season and the time of day so that you make the impression you were hoping to make when you decided on your outfit.

Latest patterns of Chania Choli or Lehenga Cholis Online

Bridal lehenga use heavy embellishments and embroidery of pearls, kundan, crystals, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski. Modern brides love to buy wedding lehenga cholis made of silk, which exudes a royal feeling. The latest type is a combination of conventional choli with a saree, which is popularly known as Lehenga style saree. In this type, the creases of a saree bear resemblance to panels of the lehenga and thus give the look of a saree to the lehenga.

For providing an ethnic look, nowadays, professional designers are experimenting with shapes and cuts, like a straight cut, A-cut, Mermaid cut, fish cut and umbrella cut. The trendier lehenga cholis come in fish-cut which is tight up to the knees and then widen out below the knee in a flair. The lower-part is frilly and the dress is designed in the pattern of a jacket with a deep neck and backline.

Although, the major color option for a wedding is red, brides have become more experimental and bold about distinctive colors, like pink, peach, sea-green and blue. To wear for morning functions, one can pick up copper or golden colors, while for evening functions, they can opt for sapphire blue or navy blue colors with slight silver accents.

Though the traditional lehenga choli has witnessed numerous changes in designing and styling, the one thing that remains certain is that the tradition of flaunting a lehenga choli will never go out of style.

Where to Purchase your Lehenga Choli?

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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