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Termed as the simplest and the most comfortable Indian attire, kurta pajama is everyone’s favourite. Most men prefer to wear kurta pajama for festivals, occasions, weddings, cultural events, etc. This combination is not just easy to carry but is also easily available. Moreover, you can find innumerable variations in this ethnic outfit. Be it colours, patterns, prints, material or design, every kurta pajama can be made unique effortlessly. When it comes to styling kurta for men there are many factors which need to be considered. Though kurta pajama is usually considered as a casual ethnic attire, nowadays it is also worn for important events and functions. A perfect blend of style and elegance, kurta pajama is certainly the best Indian outfit to opt for. Every Indian kurta is designed according to the occasion but one needs to decide the pattern wisely. Even when you opt for a simple mens kurta set, make sure you are aware of how to accessorize it aptly.

Check out the different styles of kurta which are apt for men!

  • Shirt Kurta

A shirt kurta is extremely contemporary in its pattern. A shirt kurta is a straight-fit kurta which is shorter than the normal kurtas. This particular kurta also has buttons similar to a shirt. A shirt kurta is perfect for men who do not want to go all traditional. Moreover, it can also be worn on a regular basis. Shirt kurtas are available in amazing bright colours and this also makes it perfect for every season. Pair up your shirt kurta with a denim and you are good to go! Try a mens kurta shirt for making a hassle-free style statement.

  • Side-open Kurta

Just like slits, kurtas also have a side-open style which looks extremely fashionable. A side-open kurta is open from one side and has a diagonal cut at the bottom. Mostly, these kurtas look amazing with long sleeves and are better in silk. In order to enhance the look of this kurta, you can add fashionable buttons or try a different neck pattern. Well, if you are planning to go for full sleeves, then add some detailing on the same too!

  • Cowl Kurta

For men who like to try different styles, a cowl kurta is a must-have. Cowl kurta is the newest trend in mens kurta. This kind of kurta has a layer of cowl drapes at the bottom giving it a very unique look. The amazing curves not only make the outfit look festive but also give a massive twist to the entire look. Go for dark colours like red, dark blue, dark green, etc. when selecting a cowl kurta and team it up with a simple churidar! This look is perfect for engagement ceremonies, family functions and festivals.

  • Jacket Kurta

If the occasion demands a very traditional look then go for a jacket style kurta. This kurta style consists of a jacket on the kurta. If the kurta is simple and plain then adding an embroidered kurta on the same can enhance its look to a great extent. Make sure you select the kurta colour appropriately if you want to add a jacket to it. Team up this combination with a pajama or a churidar.

  • Overlapping Kurta

A kurta can also have more than one layer. An overlapping kurta can have an angrakha style pattern which needs to be tied on one side of the kurta. This kind of kurta is best worn for weddings and important marriage occasions like engagement ceremonies. An overlapping kurta is best paired with a churidar rather than a pajama.

Once you are sure of the kurta pattern it is also necessary to style it properly. Here are some tips which will help you in selecting the right kurta.

  • Focus on the Fit

Fitting is the most essential part of any outfit and especially when it comes to Indian wear it becomes one of the main aspects. Make sure your kurta fits you appropriately and is not too loose or tight. Though kurtas are not meant to be body-fit, they should suit the body type. Remember, fitting also depends on the fabric.

  • Choose the right Footwear

When wearing any Indian wear, footwear needs to be selected carefully. A right pair of footwear can enhance the look of the entire outfit. The colour of the footwear also needs to blend with the kurta pajama. You need not go all multicolour, it is best to go for shades like black, beige, brown, etc.

  • Try prints which you can pull off

These days even in mens kurta there are many unique prints available. It is true that unconventional prints make a lasting impact but one should go for these prints only if one is ready to pull them off with élan. The same goes for colours too, opt for shades which are not too difficult to pair with bottoms.

  • Don’t go over with Accessories

Accessories go well with Indian attires but it is necessary not to go overboard. Go for accessories according to the outfit. Every mens kurta set has a vibe which needs to go with the add-ons you opt for. Choose the accessories keeping in mind the colour of the outfit and the occasion.

  • Choose the right Fabric

The pattern and the design of the kurta depends largely on the fabric too. If you are clear about the kind of work or embroidery you want on your kurta then select the fabric which is apt for the same. Additionally, take into consideration the weather and the time of the event too when selecting the fabric. You surely don’t want to sweat in a heavy fabric in summer!

Apart from the stated kurta patterns, you can also go for a complete Indo-Western look. Add a dupatta to spice up your kurta pajama look or go for a Nehru Jacket. Also, don’t forget to read our blog on trendiest ways to style a kurta pajama!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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