Styles of Designer Lehenga Cholis for Brides

The lehenga choli is the perfect Indian wedding dress for brides, available in a number of styles. Straight cut, fish cut or mermaid lehenga, paneled or kali lehenga, circular lehenga, A-line lehenga, designer lehenga choli and full flare lehenga are some of the voguish styles that one can opt for when looking for their ideal choice of lehenga. Here’s all you need to know about the choice of your bridal lehenga.

  • Straight-cut Lehengas

Straight Cut Lehenga is the customary style of Bridal Lehenga, it flows down in a parallel manner and fits every shape and body types. With a straight cut and tapered Lehenga, it is advisable to have soft fabrics rather than stiffer fabrics.

  • Fish-cut or mermaid-style Lehengas

Fish Cut Lehenga sticks to your body from the waistline and flares down at the bottom, apt for the curvaceous and an hourglass frame. This sort is perfect for imparting the edgy look to the bride. This sort is flawless for those who love to go glam.

  • Kali or Paneled Lehengas

Paneled or kali lehenga is the best trousseau that offers you the right amount of flare and a perfect fall. Cutting kali embroidery is fetching to the eyes and it the best choice to opt for within this lehenga style.

  • Circular Lehengas

Circular lehengas, like its name, is circular in shape and has a large circumference. This style is the right pick for those who yearn for exclusivity and elegance. The wide circumference gives it the flare that makes it so appealing to brides.

  • A-line Lehenga

A-line lehenga is another typical kind that flows down in an A-shape as the name suggests. Ideal for pear shaped brides, this outfit is a fresh change from the conventional bridal lehengas worn by brides on their big day.

  • Full-flared Lehenga

One of the much sought-after lehengas for women is the full-flared lehenga that gives a beautiful flare as it flow down from the waist. Like the name says, this is the flaring sort that offers a touch of panache to your outfit. This lehenga style possesses the extraordinary zing and it is a perfect bridal wear and also an ideal attire for the bridesmaid or sisters of the bride.

How to style these Lehengas right?

Designer Lehenga Choli make for the perfect outfit if they are styled right. This includes the add-ons on the ensemble, the right fit, the way you carry it off, and the way you strut while you flaunt the lovely number. The greatest rule is to wear what you are comfortable with. Nothing would look absolutely beautiful if you aren’t confident in yourself about flaunting the ensemble. Here’s all you need to remember when you purchase your lehenga:

  • Get a Snug Fitting Done

Lehengas look good only when the fitting is right. You may be conscious about your figure but it would barely help if you wear something really loose-fitted. Apart from getting the blouse stitched in a way that fits you snugly, make sure the lehenga is as snugly fit. Something that highlights your curves perfectly is sure to be a hit no matter what occasion you decide to wear it in.

  • Don’t Cover up what you Shouldn’t

Most people have a tendency to cover up as much as they can no matter what they wear. When it comes to a lehenga, however, it is best to leave nothing covered that shouldn’t be covered. The more you cover, the more you are bound to look out of shape. Instead, get your lehenga choli styled in a way that gives you the chance to look graceful.

  • Choose Accessories Wisely

The right accessories make all of the difference when you have a lehenga choli on. From wearing ones that adorn your ears and décolletage to something that enhances your ankles, wrists, and waist some more, you have a lot to choose from to augment the look a great deal.

  • Avoid Heels

If your lehenga is heavier than what you imagined it to be when it was purchased, forego the matching heels you’ve purchased along with the dress and opt for simple flats. Mojdis work equally well owing to their traditional appeal. Instead of pairing your outfit with stilettos or pumps, make sure you choose something that is comfortable and easy to walk and run in.

  • Style your Hair According to the Outfit

How you style your hair can create the difference you need in the outfit you have on. Avoid going for boring looks such as a bun and opt for flowing curls instead. If you have on a blouse that you would like to show the stylish cuts of, be sure to style your hair in an up-do that shows off its bounce and sheen.

  • Be Confident

Another important thing that you need to carry along with your ensemble is confidence. While it isn’t a tangible accessory that you can pin up to your outfit, the lack of it can spoil your entire look and reduce the beauty of the ensemble. Make sure you walk with confidence and flaunt your lehenga choli the best way you can!

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