Useful Tips To Dress Your Girl In A Traditional Lehenga Choli

Traditional Indian wear has innumerable varieties these days. Right from comfy kurtas to flowy gowns, young girls have amazing choices to opt from. Lately, lehenga choli has become a must-have in ethnic wear. These set of attires are also apt for young girls who want to don something unique in traditional wear. Girls lehenga choli is available in several patterns and styles. Moreover, one can also experiment with this particular set of attire in terms of colours, material, sleeve pattern, etc. Well, if you plan to dress up your girl in a lehenga choli there are some important things to keep in mind. Make sure that the material is comfortable and is also suiting the occasion. Coming to the pattern, girls lehanga choli differs slightly from the regular lehenga choli style. Usually, it comprises of three parts i.e. lehenga, choli and the dupatta. However, styling it right is very essential. Accessories also play a very important role when it comes to Indian wear. Though commonly, these heavy attires are worn by Indians, they have now gained popularity all over the globe. Parents are quite confused when it comes to dressing up their child in traditional clothes. Like kurtas, gowns and salwar suits, even lehenga cholis now have an essence of Indo-western. Here are some tips to perfect the lehenga choli look on your girl!

Occasions To Wear Girls Lehenga Choli

When it comes to dressing up traditionally, most of us first think about where to don the ethnic attires. It can be rightly said that many people buy traditional dresses only when they have a function to attend. However, there are many other occasions wherein you can dress up your girl in a lehenga choli.

  • Weddings

Weddings are a lavish affair in most families and cultures and require appropriate dressing too. Girls lehanga choli is the perfect ethnic attire for weddings. Well, the wedding does not just mean the D-day, this amazing traditional set can also be worn for engagement ceremonies, cocktail parties, etc.

  • Festivals

We are never short of festivals in Indian culture. Festive Lehenga choli in different styles and patterns can also be worn for a celebration like Diwali, Eid, etc. Your little girl can don this amazing attire even for days like Independence Day, Republic Day, etc.

  • Inauguration ceremonies and other functions

These days lehenga cholis are also available in simple styles, such sets can be worn for functions like inauguration ceremonies, anniversaries, etc.

Make sure that the lehenga choli you select for your girl blends with the event. It is best not to go overboard when it comes to dressing up traditionally. If you feel the lehenga choli is looking too heavy as per the event you can tone down the outfit with the help of colours and patterns. Sometimes, the use of a specific material can also define the overall look.

Trendy Patterns For Girls Lehanga Choli

For most people, lehenga choli means a blouse-like choli and a flowy skirt style lehenga. However, even lehenga cholis now have many different trends and styles. Additionally, when it comes to girls lehenga choli one can opt for many unique types.

  • Mermaid style lehenga choli

A mermaid style lehenga might not be very comfortable for every girl because it is tight till the knees and is then flared. This lehenga style is very much in but requires a bit of maintenance.

  • Panelled lehenga choli

A panelled lehenga has many pleats and has a good volume too. This kind of lehenga is extremely comfortable because it is not very tight-fitted. This lehenga pattern is quite similar to the skirt style lehenga, but the pleats add more grace to the overall look.

  • Multiple flared lehenga

A multiple flared lehenga is the one which has several flared layers on the skirt. This lehenga is very elegant and gives a very royal feel.

  • Straight fit lehenga

A straight fit lehenga is a simple style. This lehenga pattern is not very voluminous and has a minimum flare. Comfortable to the core, this is a classic and an all-time in lehenga style. Well, make sure that the lehenga is not too fit for your girl.

Well, apart from the lehenga pattern, the material also needs to be considered. Go for a comfy girls lehenga choli so that your little princess is not frustrated with the attire!

Handy Tips To Select The Right Material For A Lehenga Choli

Material plays a very important role in lehenga choli. Every material has certain specifics which affects the overall look. The selection of the material for a lehenga choli depends on the style and the pattern of the outfit too. If you are adding embellishments to the lehenga then the material has to be of that sort. Moreover, the flare of the lehenga also depends on the consistency of the material. Here are some common material options for lehenga choli.

  • Cotton

Cotton is very much preferred these days for lehenga choli. The material is perfect for summers and also has a comfortable feel. However, when it comes to the flare, a cotton lehenga might not give a very heavy flare to the lehenga. However, if you are looking out for a slightly muted lehenga then this material is the best.

  • Silk

Most Indian outfits look festive on silky material. Silk is an apt material for flowy lehengas. This particular material has a shiny texture which makes it look all the more glamorous. Additionally, most colours look brilliant on a silk texture. Moreover, silk lehengas are light in weight but are full of volume.

  • Georgette

Georgette is very much in vogue these days. The stated material is a perfect choice for those who want embellishments on their lehenga. Georgette lehengas are good for flowy lehenga patterns.

  • Chiffon

Chiffon sarees have always been in vogue and likewise, now, chiffon based lehenga choli sets are also in fashion. Chiffon lehengas are very much preferred because of its soft feel. Also, if you wish for a voluminous flair then chiffon is an apt material to opt for.

Wearable Choli Patterns For Your Little Girl

In a lehenga choli ensemble, lehenga gets more amount of attention! However, the look of the whole outfit can go for a toss if the choli is not properly styled. When it comes to young girls the cholis not only have to be fashionable but also have to be comfortable and manageable. Moreover, it should look their age too. Cholis these days have unique sleeve and neck patterns. The choli should also complement the feel of the lehenga. Here are some mind-blowing choli patterns for girls lehanga choli.

  • Boat neck choli

A boat neck choli is a little high neck than normal round neck. This particular neck style has a boat like neck pattern and is different from the usual round neck. Go for sleeveless when opting for a boat neck pattern.

  • Cold shoulder sleeves

Cold-shoulder is very much in trend these days. Right from kurtis to gowns, everything is now available in a cold shoulder sleeve pattern. Even in a lehenga choli set, you can go for a cold-shoulder sleeve pattern.

  • Half sleeves choli

A half sleeves blouse is the most common choli type for girls lehanga choli. Half sleeves are not only easy to handle but are also easy to blend with any kind of lehenga.

  • Off shoulder with ruffles sleeves

An off-shoulder neck with ruffled sleeves gives a very contemporary look to the ensemble. This look is perfect for evening occasions. This choli style is not recommended for winters!

  • Sheer net blouse

A sheer net blouse can enhance the look of any lehenga. A sheer net blouse gives a transparent feel but looks very trendy on an Indo-western lehenga. If your little girl is not comfortable with revealing blouses this can work the best.

  • Collar neck full sleeves blouse

A collar neck choli looks very unique and stylish. Besides the stated, this choli style is comfortable and effortless to carry too. Go for a full sleeves collar neck choli and your girl is bound to be a trendsetter.

  • Jacket style choli

A jacket style choli these days usually comprises of a zip in the front. This choli is more like an ethnic top. Comfortable to the core, this choli style is quite in fashion. Try not to opt for very complicated blouse styles when selecting a girls lehanga choli online.

Latest Design Ideas For Lehenga Choli

Lehenga cholis now come in contemporary styles too. Initially, these attires were available only in traditional patterns. However, the latest trends in lehenga choli are a blend of both traditional and modern. Apart from embellishments and prints, now there are many more designs to choose from. Check out the latest designs for girls lehanga choli online.

  • Floral lehenga choli

The trend of floral designs is very much in vogue. Floral designs in vibrant colours work the best for young girls. You can add a bit of shimmer to the floral lehenga choli by adding an embellished border to the lehenga. Moreover, if you don’t want to go for a complete floral look, then team up your floral lehenga with a shimmer filled blouse. A floral lehenga choli looks impeccable in hues of yellow, pink, purple and green.

  • Mirror work

Ditch the boring embellishments on the lehenga and opt for a minimal mirror work look. Mirror work on a lehenga choli is perfect for festivals and weddings. Moreover, mirror work blends with almost all colours and shades.

  • Go for velvet

Velvet in itself is a very rich material. This particular material can also be used in enhancing the look of lehenga choli. There is no need to go for a complete velvet lehenga choli ensemble.  A velvet choli can also blend with a lehenga of different material.

  • Fringe lehenga choli

Fringe has become very popular lately. Right from bags to dresses, everything now has a fringe element to it. Opt for a fringe on the choli i.e. on the sleeves or go for a fringe dupatta.

  • Colour block lehenga

Colour block is a risky pattern to opt for but if done right it can look extremely fashionable. In colour block try and opt for colours which are easy to blend. Some amazing colour block combinations are gold and black, pink and blue, yellow and pink, etc.

Apart from the stated, there are many other ways to enhance the look of a lehenga choli. If you wish to go for something more casual, then opt for a unique print on a lehenga!

Add-Ons For Girls Lehenga Choli

Most children are very bad at handling accessories and any extra elements. When it comes to lehenga cholis, there are a very few fuss free things which can lift the overall look. Check out the add-ons for your little girl!

  • Belt

Belt in Indian wear is of silver or gold tone. You can add a belt on the lehenga to make it look more royal. There are many lehenga varieties available these days which already have a belt attached.

  • Add a cape

Like cape gowns, capes can also be added to lehenga cholis. The choli can have a cape attached. Cape on a choli is usually short and not long like in gowns.

  • Use tassels

Like fringes, tassels can also add oomph to the outfit. Tassels are best added to a dupatta. For girls lehenga choli tassels can also be added to the lehenga itself. Tassels come in many sizes and patterns. Select the one which suits the lehenga appropriately. Moreover, tassels also come in many colours and tones. Right from pearl tassels to flower buns, there are plenty to choose from.

Things To Keep In Mind For Styling A Lehenga Choli

Dupatta plays a very crucial role when it comes to wearing a lehenga choli. However, managing the dupatta is also a cumbersome task. Styling a dupatta rightly can make the attire look more perfect and flawless. There are many ways to drape the dupatta but for little girls complicated draping is not recommended.  Likewise, make sure that the embellishments on the outfit are not itchy and prickly.

Fitting is another aspect which requires a bit of focus. Though most people prefer tight fitting for ethnic wear, for young girls the fitting has to be comfortable. Try not to go overboard while accessorizing a girls lehanga choli !

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