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Sarees are selected keeping in mind the occasion. Most women prefer to first check the colour of the saree and its design before anything else. However, material plays the most important role in defining the overall look of the saree. Indian sarees are the most preferred piece of attire for women when it comes to dressing for weddings and festivals. Sarees should be worn according to the body type because not all draping styles look good on everyone. However, unlike other ethnic dresses, sarees can be worn by everyone regardless of the body shape. Traditional Indian sarees are available in all fabrics and that makes them easy for selection. This long piece of unstitched cloth needs to be draped perfectly. Sarees are known for their uniqueness because this attire differs from all other outfits. These days many patterns are available in sarees which are ideal for casual events too. Earlier, sarees were only worn for weddings and festivals but nowadays they are worn for casual events too. The work and embroidery on the saree depend on the selection of the fabric. Well, apart from the saree, the blouse and the underskirt also play a very crucial role. Wearing a saree requires quite a bit of effort in terms of draping and styling. In order to select the right fabric, one should consider several important factors. Take a look.

  • The Texture of the Fabric

Every fabric has a unique texture to it which is suitable for certain works and embroideries. Make sure you choose the fabric as per your taste and requirement. Moreover, not all fabrics can sustain heavy borders and embellishments. See to it that the material you opt for is suited to your personal taste.

  • Consider the Season

It is best to consider the season and then select the material. For instance, if you are going to attend a summer wedding then it is best to opt for fabrics like cotton, silk, etc. Moreover, if it is a winter event then you can readily opt for heavy material like velvet. Additionally, these days you can get almost all styles in all materials. In case the material of the saree is too lightweight and you want to attend a winter event, you can pair it up with a heavy full sleeves blouse too. Traditional Indian sarees need care and maintenance too, so make sure you know how to take care of a particular fabric.

  • Body Type

Fabrics also influence the overall look of the Indian saree. Select the fabric which suits your body shape because otherwise, the whole look may go for a toss. It is best to select a fabric which complements your body. If you are on the curvier side you can go for georgette and chiffon fabrics, on the other hand, if you are slim and want to add volume to your look then you can choose cotton and silk sarees. Nowadays you can get sarees online too.

  • See the Nature of the Event

Certain occasions demand heavily embellished sarees like festivals, weddings, etc. for the stated events you will have to choose a fabric which can hold heavy embellishments and borders. A net-based saree will not have prints, so if you are looking for a printed saree better go for silk. A printed saree works well for casual events like cultural shows, engagement parties, etc. Make sure you know the nature of the occasion before selecting the fabric of the saree.

It is extremely important to know about the most popular saree types before finalising one. Well, on a happy note, you can get the following traditional Indian sarees online too.

  • Brocade Silk Sarees

Brocade silk is an extremely colourful and decorative silk. Brocade silk sarees have rich and impactful patterns which are weaved with golden or silver coloured threads. These Indian sarees are ideal for weddings and festivals. Brocade silk sarees are usually preferred in the tones of maroon, green, black, deep blue, etc. It is best to go for a contrast coloured blouse when wearing a brocade silk saree.

  • Kanjeevaram Sarees

Silk material is used in the making of Kanjeevaram saree. These sarees are quite heavy-laden with bright colours and gold patterns all over. These sarees have contrast hues so select the colours carefully. Kanjeevaram sarees are perfect for wedding events. It is best to select a blouse which matches the saree in some way.

  • Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani sarees are traditional Indian sarees which are known for their unique feature of bandhej. The saree is tied with minute threads at several places and is dipped in either white colour or any other colour. Bandhani sarees look perfect on bright hues like green, red and yellow. However, nowadays pastel shades are also available.

  • Patola Sarees

Patola sarees are usually given to bride at the time of marriage in some communities. These traditional sarees have either floral prints or geometrical designs. The colours which are popular in Patola sarees are green, yellow and red.

  • Printed Sarees

Printed sarees are usually available in silk. These sarees are easy to style and wear because they do not have any specific prints. Nowadays even quirky prints are included in printed sarees. Make sure you opt for a fashionable blouse for these kinds of sarees.

  • Net Sarees

Net sarees are known for their light in weight characteristic. These sarees are perfect for embellishments! In net fabric, you can get almost all colours.

  • Jamdani Sarees

Made from cotton, Jamdani is a traditional saree pattern which involves hand-weaving. This saree is now available in almost all shades and tones and the design involves floral and diagonal patterns. You can get Jamdani sarees online too.

  • Chiffon Sarees

Known for its soft texture, chiffon sarees look classy and fashionable by all means. Chiffon is a sheer fabric and can sustain embellishments too. These sarees are perfect for all occasions and events.

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Vikas Chaudhary

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