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Sarees have a huge history behind them. Like every Indian clothing, sarees differ from state to state based on the pattern and the material. In India, every state has its own peculiar style of saree and one of them is Maheshwari saree. Originating from the state of Madhya Pradesh, these sarees have now gained popularity all over the globe. According to history, Maheshwari sarees came into being when Queen Ahilyabai Holkar asked her craftsmen to design a special saree with 9 yards. The first of its kind was designed by the Queen herself. Since then this particular saree has become an important part of Indian culture and tradition. Maheshwari sarees are till date regarded as one of the most royal sarees. Initially, these sarees were gifted only on special occasions but now they are worn for almost all events. Maheshwari sarees differ from other sarees in terms of their pattern and look. Maheshwari sarees are usually made of silk and cotton and their pattern includes woven zari and brocade. The borders of these sarees traditionally have stripes and checks design but nowadays many other patterns have become a part of these sarees. Check out some important features of Maheshwari sarees.

  • Maheshwari sarees are famous for the way they are made. This particular saree is popular for its motifs and weaving technique. Even though these sarees normally have checks and stripes design, they also have floral designs on their borders nowadays. Moreover, you can find these sarees having diamond shaped motifs too. Additionally, Maheshwari sarees have a brick pattern also.
  • Traditional Maheshwari sarees were made in earthy colours but these days with the change in the fashion industry and people’s preferences they are available in almost all hues and tones. However, the important thing in this kind of saree is the zari work on the border. The zari is nothing but a gold thread which is weaved to enhance the look of the saree.
  • When these sarees came into being, most of its designs were inspired from the structures of the temples and therefore, the checks and stripes became peculiar prints for these sarees.
  • The fabric from which authentic Maheshwari sarees are made is itself called Maheshwari fabric. The material is lightweight and airy and is perfect for all seasons. Apart from sarees, this fabric is also used to make shirts, dupattas, dresses, kurtas, etc. If you are someone who doesn’t like heavy and shiny embellishments then go for this saree. The golden thread which is woven all along the border gives the saree a festive look.
  • Maheshwari sarees have five different types namely, Chandrakala, Beli, Parbi, Baingani Chandrakala and Chandratara. These types differ from one another in terms of its stripes and checks patterns.
  • One of the most interesting features of Maheshwari sarees is that its border is reversible. This particular Indian saree can be worn from both the sides and this is locally called Bugdi.

Many women are confused about styling a Maheshwari saree. Because of its unique look and subtle patterns, many are unaware of where to wear this particular saree. Here are some style tips for wearing a traditional Maheshwari saree.

  • When to wear a Maheshwari Saree?

Most sarees have several embellishments and embroidery work and they look quite common and mundane too. Maheshwari sarees are extremely classy because they are different from the usual patterns. Maheshwari sarees can be worn for cultural events, festivals, engagement ceremonies and sangeet events. You can also wear these sarees for a wedding reception.

  • How to enhance the Look of the Saree?

For every saree to look perfect a proper blouse is essential. The same goes for Maheshwari sarees too. Maheshwari sarees are quite simple as compared to other styles and therefore a heavy blouse is recommended. For instance, team up your traditional Maheshwari saree with a shimmery blouse to make it look festive. You can also try and go for a contrast coloured blouse to give a fresh look to the saree. Additionally, it is also important to drape the saree well because otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss. The border is the most important element in this Indian saree type so make sure you drape your saree accordingly. These days in Maheshwari sarees, contrast borders are also very popular. You can give a unique look to your saree by opting for a contrast coloured border. This way you can get a blend of both traditional and contemporary. You can get fabulous Maheshwari sarees online too.

  • Add Jewellery to the Look

Usually, when women wear a saree they opt for gold or diamond jewellery. But in the case of Maheshwari sarees, you can also go for silver toned jewellery. In order to try something different, you can also go for junk jewellery. Add statement earrings to the look or else go for a heavy necklace. However, make sure you don’t add too many accessories. Choose from earrings, neck pieces, nose rings, bangles, etc.

  • Choose the Correct Footwear

For all traditional attires, it is necessary to wear the right footwear. Maheshwari sarees need to be paired with proper footwear. You can go for mojris, sandals, Kolhapuris, heels, etc. The colour of the footwear need not be the same as the saree. If you are confused about what colour footwear to wear then simply go for brown, black or beige. Though heels are bound to give you a good posture when it comes to saree, you can simply go for ethnic flats too!

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Vikas Chaudhary

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