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Be it a wedding occasion or festival, the thought of wearing a pretty traditional saree crosses the mind of every woman. Each state in the country has its own special saree which is distinct in terms of pattern, designs and colour usage. Most of these authentic sarees use only a particular fabric. For instance, most South Indian sarees are made up of the rich silk fabric. When it comes to wearing something elegant and impactful, none of the attires can compete with a saree. Every Indian saree is popular worldwide for its uniqueness. These days traditional Indian sarees are available online too. Moreover, several online shopping platforms also offer mind-blowing discounts and festive offers on their sites. Shopping for sarees online saves a lot of time and is also cheaper as compared to offline stores. Sarees need to be styled properly otherwise, they might not look good. Right from the colour selection to the fitting of the blouse, purchasing a saree involves the consideration of a lot of factors. Sarees are of several kinds and even in South Indian sarees they are many different categories like Kanjeevaram saree, Mysore silk saree, Gadwal saree, Konrad saree, etc. Konrad sarees are well-known for their huge borders and eye-grabbing border designs. Konrad sarees have a very high cultural and historic significance. These sarees were initially designed for the idols of the temple goddesses. Rich in texture and looks, these sarees are quite expensive because they are handwoven. When you purchase an Indian saree make sure you take the following things into account.

  • Colour of the Saree

The colour of the saree will decide your overall look. Well, if you want to look perfect in a saree select an appropriate colour which suits your personal style as well. The colour needs to be decided depending on the time of the event and the nature of the event. These days contrast colours are also used in a saree but one needs to see whether the two shades are blending with each other or no. Konrad sarees are usually vibrant in their tones. These sarees are usually plain in colour but their borders are more decorative as compared to the rest of the saree.

  • Fabric of the Saree

The fabric not only influences the look but also decides what print or embellishments will the saree contain. Konrad sarees are made up of silk. However, this silk is lighter than the usual heavy silk material. Shiny in texture and light in weight, Konrad sarees don’t need any embellishments because of the texture of the fabric. The fabric plays an integral role in the selection of the saree because not all materials look good on everyone!

  • Fit of the blouse

The most important part of a saree is its blouse. The fitting of the blouse needs to be perfect because the draping depends on it. These days many new varieties are also available in a blouse like cape sleeves blouse, collar neck blouse, bell sleeves blouse, cold shoulder blouse, etc. No matter what the pattern the fitting needs to be apt. Usually, all traditional indian sarees have blouses attached and are of the same colour. However, if you want to bring some newness to your saree then you can also go for a contrast coloured blouse.

  • Check the Colour of the underskirt

Wearing a proper underskirt is a must for a saree. When it comes to the underskirt choose an appropriate material for the same and make sure the colour is matching with the saree. An underskirt gives support to the saree and also keeps the draping intact. The skirt needs to be tied properly otherwise, it can ruin the look of the saree.

A Konrad saree is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. These sarees were originated in Tamil Nadu and are now popular all over the world. These sarees are known for their wide borders and the delicate designs on the same. Most of the times, the borders are decorated with nature-related elements like birds, flowers, leaves, animals, etc. These sarees have the widest borders as compared to other saree styles. Traditionally, the overall body of this saree type is filled with checks or stripes. Normally, no embellishments are used in this saree kind because the fabric itself is shiny enough. If you love simple sarees with just a single striking element then Konrad sarees are a must for you. Here are some style tips for enhancing the look of your saree.

  • Add Extra Elements to your Blouse

A Konrad saree is elegant the way it is but if you want to give a heavier look to your saree then you can add some elements to your blouse like tassels, pompoms, fringes, etc. See to it that the added element works with the tone of the saree and is not looking out of place. The colour of these extra elements should be in sync with the overall saree. You can also experiment with the neck and the sleeve pattern of the blouse. Try and go for a modern blouse style if your saree is traditional.

  • Try to Wear Body Jewellery

You can ditch the boring bangles and necklaces and opt for unique body jewellery. You can choose accessories like an anklet, traditional waist belt, hair brooch, nose ring, etc. Team these accessories with statement earrings or a simple bracelet!

  • Complete the Look with a Clutch

Team up your traditional saree with an ethnic clutch to spice up the overall look. These days you can get clutches of all sizes and shapes, choose the one which suits your saree. For instance, if your saree has a golden tone then the clutch should also be golden. You can go for a beaded clutch or you can simply opt for a clutch with mirror-work. However, a sequined clutch looks the best with a Konrad saree. If you are confident about pulling off a contrast coloured clutch, then you can go for vibrant shades too.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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