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The world of fashion has rightly recognized women more owing to their uncanny sense of flaunting any outfit elegantly no matter what culture they follow. And with traditional Indian women’s clothing, the outfit is only bound to add more grace to the beauties that strut in some of the best and most elegant outfits known to the world. Like men’s Indian clothing, women’s apparel too has taken the world by storm with its matchless style and charisma. From the stitch of the outfits to the lovely fall that defines the stylishness of the dresses, every ethnic clothing for women has managed to find admirers in every part of the world.

The diversity that Indian is popular for has been the pushing cause for all of the variations that cropped in the making and the styling of all of the Indian dress for women over the years. From the first introduction of the outfits to the next making, these elegant outfits for ladies have slowly been changed to fit the modern specifications of how fashion is perceived, allowing women everywhere to settle for a style of their own among the many variations.

From the crafting of every outfit, whether by hand or by the use of the machine, to the designing of said outfits, these finished work leaves us all in absolute awe every time someone flaunts a dazzling Indian wear. While the outfits in itself is enough to leave us all in awe, draped over the silhouette of woman, these outfits are all the more mesmerizing.

Styles of Traditional Indian Women’s Wear

Indian dresses for women are rightly called elegant beyond compare. The many styles and variations that have been introduced in the fashion world have been enough to help women everywhere to recreate their own styles. Here are all of the popular traditional outfits for women doing the rounds around the world.

  • Saree

The saree, sari or some, needs absolutely no introduction when it is as gloriously flaunted by every Indian woman, and others fascinated by the culture and traditions that Indians follow. A long strip of unstitched cloth, of about five to nine yards, elegantly draped around the waist, this Indian women’s clothing is the ultimate outfit to have as part of your closet. The end of the saree, which is called the pallu or the anchal, falls gracefully over the shoulder and can also be styles in a number of ways. While the attire is draped differently by the many communities within the Indian culture, the essence of the saree stays no matter how you flaunt your look.

Worn with a blouse that offers a snug fit and ends right underneath the bust and a parkar, which is a petticoat worn to hold the drapes of the saree around the waist in place, this Indian women clothing has come to be the most widely worn apparel by Indian women, whether during occasions or for regular use. Among women who are married, this attire is a commonly worn apparel.

Originating from the word ‘sati’ which essentially means ‘a cloth strip’, the apparel came to be called saree with the passing of the years. The tradition of wearing the saree came about centuries ago when people adopted the habit of draping a long cloth around them although they had the knowledge and the means to sew and weave clothes. This was more due to the heat that the climate brought.

This apparel is both woven by hand and sewn using a machine. This varies with the kind of fabric or material being used as well as the designs, patterns, and embellishments being added to the outfit. The sarees worn by the different communities also differ in the way they are made.

Sarees have also gained global acknowledgement with more and more people accepting he outfit as trend, irrespective of where they live. It is equally easy to find Indian women’s clothing online in UK as it is in India and other countries. And with the who’s who of the Bollywood industry and renowned women of other fields flaunting this graceful outfit at successful international events, the popularity of this outfit is sure to shoot through the skies! For those of you who love sarees beyond compare, this little read is sure to give you something more to think about

  • Lehenga

Draped elegantly from the waist down with a breath-taking graceful fall, the lehenga is a popular Indian clothing for women that is paired with a choli, a blouse that is well-fitting. The look is completed with an equally elegant dupatta that matches the lehenga or the choli in terms of patterns and fabric. While the latest trends do involve a contrast in shades, fabric, and patterns to give it an edgy look, most prefer to opt for a safe look by blending the shades well.

Introduced first with the Mughal reign in Northern India, the craftsmanship and work that the attire flaunted made it popular among women, especially the royal households. While the outfit was first crafted in cotton, it later evolved with the use of richer fabrics such as silk, brocade, etc. Depending on the fabric being utilized and the embellishments that go on the outfit being designed, the making of the outfit may take about twenty or so days. Outfits that are stitched by hand take even longer with the kind of detailing that each handiwork requires.

Although this women’s ethnic Indian wear is popularly known as lehenga choli, there have been many variations, leading to the outfit being called a number of other names as well. The sharara, the lacha, and the ghaghra, all are similar attires to the lehenga with very little but notable differences. All of these have an uncanny resemble to flared pants.

This three-piece Indian attire for ladies is no doubt an outfit worth having within your wardrobe for all of the occasions that come our way all through the year. And here’s how you can augment the style more!

  • Salwar Kameez

Having first been introduced in Punjab and in Pakistan, the salwar kameez has been a traditionally worn outfit for everyday use by women. With a loose pant as the bottom of the ensemble called the salwar, and a kurta at the top, also called the kameez, the ethnic salwar kameez is both convenient and comfortable in terms of sporting at any event, time, place, or season. While Indian suits for women can also be completed with a pajama or a churidaar as a replacement for the salwar, one can choose the kind of bottoms according to their comfort and preference. Since each of these pairings offer the flexibility women seek in order to move about without feeling restricted, there is no denying that the salwar kameez has been the best invention among Indian traditional women’s clothing.

By deciding on the right fabric, color, and pattern of the outfit, one can create a style or recreate one to suit women of all ages and sizes. While the salwar is loosely-fitted, secured only at the waist with a drawstring, the churidaar is snugly fitted and is longer in length than a woman’s leg. Once worn, it is the pattern formed by the excess clothing below that gives it the churidaar look with churis or bangles forming around the ankle.

There are also many suggestions as to how the salwar came into the picture. The Turnkish men with outfits that included lose fitted trousers have been known to have influenced the look of the salwar. While it will be hard to pinpoint the origin of the outfit to be exact, there is no denying that the ensemble has managed to be widespread around the globe with its classy look and finishing. Women everywhere, both Indians and otherwise have been flaunting the best of women's Indian clothes, leading to the culture being an influencer throughout the world. And they certainly have made a huge comeback with these styles to boot.

Accessories that are great with Indian Dresses

While there is no hard and fast rule flaunt certain sets of accessories with Indian wear, some are essentially traditional to an extent where they become part of the ensemble. A maang tika, for example, is absolutely perfect with any outfit you flaunt if you are planning to attend a wedding. And if it’s the wedding of someone close to you, you can even go overboard! Heavy sets of bangles, jhumkas, and matching neckpieces are other accessories to wear with your Indian outfits.

Traditional footwear is another accessory that you can try flaunting with your outfits. However, you can also always wear your usual pair of heels for more comfort. All in all, you can choose your own style and make your own fashion statements rather than going with the flow.

Where can you flaunt your Best Traditional Wear?

Absolutely no shortage of occasions would you find among Indians, irrespective of which part of the country they live in. From acting as wedding dresses for women to outfits flaunted at other festive events, one cannot deny the beauty of Indian traditional wear for women. Whether it is festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Independence Day or Ganesh Chaturthi, donning on a salwar kameez will be right at home!

Occasions such as weddings, or family events such as anniversaries, birthdays, jubilee celebrations, and more are also great events to wear the best outfits from your wardrobes in. The best part about Indian wear is that you don’t really need a reason to purchase one. All you need do is browse through, choose what you like, and add it to your collection!

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