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Indian culture is incomplete without its unique attires and styles. For men, the most popular traditional outfits consist of kurta pajamas, sherwanis, bandhgala coats, Jodhpuri pants, etc. However, Indian attires have seen a drastic change and Indo-western outfits are now largely preferred by men for weddings and other casual events. In spite of several new styles, kurta pajamas still remain the first choice when it comes to dressing ethnic. These outfits are not just worn for wedding events but are also chosen for casual events like cultural programmes, sangeet ceremonies, etc. Every event might not require you to dress overtly and that’s why kurta pyjama sets are a must-have for every man. Clothes like kurta pajamas can be worn for festivals too. Comfortable and easy to carry, kurta pajamas are easily available in unique patterns too. You can purchase this outfit without any fuss online. Initially, fashion trends were only focused on women because it was assumed that men are not too interested in the same. But these days, even men are quite conscious about what they wear for an occasion. The importance of dressing right and according to the event has now gained immense importance. With kurta pajamas, you can experiment to no ends. Here are some tips to add newness to your mundane kurta pajama outfit.

  • Try New Colours

Most men are in a dilemma when it comes to choosing the colour of their outfit. Ditch the boring shades of red, blue and yellow and opt for pastel hues. Pastels not only look classy on Indian wear but are also ideal for all events. Shades which look good on traditional wear are peach, mint green, pastel pink, pastel blue, etc. These colours are easy on the eyes and that’s why they can be worn for daytime events too. Additionally, if you want to dress simply and don’t wish to dress with a lot of patterns you can also opt for a plain pastel-hued kurta with a pajama.

  • Choose Quirky Prints

It is not necessary to always choose kurtas with embellishments and embroideries. You can also go for quirky prints when opting for casual kurtas. Kurtas for men look elegant even with simple prints. Choose from the simple designs like geometric prints, colour blocks, checks, etc. You can pair up these kurtas with either pajamas or churidars. If you want more comfort and are dicey about churidars and pajamas then you can also go for straight pants.

  • Kurta with a Jacket

Jackets always enhance the look of the outfit. Team up your ethnic kurta with a jacket or a waistcoat and you are good to go. Men can also opt for Nehru jackets. Nehru jackets come in a variety of colours and it is easy to blend them with kurtas. This combination is apt for winter occasions wherein you need to look fashionable as well as save yourself from the cold.

  • Kurta Pajama with a Dupatta

Kurta pyjama sets look extremely classy and elegant with a dupatta. Men must carry a dupatta with their kurta pyjama combo if the occasion demands a complete traditional look. Even a simple and plain kurta can look festive with the addition of a dupatta. When selecting a dupatta make sure its colour goes well with the overall outfit. Some amount of colour contrast is alright but the outfit should not look weird.

  • Shirt Style Kurta

These days in casual kurtas many men are opting for shirt style kurtas too. These kurtas are similar to a shirt pattern with buttons on the front. However, just like other kurtas, these shirt style kurtas are longer in length. Apt for casual occasions, shirt style kurtas look best in lighter shades like yellow, blue, lime green, beige, etc. You can wear this kurta with a denim too! Usually, shirt style kurtas come in plain patterns with no designs and it is better to keep them that way because they are meant to look casual.

  • Monotone Kurta Pajama

Generally, kurta pajamas come in different colours. However, the two are in sync with one another. Well, in order to drift away from the trend, you can also go for a monotone kurta pajama look. For instance, a black kurta with black pajama looks perfect for evening events. You need not always look for different hues when it comes to kurtas and pajamas. Monotone kurta pajamas not only look effortlessly fashionable but are also easy to carry.

Well, apart from the added elements on an outfit you need to focus on the footwear too. Kurta pajamas look complete with Indian footwear. Choose an ethnic footwear like mojri and you are ready with your traditional look. Mojris come in a variety of colours and designs so make sure you select the one keeping in mind the look of your kurta. If mojris are an uncomfortable choice for you then you can also opt for brogues, loafers or leather lace boots! Concentrate on the bottom of your outfit and select the footwear accordingly. If you are wearing pajamas or churidars then go for ethnic style footwear and for western bottoms like straight pants, you can choose western-style footwear.

Mens kurta are easily available online too. Purchasing kurta pajama online has several advantages. Though there are innumerable offline stores which deal in kurta pyjamas for men, shopping online has its own perks. The best place to shop for men’s traditional outfits is Nihal Fashions. This online shopping space has mind-blowing varieties when it comes to kurta pajama patterns. Moreover, if you are looking out for an inexpensive purchase then opting for online shopping is the best decision. Kurta pajamas when purchased online are reasonable as compared to boutiques. Additionally, you also need not worry about the quality of the fabric because all our outfits are made with the best of materials. Even when it comes to the sizes, we have all sizes available for all outfits.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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