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Sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture. This particular piece of attire always makes for a lasting style statement. Women these days prefer to wear Indo-western attires for weddings and festivals but sarees still look more impactful. These days many different varieties are available in sarees. Apart from the heavy borders and embroideries, sarees are now available in unique prints too. Wearing an Indian saree is not effortless it requires a good draping technique. Moreover, one has to style the saree properly depending on its colour and pattern. Blouse pattern also plays a crucial role in completing the saree look. Though traditional gowns and floor-length kurtas have been in fashion, sarees are timeless. For other traditional dresses, women need to consider their body shape and size but sarees are extremely flexible because women of all body types can wear it with élan. Sarees come in several fabrics and all the materials have their unique texture. Also, the work on the saree depends on the fabric. Not all fabrics can sustain all kinds of embellishments and prints so it is necessary to choose the fabric carefully. Along with the saree and the blouse, it is also essential to focus on the underskirt. Traditional Indian sarees are clubbed in several categories based on their origin. Initially, sarees were considered to be traditional but nowadays many modern forms of sarees are in trend. Designer sarees are not just contemporary in their vibe they are also unique in terms of colour combination and prints. Bollywood actresses also don sarees for award functions and other important occasions. It is easy to buy Indian sarees online with several shopping platforms at your service. Here are some trendy saree patterns which are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

  • Ruffle Saree

Traditional Indian sarees are always filled with prints and embroideries but if you want to add some newness to your look then you should definitely go for ruffle sarees. Ruffles on sarees not only look unique but they also give out an Indo-western vibe. Make sure you design your blouse carefully for this saree style. Also, opt for a proper underskirt which blends with the colour of the saree.

  • Saree with a Patched Floral Embroidery

Floral sarees are much in fashion these days. However, instead of opting for a mundane floral print you can go for a patched floral embroidery too. For this saree pattern, opt for impactful colours like dark blue, dark pink, black, maroon, etc. The floral embroidery needs to be of contrasting hues! Team up this saree with statement earrings and a bracelet!

  • Saree with Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari is a handmade traditional form of embroidery which is delicate and detailed. Sarees with Chikankari embroidery look extremely classy because they are simple and fashionable at the same time. Moreover, such sarees also look different as compared to others. When you go for this saree type make sure you opt for light shades like peach, mint green, light pink and beige. The blouse of this saree can also be of a contrasting shade. Team up this saree with pearl accessories and you will definitely become a trendsetter.

  • Saree with Contrast Hues

Sarees having contrasting hues are extremely trendy. Women who want to experiment can go for this saree pattern. It is quite tricky to pull off this saree style because of the different hues. The blouse pattern for this saree has to be impactful because the overall saree needs to look contemporary. With this saree style, you will need to be extra careful about the underskirt. Sarees with contrast hues look ideal for events like cocktail parties, engagement parties, sangeet ceremonies, etc. The best colours for this saree are blue, beige, green, peach, ivory and grey.

Well, just selecting the right saree is not enough you also need to concentrate on other elements if you want to do justice to the overall look. Check out how you can style your Indian saree with ease.

  • Opt for a Unique Blouse Pattern

Even a simple traditional saree can look fashionable if you wear it with a trendy blouse. Several unique blouse patterns are now available like cape sleeves blouse, boat neck blouse, blouse with ruffled sleeves, bell sleeves blouse, etc. Try and go for different patterns and you will definitely make a mark! Moreover, one can also opt for different tones to give the blouse a unique look.

  • Drape it Differently

One needs to drape a saree correctly when it comes to perfecting a saree look. Most women opt for the same draping style and that can make the overall look boring. If you want to give your saree a new look then opt for a different draping style. Make sure you pin up the pleats right to avoid any hassle. The saree needs to be pinned correctly and the pins shouldn’t be too obvious. Draping a saree right can accentuate the whole look.

  • Add a Clutch

These days most women carry a clutch with Indian outfits. Sarees are no different! It is always better to carry a clutch with a saree to enhance the overall look. Nowadays you can opt for traditional clutches in the tones of metal, gold and silver. See to it that the tone of the clutch matches with your saree completely.

  • Go for a Belt

Adding a belt to an Indian saree works wonders because it changes the look of the whole saree. Moreover, if you want to flaunt your curves you can definitely add a belt. These days sarees are readily available with a belt.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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