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India is a home to several traditional textiles. Every traditional Indian outfit has an interesting history which increases its cultural value. One of the most popular traditional Indian attires is saree. Saree is well-known all over the globe for its uniqueness. Moreover, this particular attire is no longer only termed as a traditional looking outfit it is also labelled as the most sensuous looking attire for women. There are numerous saree varieties in India like Paithani, Banarasi, Bandhani, Chanderi, etc. All these stated saree types have a peculiar pattern and style for which they are known. Paithani saree is one of the most popular saree types. This particular saree is a part of the Maharashtrian culture. Paithani sarees have a long history which dates back to the Satvahana Dynasty. The art of making Paithani sarees is almost 2000 years old. Known for its royal look, Paithani sarees are widely worn even today. It is a known fact that even the Nizam of Hyderabad was impressed by Paithani sarees.

Paithani sarees are easily available online too. You can get several colour variations in Paithani sarees online. Shopping for sarees online is a relief because you don’t have to waste time roaming from outlet to outlet. Moreover, online shopping platforms also have several festive offers and discounts! A Paithani saree is usually worn for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, festivals, etc. This amazing attire is known for its vibrant colours and rich fabric. These sarees are unique because of their weaving technique. The saree is weaved with golden or silver threads and is a complex process. Paithani sarees are made from pure silk which makes them all the more impactful. It is necessary to distinguish between a fake Paithani saree and a real one. People who are not aware of the characteristics of a real Paithani saree should take into account the following factors before investing in the same.

  • If you are looking out for a genuine Paithani saree then it is usually hand-woven. This means that no two sarees can be identical to one another. Even if the pattern on the saree is the same there is bound to be some difference because the sarees are hand-woven.
  • A real and a genuine traditional Indian Paithani saree is usually available only in basic hues because natural dyes are used for the prints. However, these days machine-made Paithani sarees are also available which come in a variety of colours and shades. But if you want to invest in a real Paithani saree then it is best to go for the ones which are made using natural dyes.
  • Creating a typical Paithani saree usually takes anywhere between a month to a year depending on the pattern and the design. Machine made sarees are instantly available because they take lesser time as compared to hand-woven sarees.
  • The surface of a genuine Paithani saree is even and is uniform in its weave. There is absolutely no difference in the texture if the saree is a real Paithani. The thread used should be same all across the saree.

When it comes to wearing a traditional Indian saree draping also plays a very important role. The patterns in a Paithani saree are closely related to nature and all the elements in this saree somewhere resemble the same. Peacock motifs are very peculiar in Paithani sarees, especially on the border. The reason why there is a peacock motif on most Paithani sarees is that peacock resembles beauty, elegance and royalty. It is important to take care of the Paithani sarees because these sarees are quite delicate. Here are some tips to take care of your traditional Indian saree.

  • If you are not wearing your Paithani saree regularly and are donning it only for special occasions then once in a while spread the saree on a dry base and let it breathe. This should be done in every three months.
  • It is important to change the folds of the saree too. If your saree is lying unused for a long period of time then it is necessary to change the folds of the saree after regular intervals.
  • Don’t use extremely high temperatures when ironing your Paithani saree because that can damage the weave and the finish of the saree. Put a cotton cloth over the saree and then iron the saree.
  • It is better if you don’t expose your saree to direct sunlight because that can damage it. Moreover, even while washing it see to it that you are using a mild cleaning detergent. Using harsh chemicals can make the colours of the saree bleed.

Paithani sarees look perfect for weddings and festivals. Though these sarees are impactful enough on their own, they need some sort of styling. Here are some tips which will help you look perfect in a Paithani saree.

  • Don’t Forget to Apply Lipstick

Paithani sarees are usually preferred in primary colours which makes them look vibrant. When you wear a Paithani saree it is best to apply a bit of makeup too. Make sure you apply a dark lip shade because that will enhance the overall look. Choose from the shades of maroon, brown and plum.

  • Go for a Proper Hairdo

Unlike other sarees, Paithani sarees can look quite formal in their vibe. It is recommended that you go for a proper hairdo when wearing a Paithani saree because that will complement the overall look. You can go for hairstyles like a classic bun, messy bun, high ponytail, soft curls, etc.

  • Add a Statement Jewellery

Every Indian attire is incomplete without the inclusion of jewellery. When you don a Paithani saree make sure you add a statement jewellery to your look. You can wear earrings, nose ring, bangles or a fine necklace to enhance the overall look.

  • Match your Saree with Proper Footwear

Traditional Indian saree needs to be worn with proper footwear. Team up your saree with ethnic footwear like mojris, sandals, Kolhapuris, etc.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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