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Narayanpet sarees of Andhra Pradesh are made from cotton as well as silk. This traditional outfit is part of a unique genre of saree that has the composition of the best fabrics. Undeniably, the look of this south Indian traditional saree is completely different from all other sorts of sarees. The border and pallu of this saree offer an ethnic touch to the outfit, and the intricate patterns on the attire make for a look that is the epitome of tradition. Since the beauty of south Indian sarees are well known, they certainly manage to enhance the charm of the wear, merging wonderfully with their feminine beauty.

The excellence of Indian embroideries and exquisite designing of the pallu and border of the narayanpet saree completes the entire look of the saree. The pallu of this south Indian saree is beautified with inimitable red and white borders, where the border has the flat expanse of deep maroon red or chocolate red finely disjoined with white or colored lines. These sarees also come in contrasting colors with delicate pallus and light borders. Basically, they are available in two different fabrics – silk and cotton.

Narayanpet silk sarees are enhanced with contrasted borders and contrasted pallus with small zari designs which are similar to Ilkal sarees. Its light weight makes it different from other forms of silk sarees. Narayanpet cotton sarees have the contrasted weaving work in its body and have checked patterns all over it. Below, we offer you a few tips to make your ensemble chic and stylish:

What to add as Enhancers to your Narayanpet Sarees?

South Indian sarees are the epitome of traditional Indian wear with the designs and patterns that grace the fabric most commonly worn. With a monochrome shade of saree that a bright and contrasting border, choosing the right accessories in shade and style is vital to ensure that you don’t spoil the entire look or fall short of making a great impression. Doing everything in moderation yet elegantly is the key to pulling off a South Indian look flawlessly in a Narayanpet saree. Here are some ways to augment your look further:

  • Neckpieces

To match the traditional essence of the Narayanpet saree, a beautiful neckpiece in gold is one that is opted for the most by people who lean towards sarees as their go-to option. Kundan jewelry is another addition to the list of sparkly items that go well with a saree. You can choose a jewelry with stoned that match the shade of the saree border or blouse in hue to make sure you don’t go overboard. The more contrast there is, the better the overall look would be.

  • Hair accessories

The best add-on to your hair when you have on a beautiful South Indian saree is fresh flower garlands. Fragrant hair accessories certainly make a better option that jewelry that would add more sparkle that necessary for those who wish to flaunt a simple look. Tying your hair up in a bun and gracing it with a fragrant garland is the best way to enhance your look in the simplest way possible. On the other hand, you can always opt for a maang tikka along with a garland to grace your head for a lovely blend of the two. This will also ensure that your crown is beautifully accessorized to add more elegance to your outfit.

  • Hand accessories

The next on the list of accessories to go with your South Indian saree are accessories for your hand. From a gorgeous armlet that adds a certain appeal to your arm to wrist bangles and bracelets, you can have a lot going for yourself by choosing the right jewels. From kundan or pearl bangles to real gold jewelry you can make a great impression on your overall ensemble with any of these choices. And to top it off, a few sparkly rings gracing your fingers are sure to take the beauty up a notch, provided these blend beautifully with your outfit and manage to give off a wave of elegance every time you move your hand to allow the jewels to glint in the limelight.

  • Waist accessories

Like your hair and your hands, a little bling on the waist is another tradition followed by South Indians that is flaunted well with their traditional saree. A kamarpatta makes for the perfect accessory to be secured around the waist over the saree, both emphasizing the curve of your waist and being comfortable. Another accessory that can adorn your waist is an attractive hook that has your keys hanging from them. A look that became popular with women flaunting it on-screen, it is certainly one that can be carried off well while adding a certain grace to your ensemble.

  • Feet accessories

If you are planning on being covered in accessories and jewelry from head to toe, you certainly cannot forget to add foot accessories to the mix. A lovely payal that announces your presence with every step you take is one that is perfect if you are considering adorning your feet as well. And if you’d rather not wear a payal, you can always go for a simpler look by wearing footwear that has attractive patterns and swirls blending with your outfit.

Where to Buy the Best South Indian Saree Collection?

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