Stay Comfortable with Regular Ethnic Kurta Pajama for Men

Regular wear clothing ought to be comfortable and it gets even better when your clothing reflects the ethnic touch. Most people consider T-shirts and denims to be the most comfortable outfits to be worn throughout the day.  However, kurta pajamas are certainly the best sort of Indian men’s clothing that are comfortable and light to wear. While western wear does the trick as well if comfort is the feature that one is looking for the flexibility that one can enjoy in a loose-fitted kurta is much more than a shirt or even a T-shirt can offer. With regular wear kurta pajamas available in most stores online, especially the collection at Nihal Fashions, you certainly needn’t go overboard trying to head to various stores to get your pick.

Here’s how we suggest you style your kurta pajama to stay comfortable and chic at the same time:

How to Style your Casual Outfit without going Overboard?

Kurta pajamas are often worn by men only during important functions. However, one can also flaunt this number on a daily basis by wearing regular wear kurta pajamas that are made from materials more suited for everyday use. Here’s how you must style or choose your kurta pajama for everyday wear:

  • Choose the right materials

If you intend to wear the outfit every day, you need to avoid materials that are made for celebrations such as silks, georgettes, etc. The best material to opt for if you plan to wear your kurta pajamas every day is cotton. Linen is another fabric that can be worn on a daily basis without spoiling the look of the outfit or damaging the fabric. Be it summers, monsoon, autumn, or fall, you can flaunt a cotton or linen kurta pajama while heading to work or on a day off and still stay casual.

  • Choose comfortable footwear

If there is anything that could be worse than wearing uncomfortable outfits, it is uncomfortable footwear. As men, you have a lot of options to look at and choose from when wearing western outfits. With Indian war, however, your choices may become limited to a few that you can decide from based on the occasion. If you are used to flaunting kurta pajamas in your office every day, you can invest in good mojdis that are soft and comfortable to be worn every day. Since most offices have dress codes when it comes to footwear, you can decide on one that follows the rules set by your company while still matching your outfit splendidly.

  • Opt for short kurtas

Instead of flaunting long kurtas with your pajamas like you usually do, opt for shorter kurtas for regular use. You can hardly roam about town dressed in a kurta if you wish to remain low-key and want your outfit to be casual. Short kurtas, on the other hand, are more stylish with a twist of the west that make it look more like a trendy wear. A cross between a shirt and a kurta, shorter kurtas can be paired with anything and allow the wearer to stay both comfortable and stylish throughout.

  • Pair kurtas with regular pants

This is certainly an idea most men can get behind. Pajamas while flexible, aren’t always the fun attire they are made out to be. If you are planning to wear kurta pajamas as regular outfits, you may as well keep at least one factor in your overall ensemble ‘regular’. So, instead of flaunting a pajama with your kurta, you just need to wear your regular jeans, corduroys or daily wear pants and trousers to make the ensemble look as casual as can be without making it look like you’ve tried too hard to match. Cigarette pants work equally well as a substitute for pajamas.

  • Steer clear of jewelry or accessories

Where we often suggest flaunting accessories with your kurta pajama to amp up the style quotient, you can steer clear of those on a casual wear kurta pajama. Simply don your regular kurtas with the bottoms of your choice and your most comfortable footwear to make up the outfit of the day. If you’re someone who loves jewelry and prefer to wear one even on a casual day, you can always choose to wear gemstone bracelets that play peek-a-boo with the wrist of your kurta. You can also choose to flaunt stainless steel chains if you are into jewelry. This can be worn even when you don’t have a kurta pajama on.

All of the above tips can help you keep your kurta pajama look simple yet elegant for a casual day outing. You can even try this look for work every day if you love flaunting your ethnic roots.

Where to Buy the Regular Ethnic Kurta Pajama for Men?

If you are looking for the right place to shop for casual wear kurta pajamas, Nihal Fashions definitely doesn’t disappoint. Every specification, every need for Indian wear is satiated at Nihal Fashions. We offer a great quality of fabrics, subtle designs and enormous range of colors in Men’s Kurta Pajama. In the line of fabrics, we have easy to care for fabrics like cotton, linen, art silk, jacquard, and brocade. And these Kurta pajamas for men are designed with light Indian embroideries and subtle embellishment for the classy and regal look while still managing to keep it simple. With subtle designs on it, you can wear it every single day without looking out of place like you would if you chose to wear a heavily-embellished one.

Nihal Fashions has the numerous ranges of colors like Black, White, Blue, Maroon and other bold shades to choose from for those who love to shop by color. We have a special line of regular Kurta Pajama in white or light hues which are blended with sophisticated embroideries. Do check out the multifarious collection of comfortable as well as classy pieces of Men’s Kurta Pajama at Nihal Fashions to stock up your wardrobes with this season.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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