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A beautiful material that is soft and wispy, the brasso fabric is one that is revered by women when it comes to choosing saree fabrics. One among the most sought-after fabrics by women, you can find a number of ways to style the brasso sarees you purchase from Nihal Fashions right:

Ways to Add more Elegance to your Saree

Apart from being a fabric that is adored by all, there are numerous ways that one can add more glamor to how they look while draped in a saree. Here are some ways you can add more elegance to your brasso sarees.

  • Styling of the Blouse

Unlike the simple blouses flaunted by women earlier, opting for newer styles that are chic and bold can take your fashion quotient up a notch. From sheer embellished blouses to tube ones, you can go from subtle to eye-catching, depending on how comfortable you are with the trending styles.

  • Embellishing of the Saree

Another splendid way to adding elegance to your sarees is having them embellished with lovely bead work, zari work, etc. However, this can make the saree exceptionally heavy to carry and may cause you to slow down. So, make sure you choose the right occasion to flaunt these.

  • Choosing the Right Colors

The right color can also make a world of difference in how impressive you manage to look. Whether you love brighter shades or have the ability to rock subtle colors, you can find one that is sure to look the best on you.

How to Flaunt Jewelry with your Brasso Saree?

An Indian traditional clothing sure looks more elegant paired with accessories to match. Your lovely brasso saree can be adorned even more with the gorgeous accessories that augment the overall look further.

  • Opt for Pearls or Beads

One great move when flaunting a brasso saree is wearing pearls or beads rather than your usual collection of jewelry. The sheen of the pearls and beads against the vibrancy of the saree can bring out a hue in both the saree and the jewelry that would augment the beauty of the outfit further.

  • Wear Chunky Ear Pieces

Studs and other kind of earrings that can hide behind a lock of your hair is hardly worth wearing if it isn’t seen. Going for chaandbaalis or jhumkas is a much better choice. Chunky earpieces make for much better jewelry options when flaunting Indian wear than smaller ones. You can even try to pair the outfit with dangling earpieces that are sparkly and eye-catching.

  • Opt for Rings that Show

Rings are yet another jewelry item that one must wear when wearing a traditional Indian saree. With the kind of experiments one can do with a brasso saree, wearing rings that show is a better choice than ones that barely add to the beauty of the ensemble.

  • Flaunt Wrist Accessories

Apart from adorning your fingers with cocktail rings and more, make sure you don’t leave your wrists empty. Glass bangles work best when you have on a saree. For those who would rather not wear glass bangles, metal bracelets and bangles can also be worn as substitutes. In most cases, these fare much better with sarees than the usual wrist accessories.

  • Armlets are Never a Bad Decision

Move over, boring arms! Armlets are here to stay. For those who aren’t as into wrist accessories, a single band around the arm that is exquisite to behold can amp up the look of the entire ensemble to a great extent. Instead of several bangles and bracelets, opt for a chunky armlet that is catchy and classy.

  • Adorn your Ankles with Anklets

If you are dolling everything up, why leave your ankles without an accessory? Payals, or anklets as they are more often known as, are the perfect adornments for one’s feet apart from the right footwear.

How to Maintain your Saree?

Sarees require a lot of maintenance, from wearing and washing it to ironing and storing it once you are done flaunting it at an event. Here are a few tips for you to follow in order to keep your brasso sarees in the best of conditions:

  • Wash it with Care

When washing a saree, make sure you use the right kind of soap that isn’t too harsh on the fabric. Mild soaps work best when washing a saree with a fabric such as brasso. Make sure you use as little soap as needed and wash the fabric gently to avoid tears or possible creases.

  • Avoid Wringing the Fabric

Once washed, remember to hang the saree up to dry rather than letting it tumble dry. Also, avoid wringing it to remove all the water out. This could lead to creases or the fabric stretching beyond repair. Instead, hang the outfit to dry and the excess water drip off on its own.

  • Iron on Low Heat

If you intend to iron your brasso sarees, make sure the iron is kept on low heat. Iron stains can totally ruin your outfit and make it look worse for wear. One way to avoid this is placing a cotton cloth or a piece of paper between the iron and the saree. You must also make sure to choose the right settings on the iron by selecting the settings for the cloth material you are on the verge of ironing.

  • Store It

Apart from wearing it right and taking as much care of it while cleaning the fabric, storing your brasso sarees with utmost care is equally vital. Instead of having it folded and tucked neatly into your wardrobe, be sure to wrap a cloth thick around it that is thick enough to prevent dust from entering within.

All in all, along with adding glamor to your look and maintaining the sarees you purchase, buying one that is worth the while is equally important. Nihal Fashions offers a collection that is excellent in quality and exquisite in every way.

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.

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