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Movies have inspired a lot of fashion trends be it western wear or ethnic attires. Women take a lot of cues from Bollywood films when it comes to trying new patterns in traditional wear. Initially, traditional Indian wear was termed typical but nowadays it comes in various contemporary styles too. Sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture and they are still the most preferred attires for weddings and festivals. This unstitched piece of cloth is elegant looking and full of grace. Sarees can be worn for all occasions and events and depending on the need of the function you can select its pattern and design. These days designer sarees are also available online. Initially, ethnic sarees were only classified based on their pattern but nowadays they are also grouped according to their style. Bollywood sarees are much in vogue these days. Draping is the most important thing in a saree. Women nowadays are ready to experiment when it comes to sarees too. Though Indian sarees are worn by every woman, one needs to carry the same with élan. A saree looks magnificent only if it is draped correctly. Apart from being a traditional attire, sarees are now considered trendy too. The connection between sarees and Hindi movies has always been interesting. Most saree trends have reached the masses through films. Be it colour combinations or draping styles, Bollywood has been very influential when it comes to fashion. Sarees also have many variations these days like gown saree, pant style saree, etc. One can get fabulous Bollywood sarees online too. Purchasing sarees online is hassle-free because you don’t need to roam from one outlet to another in search of that perfect saree. Here are some Bollywood inspired sarees which can be worn for wedding occasions and festivals.

  • Net Saree with a Floral Blouse

Net sarees are easy to carry because they are light in weight and can sustain many embellishments. A net saree with a heavy border can work wonders for all functions. You can team up this Indian saree with a floral blouse. The saree here can be of a neutral tone whereas the blouse can be vibrant with a combination of bright colours. You can experiment with the neck pattern and the sleeve pattern of the blouse in order to give some newness to the overall look.

  • Crop Top with a Saree

Typical blouse patterns can get too mundane sometimes. If you want to go for a comfortable blouse then you can also opt for a pretty crop top. These days crop tops can also be worn with a saree. However, make sure the saree is a bit contemporary in its look because only then will a crop top look suitable.

  • Cotton Saree with a Boat Neck Blouse

Cotton sarees are perfect for summer events. This fabric is easy to carry and maintain too. Cotton sarees are usually filled with bold or minimal prints. These sarees can look too boring if not teamed up with a stylish blouse. Try and go for a modern blouse pattern like a boat neck blouse. You can also try a contrast coloured blouse for a cotton saree. Go for colours like blue, beige and red when it comes to cotton sarees.

  • Kanjeevaram Saree with a Matching Blouse

Kanjeevaram sarees are extremely traditional looking and usually have a touch of gold. Made of silk, Kanjeevaram sarees look rich and elegant by all means. These sarees are ideal for weddings and important events. It is best to go for a matching blouse with this saree instead of opting for contrast hues.

  • Sarees with a Belt

Bollywood actresses are known for adding stylish elements to sarees. These days belts are also added to a saree to give it a modern look. The saree needs to be a bit simple so that the belt does not get overshadowed by the pattern and design. Team up your saree with a belt if you want to flaunt your physique. However, if you are on the heavier side you can avoid the belt!

Bollywood sarees are not only different in terms of their pattern they are also unique in their colour scheme. Here are unique colour schemes which are present in Bollywood sarees.

  • Monochrome Saree

Monochrome sarees are simple yet stylish. The combination of black and white in a saree is a classic one. This kind of saree can be worn for wedding receptions, sangeet ceremonies, engagement parties, etc.

  • Blush Pink with Silver

The combination of blush pink and silver is very modern and stylish. These two colours blend amazingly well with one another. The blouse here can be heavily embroidered or embellished depending on the saree.

  • Grey and Pink

A grey coloured saree can be teamed up with a pink blouse. The saree here needs to have a heavy border or good amount of embellishments. Combine this saree with a pink halter neck blouse and you are good to go. You can experiment with different neck patterns and sleeve patterns when it comes to this saree style.

Bollywood sarees need to be draped correctly. Additionally, also keep in mind your comfort level before opting for a unique saree style. Take a look at some useful tips which will enhance the look of your saree.

  • Choose Proper Footwear

In order to carry the saree with grace, one has to maintain a proper posture too. Select proper footwear when you wear a saree because the length of the saree needs to match with the same. The fall of the saree should not be short or too long.

  • Select the Right Underskirt

The underskirt needs to blend perfectly well with the saree. Make sure the underskirt is properly tied at the waist otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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