Indian Traditional Dress for Men – The Ultimate Fashion Guide

India is a culturally diverse nation bifurcated into numerous ethnic groups, each with unique food, festivals, and clothing identities. The Asian subcontinent, recognized for its vibrant and dynamic picturesque landscapes, is home to an equally colorful population. Consequently, the vibrancy is aptly reflected in Indian traditional dress for men, their festivals, and celebrations.

The choice of colors for extravagant designs exemplifies the artistic brilliance of the country’s artisans, designers, and fashion experts. In fact, Indian fashion, be it ethnic wear for men or fusion styles, truly expresses the high-spirited culture and beauty of the country.

India’s fashion also has quite a rich history to narrate. Having witnessed a rich evolution trajectory, the industry has outgrown the atypical traditional dress for men to a contemporary fusion style that captivated the whole world. Today, Indian outfits are matched with quirky styles to compliment the current global fluid fashion trend.

The Indian Ethnic Wear – From Binary to Gender Fluidity

In a literal sense, Indian fashion breathed its first in the 1980s. However, the major turnaround came in the 1990s following the economic boom and exposure to global fashion. Since then, indigenous designers worked relentlessly to give the country’s diverse fashion a strong identity of its own.

Today, the worldwide acknowledgment of traditional Indian outfits has placed the native fashion industry on a solid pedestal. Other nations are embracing our indigenous designs and blending them with contemporary styles to give Indian traditional clothing for men global recognition. From binary to gender fashion fluidity, every new fashion trend carries a hint of our complex yet divine artisanal brilliance.

Traditional Indian Clothing – How Indian Men Dress Up

Indian fashion is all about bright colors, intricate embroidery, and lots of drama to create a significant impact, regardless of the occasion or festival. Indian men know how to flaunt their unique style statements. And Indian men’s clothing makes up the other dimension of the country’s fashion industry, with a trove of diverse designs and items to choose from.

Let’s dive deeper into each category of Indian wear for men.

Indian Ethnic Wear for Men

Ethnic wear is fundamental to Indian culture, highlighting the rich heritage of our country’s artisans, weavers, and craftsmen. Being a significant aspect of traditional Indian outfits, ethnic wear is often the choicest attire for men for every occasion, festival, or celebration. And this category offers an entire range for men to select and explore.

1. Sherwani

Designer Sherwani for men is known for its intricate embroidery, rich color, and fabric finesse that screams royalty from each button to every thread. Be it a wedding or a festival, sherwanis remain the favorite wardrobe item for many.

2. Bandhgal

Men often flaunt a stylish jacket atop their kurta. These formal yet traditional jackets, also known as Jodhpuri suits, compliment the kurta-pajama outfit and add that extra drama to the overall look. They also come in various shades, with minimal to extravagant embellishments, embroidery to a royal, formal version. Bandhgala can be paired with suitable pajamas or churidar pants as well.

3. Dhoti Kurta

The traditional Indian men’s clothing will be incomplete without including dhoti and kurta. This outfit has emerged from a typical white/pale cotton dhoti to pure silk ones in various shades. It can be flaunted either in Bengali style or Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam way. Nothing can beat the quintessential look of a dhoti kurta.

Indian Festive Wear for Men

Traditional Indian Men’s Clothing is an ode to our traditions, and our men love to honor that with their choice of outfits. And the vibrant festivals are the ideal occasions to showcase their style statements. Today, men’s festive wear has transformed into more trendy and unique styles, colors, and designs. These fashionable outfits can best match each mood and every moment regardless of the occasion or the festival. One can also experiment with an array of fabrics, silk, brocade, velvet, and a lot more.

1. Trendy Achkan

Achkans are made from high-quality fabric, meticulously woven to give a unique and rich look during all events. Breathable material is used for comfortable wear while maintaining a classy look at weddings and festivals.

2. Kurta Bundi Set

Kurta Bundi set is a bespoke traditional outfit for Indian men suitable for every occasion, from festive gatherings and wedding ceremonies to anniversaries and various other intimate family functions. There’s a whole range of styles and trends waiting to be discovered.

3. Traditional Sherwani

Trendy sherwanis with minimal designs are apt for a suave style, ensuring a captivating presence for every event. The intricate designs, rich fabric, and vibrant colors will leave you asking for more options.

Wedding Kurta Pajamas for Men

The wedding season can be exciting but hectic. However, there’s no excuse for ignoring your wardrobe. Whether you are the groom or the best man, your attire for each function requires close attention and detailed work to outshine others in the gathering. And for that, options are numerous, from a simple wedding kurta to an ornately designed sherwani, hand-woven embroidery, to rich embellishments. Match the attire with fitting bottoms and shoes to complete the ultimate wedding look.

1. Sherwani

When it’s the wedding season, Sherwani should top the list of your choicest outfits, especially if you are the groom himself. Nothing can beat exquisite apparel; right from the detailed artwork to the fabric and the rich color, a sherwani truly epitomizes royalty.

2. Kurta Pajama

An essential Indian wear for men, Kurta Pajama is comfort outfit, even for a wedding occasion. For other functions, like Haldi and Sangeet, a Kurta Pajama is literally the ideal one, especially for its breathable fabric, elegant yet simple finish, and rich color choices.

3. Bandhgala

Originating in Jodhpur city and popularized during the mid-19th – mid-20th century, this classic attire is considered a formal suit from India. Also known as the Jodhpuri suit, Bandhgala was also favored by Rajputs and other royals of the country. Therefore, a complete regal look can be achieved when Bandhgala is well-paired with stylish bottoms, shoes, and appropriate accessories. Like Sherwanis, Bandhgalas are also widely loved by would-be bridegrooms of India.

4. Bundi and Nehru Jacket

Nehru and Bundi jackets are timeless, adding a classic statement to your overall wedding look. From brocade to metallic buttons, lilac hues to delicate embroidery, and surplice to mandarin collars, these jackets are a perfect silhouette for any function, oozing with the classic Indian essence. Tune the outfit with brooches or pocket squares for a refined finish.

5. Mojari

Mojaris or Juttis have carved a prominent place in the shelves for men’s Indian clothing USA. These pair of shoes aptly complement a royal look of a classic Sherwani or a traditional Bandhgala. Even a simple kurta pajama outfit styled with a Bundi jacket will look chic when paired with Mojari. These fashionable yet classic shoes are a must for the wedding season.

6. Accessories

Not just mojaris, leather shoes or loafers are also paired with Indian ethnic wear for men, especially for wedding functions. Complete the look with a stylish gold crystal studded or an ivory quadrant crystal brooch and reflect the aura of royalty in every function.

Party Wear Kurta Pajamas for Men

Ethnic Indian men’s clothing is also apt for the glitz and glamor of a party. With the support of proper accessories, a traditional outfit can be customized into flamboyant party attire. One can stand out in the crowd wearing a kurta over a pair of regular jeans or a Jodhpuri jacket atop raw silk dhoti pants. Style an Indian traditional outfit with matching pair of bottoms, shoes, and a jacket, and no one can beat the unique style…guaranteed!

1. Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajama is a timeless Indian ethnic wear best suited for a chic party look. Long, loose-fitting shirt kurtas with side slits and a round neck, styled with loose trouser-shaped pajamas, jeans, or churidar pants, will enhance your fashionable outlook for any formal occasion.

2. Sherwani

A Sherwani is apt for any occasion, be it a formal party or a wedding ceremony. This traditional Indian dress for men, woven in rich fabrics like silk, brocade, velvet, or cotton and well-paired with appropriate bottoms, shoes, and accessories, can easily award you a plus point.

3. Nehru Jacket

The Nehru Jacket is often worn over a simple kurta to give the look a formal touch and can easily match the party vibe. This single-breasted jacket with a mandarin collar creates a classic finish to the Indian traditional wear for men.

4. Bandhgala

The Bandhgala or the Jodhpuri suit offers a classic finish if you wish to go overboard with your party wear. However, you cannot be wrong with your appearance when decked up in the rich fabric and intricate handwork, well styled with exquisite mojis, leather shoes, or loafers. This will definitely go down as one of the classic styles for any formal occasion.

5. Indo-Western Kurta for Men

Indian fashion has already carved a niche in the Western fashion industry, and the designers are experimenting with fusion styles to give the Indo-Western genre a new dimension. The harmonious amalgamation of Indian traditional wear and British formal outfits have enabled men around the world to be unapologetically fashionable, irrespective of the occasion or the moment.

6. Indo-Western Bandhgala

The pristine Bandhgala suit gets a typical royal and classy finish when fine-tuned with Western formal style. The single-toned, well-cut, and tailored suit reflects elegance and masculinity in every sense.

7. Royal Indo-Western Silhouette

A well-tailored Galabandh suit in classic black or pastel hues oozes masculinity, adding a fashionable touch to the entire appearance. Pair it with leather shoes to look effortlessly regal and elegant.

Unique Black KurtaIndian classic kurta gets a different look with a free fall, asymmetrical hem, and band or wing tip collar. Pair it with an appropriate bottom and gold brooch accessory to appear fashionable, trendy, and classy at the same time.

8. Off Blazer and Dhotis

A double-buttoned Jodhpuri coat in royal blue or maroon hues can be well styled with a silk dhoti to give a fashionable look, especially if you are up for a bold experiment.

Casual Kurta Pajamas for Men

For a casual outlook, kurta pajamas in vibrant colors and cotton fabric are the best ones. You cannot go overboard with your everyday look, but this traditional outfit can definitely be a breathing change from regular jeans and t-shirts. From white to pastel colors, black to more vibrant hues, and cotton to sequinned fabric, casual kurtas look incredibly stylish when paired with fitting bottoms and appropriate shoes.


Traditional Indian outfits offer a trove of options to choose from, experiment, and style with, regardless of the occasion. So, it’s time you give your wardrobe a complete redo. Check out the unique collection from Nihal Fashion and buy Indian men clothing online from the comfort of your home.

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