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Choosing the right trousseau for a wedding can be the most difficult task for a bride. Generally, brides start hunting for their wedding attire well in advance. But with the innumerable options available to them nowadays, finalizing one outfit can be quite tough. Every year even bridal outfits undergo a massive change in their trends. Earlier, red was regarded as a must-have colour for bridal attires but these days even pastel shades are worn for the D-day. The newest trend in bridal outfits is lehenga style sarees.  This outfit is amazingly interesting and unique because it is a perfect blend of lehenga and saree. The appearance of this outfit is more like a saree but instead of the typical pleats and blouse, it consists of a lehenga and a choli. For women, this particular garment is a wedding must-have. Usually, this outfit is worn for wedding occasions because it is heavy-laden with embellishments and embroidery but its lighter versions are worn for sangeet ceremonies and engagement ceremonies too. This fusion is fashionable to the core because it is available in a variety of colours and patterns. The most important element in this outfit is the dupatta. For women who do not know who to drape a saree right, this attire is perfect. You can get fabulous sarees style lehengas online too. Lehenga sarees are not just extremely pretty looking but they are also comfortable to carry as compared to a saree. For women who are not confident about pining up a saree right, this outfit can come as a relief. This attire is worn by a lot of brides too because it is flexible in terms of styling. Here are some useful tips to buy the right lehenga style sarees.

  • Check the Fabric

Lehengas are usually made up of heavy and rich fabrics. The elegance of a lehenga is surely unmatchable but its essence can go away if you are not comfortable in the trousseau. A lehenga saree is bound to have many works and embellishments because it is a wedding outfit and due to the same its material can be a bit thick. See to it that you are able to manage with the material of the outfit before selecting it. Well, it is always better to check the time of the event and the weather before going for a particular fabric. For instance, a velvet based lehenga is a strict no for a summer wedding whereas a chiffon based lehenga is perfect for humid weathers too.

  • Know about the Flare

Though a lehenga saree looks like a saree, its lehenga is bound to have a cut and a style. Most women love flares and are often disappointed when the flare of the lehenga is not as good as they had expected it to be. Make sure you know the style of your lehenga and its pattern. Even in lehengas there are several cuts like fishtail lehenga, flared lehenga, trail lehenga, etc. Every lehenga style has its own charm but might require a different draping style.

  • Selecting the Lehenga Saree as per your body type

Not every woman has an hourglass figure and hence it is necessary to choose an outfit which complements your body. Make sure you drape the saree lehenga right because that can influence the way the outfit looks on you. Likewise, see to it that the colour you choose for your lehenga goes with your skin tone.

  • Maintenance of the Outfit

Lehenga sarees need a bit of maintenance because they are full of embellishments and work. When you buy your outfit it is best to ask about its maintenance and cleaning. Heavy attires do not need regular cleaning but once you have worn an outfit it may contain a bit of sweat and dust. In order to keep the outfit clean, it is recommended that you don’t go for harsh cleaners because that can ruin the finish of the attire and can also weaken the works. Sometimes when you wash such attires in a vigorous manner their colour also tends to bleed.

Draping plays a very important role in lehenga sarees. It can be rightly said that the dupatta is the main highlight in this outfit. Here are some tips for you to look flawless in a lehenga style saree.

  • Opt for colour Blocking

Colour blocking is very much in right now. Instead of opting for a lehenga saree which has the same tone all over you can opt for the colour block technique. Choose a contrast coloured dupatta for your lehenga and drape it in a saree style. This way you will not only add newness to your outfit but will also look fashionable. If you are unsure about which colour to opt for try teaming up a floral dupatta with your lehenga!

  • Choose a unique Blouse

Don’t just focus on your lehenga and dupatta, the blouse also needs equal attention. The one thing that can influence the look of your overall attire is the blouse and it’s fitting. Drop the boring blouse patterns and instead opt for unique styles like cold-shoulder blouses, blouses with cape sleeves, etc. You can also add pretty tassels to your blouse to make it look contemporary.

  • Don’t forget the Accessories

Traditional attires are incomplete without proper accessories. Though lehenga style sarees are quite heavy in their looks, it is recommended that you at least add one statement jewellery to the attire. Adding an extra element here not only means earrings, bangles, bracelets or neckpiece it can also be a striking clutch. A clutch works wonders for people who want to go minimal on the accessories. Try opting for a metallic tone clutch which is similar to the tone of the attire.

Choose from the many lehenga sarees online and up your fashion game. However, make sure you don’t look overdressed in your lehenga for any occasion. There are several simple style lehenga sarees available too for casual events!

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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