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Indian traditional wear is well-known all over the globe for its grandeur and elegance. The wedding season is all about royal attires. Women have a tough time choosing their wedding trousseau because of the endless choices. The current fashion trend has brought back the heavy patterns in traditional wear. Lehengas have now become a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. Heavily decorated lehengas are ideal for brides but simple and casual looks are appropriate for others. These days you can get amazing lehengas online too. These days wedding lehengas are not similar to one another with the same patterns and designs they are classified as per the requirement of the event. Designer lehengas are created keeping in mind the vibe of the occasion and the body structure. Typically, lehengas only consisted of a long-flared skirt like bottom, a choli and a dupatta but nowadays several new elements are added to this outfit. Many women take cues from Bollywood actresses these days in order to choose the trendiest lehenga. It is extremely important to style the lehenga properly otherwise it can look weird. A lehenga looks perfect only if the other elements like hairstyle, makeup, jewellery are in place. Before purchasing a lehenga choli it is essential to take a look at the ongoing trends. Well, one does not need to follow the style statements blindly! Here are some breath-taking styles you must look out for when selecting an Indian lehenga choli.

  • Go for Double-toned Dupattas

Dupattas are the most important part of a lehenga choli. Many a times it so happens that the lehenga is simple but the dupatta brings the charm to the outfit. If your lehenga is not that decorative then it is best to go for a heavy dupatta look. When selecting the dupatta choose the colour wisely. Currently, double-toned dupattas are very much in vogue. Make sure that the two tones are blending with one another and are enhancing the overall look of the outfit. Draping can also influence the look of the outfit!

  • Don’t Shy away from Ruffles

When it comes to adding that X-factor in an outfit most women go for borders and embroideries. However, these days you can also go for elegant looking ruffles for your lehenga. Ruffle style lehengas are extremely fashionable. If you are one of those people who wants to go a bit unique with the outfit then ruffle is the best choice. Ruffles come in various sizes and lengths and you need to decide on the same when you select the trousseau. Ruffles come in a variety of shades too so pair up the ruffle lehenga smartly with the choli. The ruffles are not just added to the lehengas they can be added on the sleeves of the choli as well. However, make sure only one element in the whole outfit has ruffles otherwise the look can get too overboard.

  • Opt for Florals and Pastels

Pastels are dominating the fashion industry and so are florals. Earlier, lehengas were only chosen in the hues of red, green and maroon. But lately, pastels are highly preferred for wedding occasions. Even brides go for pastels these days because these colours are soft and easy to carry. The combination of florals and pastels is a classic one and is ideal for all events and occasions. Mint green and blush pink are very much preferred in pastel shades. Florals can be worn for wedding occasions and reception events too.

  • Add an Ethnic Belt to your Lehenga

Lehenga cholis these days are not just traditional but they are also contemporary in their vibe. These days lehengas cholis come with a matching belt too which enhances the overall look of the outfit. The belts in lehengas are matching to the attire which gives newness to the trousseau. This also reflects on the fitting of the outfit. Moreover, the dupatta also stays in place if you have a belt!

Colour is the most important aspect of a trousseau. Selecting the colour of the outfit needs a lot of thinking because that shapes the entire look of the attire. Indian lehenga cholis are available in almost all hues and tones. However, if you want to drift away from the traditional colours then you can go for unique colour schemes too. Here are some colour options for women’s lehenga choli.

  • Peach and Gold

Peach is a very happy colour, especially for brides. Team up the hues of peach and gold for wedding occasions and you are bound to look different from the crowd. Peach can be worn for both daytime and evening events. Well, if you are a fashionista and love experimenting then you can add a contrast coloured dupatta to your peach trousseau. Add a hint of gold to your entire outfit and you are good to go!

  • Grey and Pink

Combine the tones of grey and pink to give your Indian lehenga choli a modern feel. The combination of pink and grey looks unique to the core because one colour tone balances the other. If your entire lehenga choli set is grey in colour then you can add a pink dupatta to the same. Make sure that the lehenga choli set has a hint of gold or silver in terms of borders, embroideries, etc.

  • Ivory and Red

Several brides opt to go the traditional way and red is the most chosen hue for the same. Team up the hues of red and ivory for a traditional lehenga choli. These two colours don’t just blend amazingly but they also look unique together. Make sure you complete the look with jewellery.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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