How to Take Care of Silk Sherwanis for Men

Love flaunting silks? We bet you cannot deny the allure of this beautiful fabric over your skin, offering the comfort you need if you’re wearing it for long hours and being the smoothest material you own. Everything, from the making of this material to the way it feels makes it worth the fortune you pay when you purchase a silk outfit. And with Indian outfits, we certainly agree that nothing can be as alluring as a silk ethnic outfit for men as well as women.

Why Choose a Silk Sherwani?

Silks are known for the regal feel they offer and for being one of the best fabrics to opt for during important functions. During weddings, grooms are more likely to make an impression wearing a beautiful silk sherwani. No matter what the occasion, a silk sherwani is bound to be noticed and appreciated for the elegance it exudes and the way it makes the wearer look. So, if you have been wondering if silk is the right choice, you would never know unless you try it out!

Safest Methods to Maintain Silk Sherwanis

Your silk sherwanis may have cost a bomb and taking care of them may seem like a hard task to do. The right maintenance methods can ensure that your sherwanis stay intact and retain their quality even after every wash. And the only way to make sure that your silk outfits stand the test of time and look good as new is to take utmost care of it. Here are some methods that must be followed without fail in order to keep the fabric from being strained or see wear and tear after a few uses:

  • Hand wash is a Must

You may be in the habit of throwing all your clothes in the dryer for a spin. When it comes to your silks, this kind of treatment is exactly what must be avoided. Hand washing your silk outfits are a must to ensure a delicate wash which your machine cannot offer. Tumbled along with other clothes, the sherwani can suffer irreparable damage. Also, make sure colored silks are washed separately to avoid spoiling lighter shaded outfits with the risk of the color running out.

  • Always Rinse in Cold Water

Never make the mistake of washing your silk sherwanis in warm water. Rinsing the clothes in cold water ensure long life of the outfit along with helping in maintaining the quality and shape of the sherwani.

  • Use the Right Detergent

When you choose a detergent to wash your silks, make sure they are mild. Reading up the instructions and the components of the detergent can help you decide which one to opt for. Certain detergents also have it mentioned on the packaging as to whether they can be used on delicate fabrics.

  • Avoid Washing Stain Spots Separately

Staining your silk sherwani is not something that can always be avoided. If you are attending a grand celebration of sorts, involuntarily spilling food or drinks on it is a possibility, especially when you have kids around. The best way to deal with stains on your silks is to not wash that particular spot separately. You could end up spoiling the fabric or causing it to erode in that specific area with too much scrubbing. Instead, make sure you wash the entire outfit together.

  • Never Wring the Outfit

Once you’re done washing, avoiding wringing it before you hang it to dry. Letting the water drip off on its own is a far better option than wringing the excess water out. Not only do you run the risk of creasing it beyond repair but also of ruining the quality of the fabric and making it look comparatively dull. The best course of action is to hang it on a rope and let the water seep out and dry the outfit naturally.

  • Iron it on Low Heat

Drying the outfit without wringing does not mean that the outfit would be naturally ironed for you. A little crease here and there and involuntary folds on the silk sherwani are bound to make the outfit look shabby and take the elegance out of the outfit. When you intend to iron out the outfit, be sure to do it on low heat while keeping the outfit turned inside out. Also, be sure to keep another cloth as a barrier to the direct heat that the iron gives off or hang the outfit in the bathroom where it can be dried with the hot steam.

  • Keep it Stored in a Fabric Bag or Cover

Silk outfits can become dull with exposure to dust and crease up even when ironed if not kept an eye on. Apart from depending where you store all your silks, how you store them is equally important. We suggest keeping them covered by placing them in a fabric bag which keeps the dust out and leaves the ironing intact. Also, place this fabric bag wrapped around your favorite silk outfit in a place that dust is least likely to penetrate and where the chances of the package crumpling are non-existent.

If you’d rather not see your silk outfits frayed, crumpled, or looking old every time you wear it, make sure you follow all of the above maintenance tips and ensure that the gorgeous silk sherwani you purchased stays as gorgeous for years to come. By trying out different ways of styling it, you can even wear it more often and give it a quirky twist.

Where to get your Shopping done for Silk Sherwanis?

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