Exquisite Sarees from North India

The Indian culture is mesmerizing to the core for people all over the world. The way the culture and traditions of the land are infused in the way of styling one’s attire is yet another feature that has widely become a trend across the globe. The traditional Indian saree has seen glorious days in the past and has been considered one of the best clothing styles over the world where people have falling prey to its grace and enigma. If you love for saree exceeds your love for anything else, here’s a read on this gorgeous outfit for you to get your fashion game on!

North India, beautiful in every way, is engraved in people’s hearts for its culture and vibrancy. Likewise, North Indian sarees exude the sheen of elegance and class.  There are countless sarees from this region that are great enough to enhance the wardrobe of Indian women and to help them make style statements for years to come. Some of the more popular lines of north Indian Sarees are mentioned below to help you choose yours.

  • Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Sarees are contrived in various parts of Banaras and Uttar Pradesh. Pure silk, organza, georgette and shatter are the materials that are used to make this gorgeous saree. The hallmark of the Banarasi Saree is the use of gold and silver threads to weave the motifs. Banarasi Brocade Saree is brilliance personified, indeed! These sarees have been originated from the Mughal era and now the brocade sarees are being created all over India. Owing to this, Banarasi brocade saree comes in various designs. The styling of these sarees is done with floral and leaf motifs, Jhaallar, kalga, butti and bel.

  • Kota Doria

Another type of popular North Indian saree is the Kota Doria generated in Kota, Rajasthan. These sarees are completely different from heavy weight silk sarees. To be precise, Kota Doria is very light weight and transparent, owing to the fact that these sarees are made with cotton fabric. The cotton weaves consists of various yarn gauges that create a graph-like pattern which is known as Khats or check pattern. Now, with diversity in fashion statements, Kota Dorias are also made with silk fabrics.

  • Other types of Sarees

Besides these, tanchois, amru brocades, shikargarh brocades and tissues, the Jamavar sarees, are some more enchanting sarees that comes from the northern region of India. So, if you are a saree fad, Nihal Fashions is the place for you to grab traditional sarees.

How to drape your saree splendidly?

While choosing the right fabric and saree design is vital, it is equally important to know what kind of drape would go best with the saree and your figure. If you love experimenting with your saree draping style, here’s us giving you a gist of what you can try the next time you decide to go the nine yards.

  • Butterfly Style Saree Drape

The butterfly drape saree has been seen worn by Bollywood stars and those with a sense of fashion alike. Very similar to the Nivi drape in the way it looks, this saree is perfect if you are confident about the way you look. In this style of draping, the pallu is thinner than ever, leading to the term ‘butterfly’ being added to the styling. You can find a number of Bollywood designer sarees online at Nihal Fashions to help you recreate this look beautifully.

  • Bodycon saree Drape

Now those who have been working out for ages to get the perfect hourglass figure needn’t fret about how their outfits cover up their hard work. The bodycon style of draping is done in a way that showcases all your curves in the right way. Tightly-draped, the pallu in this draping is scrunched up at the shoulder, hugging your curves in all the right places.

  • Cultural Drapes

If styling your saree in a modern way is not your cup of tea, you can always go for the traditional style of draping that is seen being worn in different cultures of India. From the Gujarati style of draping where the pallu is taken from the back to drape across the shoulder where the pallu falls to the front to the Rajrani style of draping where this front-falling pallu is pinned to the other shoulder using one end, one can try out the various north Indian styles of saree draping that suits their preference the best!

Once you’ve found out all of the styles and drapes that do wonders to show off your curves, all you need to do is start experimenting with these to create your own looks that could one day become popular trends.

Ways to add a Little Bling to the Look

Love bling? We can definitely help you there! Apart from trying out various accessories, from a kamarpatta, maangtika, and dangling earrings to armlets, anklets, and more, you can also try out different styles of blouses that are chic and modern at the same time. Mirror patterned blouses have seen its fair share of popularity, giving you the perfect excuse to get one made for you. Along with this, opting for a crop top as a blouse rather than getting a blouse stitched can also help you save time. You can read up our blog on sarees to know all the different ways in which to style your blouse to stay in trend.

Where to get the Best Sarees?

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

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