Styling Ideas For Men’s Kurta Pajamas!

Men usually look for a blend of comfort and style. Though these days there are several options in ethnic wear, it is difficult to choose the right outfit. The most common ethnic outfits for men are kurta pajama, sherwani, Jodhpuri suit, etc. Indian wear for men has quite limited choices as compared to women. Indian clothing is now popular all over the globe thanks to its uniqueness. Indian attires are quite rich looking and are usually worn for weddings and festivals. Even men need to invest in traditional wear these days for important events. Generally, when one talks about ethnic wear for men the first thing that comes to mind is the combo of kurta pajama. Even in kurta pajamas, many different elements are added. Kurtas for men are easily available online too. There are many benefits to buying ethnic outfits online. Check out why purchasing traditional outfits online is a bliss!

  • It Saves Time

In order to search for that perfect outfit, most of us roam from one outlet to another. This not only wastes a lot of time but is also tiring to a large extent. Most people these days are busy with their tight-schedules and therefore, it is best to shop online.

  • Access to All the Latest Styles

Online shopping platforms are quick to update as per the fashion trends. It is best to shop online for men’s ethnic wear because you can get an overview of all the latest styles and patterns.

  • Money-Saving

Several online shopping hubs offer amazing festive discounts to their customers. Moreover, these days many combo deals are also available. You can save a lot of money too by opting for these offers!

Kurta pajama styles are no longer just restricted to traditional patterns. Nowadays, you can avail many casual kurta patterns too which can be worn for occasions like engagement parties, sangeet ceremonies, etc. The most appropriate way to wear a kurta is to pair it up with a pajama. However, if you are looking out for a more casual look then you can team up the kurta with different bottom styles too. Kurta for men can be worn with the following bottom styles.

  • Churidar

Kurtas with churidar look extremely classy and they also give out a traditional vibe. Churidars are quite tight-fitting as compared to pajamas. When you choose a churidar make sure its colour suits the kurta. It is best to go for simple tones like off-white, grey, black, cream, etc. See to it that the fitting of the churidar is appropriate and suiting your body.

  • Straight-Fit Pants

Men who are not comfortable with a complete traditional look should go for straight-fit pants. Straight-fit pants with a kurta are an Indo-western combination. This look can also be worn for office events, cultural events, etc. The colour of the pant needs to complement the kurta otherwise, the whole look can go for a toss.

  • Denims

The combination of kurtas and denim is a classic one. Casual by all means, kurtas with denim look impeccable and stylish. It is recommended that you go for dark-toned denim if your kurta is light coloured. Additionally, you can wear faded denim if the colour of your kurta is dark. The combo of a kurta and denim cannot be worn for formal events.

  • Dhoti Pants

Kurtas with dhoti pants are traditional looking and ideal for wedding events. An Indian kurta with a dhoti pant is ethnic by all means. This outfit is best for festivals, cultural events, etc. You can get dhoti pants in varied colours and tones. Select the colour of the dhoti pant carefully taking into consideration the pattern of the kurta.

  • Jodhpuri pants

Quite contemporary in their looks, Jodhpuri pants are more like tight-fitted trousers. They have a bit of flare till the hips which makes it comfortable and easy to carry. These pants were initially worn for horse-riding. This pattern is often thought of as royal looking.

Kurtas are available in several different patterns. One must choose the kurta pattern taking into consideration the event. Not all events require you to dress up traditionally, for some casual events you can also go for casual kurta styles. Here are some trendy kurta styles you can opt for.

  • Asymmetrical Kurta

Usually, an Indian kurta is uniform in its length but in an asymmetrical kurta, the length of kurta can vary. The high-low pattern is followed in the asymmetric kurta pattern. Many times, buttons are also added to the side of the neck in this kurta. Indo-western in its look, asymmetric kurtas are best worn with a churidar. Choose colours like black, midnight blue, olive green, etc. for this kurta pattern. Men who like to experiment can definitely opt for this outfit combo instead of a mundane kurta pajama.

  • Kurta with a Side-Slit

Kurtas with side-slits are extremely modern looking. These can be worn for events like cocktail parties, sangeet ceremonies, weddings, etc. Side-slit kurtas need to be of a proper fit because they have to be a bit body-hugging. Team up your side-slit kurta with a churidar and you are good to go. You can also opt for contrast colours when it comes to this kurta pattern.

  • Kurta with a Cowl Shape

Generally, people opt for cowl necks but nowadays this pattern is also included in a kurta. A cowl pattern involves lots of soft curves. These curves are included at the bottom of the kurta giving it a unique look. Complete this look with tight-fitted pants and you are bound to look classy. For this kurta, go for colours like midnight blue, maroon, grey, peach, etc.

  • Kurtas with a Pathani Look

Pathani kurtas have long sleeves and are usually made up of cotton. Pathani kurtas sometimes have rounded edges and are worn with salwar. Apt for festivals and wedding events, pathani kurtas are best chosen in dark-toned colours. These kurtas are comfortable to carry and are also easy to style. Make sure you complete this look by opting for proper footwear.

  • Jacket Style Kurta

Kurtas can also be worn with jackets. If your Indian kurta is simple without any heavy prints and embellishments, you can add an ethnic jacket to the look. The jacket kurta look is apt for all occasions. Make sure the pattern and the colour of your jacket is suiting the kurta. These two elements need not be identical colour-wise.

  • Shirt Kurta

Shirt kurtas are casual and extremely comfortable. These kurtas can be worn for events like sangeet ceremonies, festivals, etc. A shirt kurta for men can be teamed up with denim. This combo can be worn on a daily basis too for semi-formal occasions.

Traditional attires need to be of a proper fit. Apart from choosing the right pattern, one also needs to focus on the fit. Here are some key points to keep in mind when looking for the kurta’s perfect fit.

  • Consider the Fabric

Every fabric has a different texture and that influences the fit of the outfit too. It is necessary to select the fabric carefully if you are looking out for a particular kind of fit. Indian kurtas are available in all fabrics. For weddings and festivals, you can opt for fabrics like velvet, silk, etc. Depending on the fabric you shall decide the fit.

  • Make Sure it Suits your Body Shape

Kurta pajama for men needs to suit the body shape too. It is essential to see whether a particular kurta pattern suits you or no. Some kurtas need to be physique defining whereas some can have a normal shirt like fit. Additionally, the length of the kurta also needs to be proper. Generally, kurtas are knee-length or slightly below the knee.

  • Check the Pattern of the Kurta

Not all kurta patterns need the same kind of fit. It is essential to check the pattern of the kurta before considering its fit. Some patterns are meant to be of a comfortable fit while some need to be body-hugging. So before deciding on the fit of the outfit, check its pattern too. For instance, a sherwani style kurta will be body fit whereas a shirt style kurta needs to be of a comfortable fit.

Styling an Indian kurta is also essential. When you think of wearing a kurta pajama combination you can add certain different elements to your look too. Check out these important tips to style your kurta effortlessly.

  • Add a Dupatta

Some occasions require you to dress traditionally. If you are bored with the sherwani look, then you can add a dupatta to your kurta pajama combination. The colour of the dupatta can be of a contrast hue. Draping the dupatta differently can also enhance the overall look. Adding a dupatta to this look is ideal for events like wedding occasions, engagement ceremonies, sangeet parties, etc. Usually, for dupatta, soft fabrics are chosen which can be draped and carried easily. If you are confused about the colour of the dupatta then you can simply opt for shades like black, off-white, maroon, grey, etc.

  • Try a Brooch

These days sherwani style kurtas are also available which can be worn for wedding receptions. If your kurta is simple to the core you can add a brooch to it too. Make sure the brooch you opt for is not looking over-the-top and is enhancing the overall outfit. Brooch here can be in the tone of gold, silver or metallic.

  • Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are contemporary and can transform the look of any outfit. These days lapel pins come in several varieties which also include certain quirky designs. Lapel pins look good on simple and plain kurtas. Even if you are planning to wear a floral kurta, you can add a lapel pin to it.

  • Pocket-Square

Pocket-squares are apt for formal looks. Fold the pocket-square properly to keep it intact. The colour of the pocket square needs to be selected carefully.

  • Footwear

Apart from accessories, one also needs to focus on footwear. Choose ethnic footwear styles for kurta pajama combos. Men can also go for embellished mojris. If you want to attend a casual occasion then you can opt for brogues, loafer shoes, Kolhapuri chappals, etc. Make sure you select the right tone for your footwear. It is recommended that you choose colours like tan brown, off-white, black, olive green, etc.

Even men’s ethnic wear has several new designs. Instead of opting for the regular prints and embellishments, you can try unique colour combinations and works too. Here are some unique designs for kurta pajama.

  • Floral Kurtas

Floral is very much in vogue and this particular print can also be used in kurtas. Kurtas with a floral print can be teamed up with light coloured churidars. These kurtas are ideal for daytime events. Make sure you choose pastel shades for these kurtas. Choose from the hues like mint green, peach, baby pink, baby blue, etc. If you find your kurta to be too simple you can add a shimmery border to the kurta.

  • Geometrical Prints

Kurtas with geometrical prints are modern in their vibe. You can also use contrast shades when it comes to this particular print. One can either go for random geometrical prints or aligned prints. Choose from the colour like, rust, olive green, midnight blue, pink, lemon yellow, etc.

  • Thread Work

Thread work on kurtas can look classy and stylish. Men who don’t like to wear an Indian kurta with embellishments can go for this design. One can go for a detailed neck pattern in this kurta style or else detailed sleeve ends.

  • Kurtas with Mirror Wok

The combination of mirror work and a light coloured kurta is classic. If at all you go for mirror work make sure you are ready to maintain the same.

Styling ethnic clothes is quite easy but one needs to make sure not to go overboard!

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