What is Linen Kurta Pajama for Men

These days even men are very conscious about what they wear at an event. Just like women, even men have a variety of attires to choose from when it comes to traditional outfits. Right from a classy sherwani to the comfy kurta pajama, each and every attire is apt for one or the other occasion. As compared to other ethnic styles, kurta pyjamas for men have been the most popular and preferred. The combination of kurta pajama is now available in innumerable styles and patterns. Depending on the event you can either customize your outfit or buy a readymade one. If you want to save time you can also opt for this ethnic outfit online. Kurta pajamas are extremely flexible for they are apt for both formal and casual events. Well, you can always enhance the look of your kurta as per the event. Though kurtas are available in a variety of fabrics, linen is the best material to opt for. Linen kurta pajamas are quite in vogue these days. This amazing fabric is high on the comfort level and is also cheap on the pocket. Well, these days even in ethnic wear one needs to select the outfits carefully. For instance, one cannot go all casual for a formal event and cannot don a heavy kurta for a casual occasion! Here are some tips which will help you select the right Indian mens kurta.

  • Know your body type

Not every kurta style suits every physique. Before finalizing an ethnic kurta keep in mind your body type. If you are opting for a simple kurta which is usually knee-length then you need not worry about it but if you want to experiment with a side slit kurta or an asymmetrical kurta, then see to it that it is complementing your body.

  • Make sure you can pull off the pattern and Design

It is good to try something new and opt for a different pattern or design in traditional wear. But make sure you are comfortable in the same. Some men opt for unique designs but then they fail to style and carry it right which then spoils the whole look. In such cases, opt for patterns which are not too risky and are blending with the event too. In this case, the colour of the kurta also plays an important role.

  • Maintenance of the Outfit

Linen kurta pajamas are extremely comfortable and easy to carry. The maintenance of the outfit also needs attention especially if its linen. The linen fabric is quite soft and delicate in its texture and due to the same; it needs more care and maintenance. Make sure you do not wash your linen kurta pajamas with harsh cleaners because that can impact the material making it rough and weak. Hand washing is the best option for linen outfits or else go for dry cleaning. This particular cloth is perfect for summers and daytime events.

Apart from the stated, a linen kurta needs to be styled properly too. Kurtas can look quite boring if they are worn without any striking element. Even for plain linen kurtas, there needs to be an added element which will help in enhancing the look of the outfit. Here are some trendy ways to style kurtas for men.

  • Linen kurta with Denim

Most men are bored of the mundane kurta pajama combo; add a bit of newness to this ethnic attire by wearing it with denim. Almost all hues look great on denims so you need not worry about the colour combination too! This particular style is apt for casual events. Try opting for lighter shades when going for this combo because lighter shades look classier on denims! Complete this look by adding a pair of brogues.

  • Linen Kurta and Shawl

Try wearing a shawl instead of a shimmery dupatta with a linen kurta and churidar. Perfect for wedding occasions, this look is extremely traditional and elegant. However, you might need to focus on the shawl and its design in order to do justice to this look. Well, opt for this shawl and kurta combo if it’s a winter event otherwise you may have a hard time managing your sweat! If the kurta is dark-toned then add a shawl which is light in colour whereas you can choose a dark coloured shawl if the kurta is light. Drape the shawl properly when choosing this look because the shawl needs to be the highlight here.

  • Linen kurta with a Jacket

Jackets have made a huge comeback in traditional fashion trends. Add a waistcoat or a jacket to your linen kurta to give it a contemporary look. The jacket not only adds newness to the overall attire but also makes the outfit look unique. The colours of the kurta pajama can be different from the jacket but they should complement each other well. If you are unaware of which colour to go for then you can simply go with beige, black or grey jacket. These neutral colours can be paired up with any kurta effortlessly.

  • Linen kurta with a pocket Square

Pocket squares might not be possible in every kurta so see to it that you kurta has a pocket in order to go for this style. Pocket squares can certainly change the look of your linen kurta because this tiny element is impactful enough. The colour of the pocket square should either blend with the pajamas or should be of a correct contrast. You can go for mix and match too with the pocket squares.

Shop for mens kurta pajama online and you are sure to witness innumerable options. With a flexible price range and something for every occasion, online shopping can get you your perfect kurta pajama combo. Several online sites also have accessories, footwear and dupattas to complete your traditional look. Also, don’t forget about the amazing online offers and discounts which will enhance your shopping experience.

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