Know How To Shop For Men’s Ethnic Wear Effortlessly

The wedding season is all set to start and that calls for a revamped ethnic wardrobe. Initially, men had very limited options to choose from in Indian wear but lately, with the introduction of Indo-western outfits, men can experiment too. Choosing the right attire according to the event is very crucial. The most preferred Indian men clothing are kurta, nehru jacket and sherwani. The stated outfits are easily available online too. It is always good to shop online for ethnic wear because it is convenient and cheaper as compared to offline stores. Buying kurtas online also means you will have a lot of options to choose from. Men’s ethnic fashion has witnessed several trend changes in recent times.

With the addition of new colours and patterns, men’s traditional wear has transformed for the better. Moreover, the influence of other cultures has also led to a change in men’s traditional trousseau. Nowadays, even in kurtas and sherwanis, there are several different varieties. One can get highly embellished kurtas and casual kurtas. Likewise, even sherwanis are available in different patterns and styles. It is necessary to consider the event before selecting an attire. Though men generally have to choose from either kurtas or sherwanis, they can enhance the overall look by adding some other layers to the outfit too. It is necessary to understand that many factors contribute to the overall look like fabric, colour, work, pattern, etc. Also, check the weather of the place before deciding on an outfit.

The ethnic attire should look royal and classy but not overboard. Opt for a kurta or sherwani but make sure it suits your body type. Up your fashion game this wedding season with our styling tips. Most dresses from India need a bit of styling to enhance the overall look. Here are some useful tips to enhance the look of men’s traditional wear.

  • Choose Unique Colours

Generally, for weddings, people prefer to go for boring colours like maroon, red, beige and blue. However, if you want to experiment a bit you can also opt for lesser common hues like peach, sea green, sky blue, pastel pink, etc. Moreover, you can go for a unique colour combination too when it comes to kurta pajama or sherwani churidar combos. It is also okay to try new colours for churidars and pajamas. See to it that the colours are blending with the occasion and are in sync with your personal taste.

  • Choose the Right Fabric

Men’s traditional wear is available in all fabrics but selecting the right fabric is very important. The fabric can easily influence the look of the outfit. Consider the place of the event too before going for a heavy fabric like velvet. You surely don’t want to look all sweaty in your velvet sherwani in summers! Casual kurtas can also have a cotton fabric but if you are wanting to go for a perfect wedding look then opt for silk, jacquard, velvet, etc.

  • Go for a Comfortable Bottom

Traditionally, kurtas are worn with pajamas and sherwanis are teamed up with churidars. But nowadays, you can opt for several different bottom styles for kurta and sherwani. Most dresses from India now have varied bottom styles. Apart from churidar and pajama, you can also go for denim, straight pants, Jodhpuri pants, etc. These pants alone can give your overall look a new feel.

  • Check the Fit of the Outfit

An outfit with a bad fit can ruin the whole look. Make sure your attire fits you well and is not too tight or loose. The fit has to be comfortable and should be according to your physique. Sherwanis are meant to be a bit body hugging but for kurtas, you can go for a slightly loose fit too. Additionally, not all fabrics will have the exact same fit so consider the fabric too.

  • Add Extra Elements to Make your Outfit Look Unique

The basic look of a kurta or sherwani can be boring. In order to bring some newness to your look, you need to add some layers to your clothing. Try and opt for ethnic jackets, dupattas, accessories etc. and give your outfit a new look. The colour of the added elements should blend with the overall outfit.

  • Go Easy on the Embroideries

It is better to go subtle and not overboard when it comes to traditional wear for men. Too much of embellishments or embroidery can make the outfit look very crowded. Additionally, don’t mix up all the works on one outfit. Either go for embellishments or thread work but avoid a blend of both. This goes for both kurta and sherwani.

  • Complete the Look with Appropriate Footwear

Choosing the right footwear for Indian dresses is quite tricky. Men need to select the right footwear to complete the traditional look. It is best to go for brogues, sandals or mojris for ethnic wear. The colour of the footwear also matters a lot. Choose colours which are blending with the tone of the outfit.

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Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary

Vikas Chaudhary is a Fashion Blogger with 14+ years of experience in the Indian Clothing industry. He has high level of expertise in Indian traditional outfits.