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Shop With Nihal Fashions’ Indo-Western Suits For Men And Be A Trendsetter

Traditional wear has been the essence of every culture, eventually influencing other cultures. Indian ethnic wear too has evolved over the decades with hints of the western culture making a perfect blend. Traditional wear has undoubtedly made a comeback with this evolution of traditional wear with people opting for indo-western wear more than ever for every occasion. With expertly-cut and designed Indian patterned long coats paired with pajamas, dhotis and churidars, you get the perfect mix of India and the west to flaunt at any event, irrespective of the place and time.

Nihal Fashions, with its eclectic range of Indian and indo-western suits for men, makes for the perfect destination to shop for every occasion. You can choose to narrow down the selection of outfits being offered online by filtering out what you need and what you don’t. The outfits offered are available in a range of materials such as jacquard, Banarasi silk brocade, giccha silk, art silk, Banarasi silk, cotton, jute, dobby dupion and more. You can also choose from the various colours on display such as beige, maroon, off-white, gold, blue, purple, black, green, etc. that are considered as some of the most royal colours to be worn where traditional wear is concerned. All of these can be purchased at an amazingly low cost that you can refine you search with. By setting a budget within the filters available, you can find exactly what you need within your set budget and also avail the various offers and discounts offered by us on occasions. Nihal Fashions has a magnificent collection in indo-western sherwani and indo-western suit!

Try These Accessories To Enhance Your Indo-Western Look!

While making a purchase at Nihal Fashions, you not only get all you need at the lowest prices possible but also get a range of accessories to go with the outfits you purchase. You can choose what you need by using the filters offered or choose none of them if that is what you wish to do. We give you the option of purchasing exactly what you wish without making you choose what you did not intend to buy in the first place.

  • Mojdis

The right footwear on any kind of outfit is a must. This even more so with indo-western outfits to complete the look without compromising on the overall style. Mojdis should definitely be your first choice in accessories while putting together your outfit for the event. Even with an Indo-western sherwani, paring mojdis rather than boots is more likely to enhance your look and make it perfect.

  • Dupatta

Like sherwanis, you can also choose to pair a dupatta with your indo-western suit. With a contrasting shade of dupatta being paired with your indo-western suit, your outfit wouldn’t seem as gaudy. Make sure to not choose a dupatta that is the same colour as your outfit so it doesn’t ruin the look of the dress. Check out our exciting offers and discounts on combos of indo-western sherwani and dupatta!

  • Safa

Indo western men’s wear certainly doesn’t lack a choice in accessories to be paired. When it comes to weddings, a safa is definitely a must if you are part of the groom or the bride’s family or among their close acquaintances. However, rather than wearing the same colour as everyone else, you can get one from Nihal Fashions that matches your indo-western suit, making it an ideal accompaniment.

  • Choice in Bottoms

Earlier, it was a hard and fast rule to wear pajamas along with sherwanis and kurtas. With the evolution of traditional wear with a more indo western take on the costumes, you can now choose trendy bottoms to go with your outfits. If pajamas are too boring for you, put on a churidaar pant or even a dhoti pant as part of your ensemble. You can be sure of turning heads your way throughout the event while making a style statement of your own. Check out our blog on how to buy the right indo-western sherwani for wedding.

Here’s Where You Can Flaunt your Indo-western Outfits

There is no scarcity of an occasion among Indians to flaunt their roots through their dressing. With the number of festivals, family occasions, outings planned, and friendly gatherings taking place almost every month, having your wardrobes stocked with Indian or Indo western suits and dresses is definitely not a bad idea. To give you a gist of when and where to wear your indo western outfits, here are a few suggestions.

  • Festivals

Indian festivals are a never-ending cycle of dressing up, meeting the family, and showing off the latest fashion trends. From Diwali and Eid to Navrati and other cultural festivals that a majority of the communities celebrate with vigour, traditional outfits with a mix of modernity is exactly how you can start a trend of your own among your friends and family. An indo-western suit is sure to be a hit amongst the crowd, no matter the season or time of day.

  • Casual Events

When you head to a casual event, you are sure to find a majority of the crowd sporting western outfits. After all, isn’t that an expected outcome? Why not be the one thinking out of the box by flaunting an indo-western menswear suit instead and give ethnic wear a chance to be admired too. You can go for an indo-western suit or something equally chic and quirky on the next party you plan to attend with your friends or during the upcoming weekend trip you have planned for a more comfortable choice of clothing.

  • Cultural Events

Cultural events are common among corporate agencies and colleges where national days and cultural fests give one the chance to take pride in the roots of their culture and traditions. If you’d rather not experiment with your outfit, you can always try a safe choice by going with something simple and elegant while purchasing the outfit. While dhotis are definitely a trending fashion, you can play safe by going for regular pajamas instead. One can also opt for a designer western wear for events!

  • Weddings

Most Indian families proudly boast of families that are large in number. And weddings are just another event that add another member into these families. With so many weddings throughout the year, it can certainly get a little difficult trying to think of the perfect outfit to wear for each of the ceremonies. Having options other than completely traditional is a sure change from the monotonous, allowing you to lead the change in fashion during wedding scenes.

  • Family Events

In places where a large family is a common sight, family events are celebrated with as much vigour as the many national festivals. From parents’ birthdays and anniversaries to celebrating the birth of a new life in the family, you are sure to be in want of newer outfits every year. Purchasing indo-western suits for men at Nihal Fashions is one way to stay in trend all the time and finish all of your shopping before time. Still confused about how to buy the right attire for an event? Read our take on factors to consider while checking out vintage collection of Indo-western suits.

Don’t Know How To Flaunt your Indo-western Outfits? Read On

Indo-western, while relatively new, can be worn in a number of ways. You can either go with the styles that have already been tried and tested, or create your own and make fashion statements of you own. We suggest you do both.

  • Blazers with Indo-Western Bottoms

You have no doubt seen the various types of bottoms available to be worn with Indian menswear. However, on great way to create your own style of indo-western dressing is to pair these Indian bottoms such as a dhoti with a western blazer or coat. Resembling a sherwani, the western outfit pair with Indian bottoms is sure to look equally classy and suave as a completely Indian or completely western outfit. You might even influence hordes of people gathered at the party or the event to try their own way to blending outfits of different cultures together.

  • Gem Stones Jewellery

While this is more of an individual choice, you can never go wrong with accessorising men’s indo western outfits with gem stone jewellery such as rings, pendants, brooches and more. If you thought jewellery is just for women, you have certainly been wrong all along. For those not inclined to wearing gemstones, you can always choose to wear a simple chain with the outfit Make sure you give these a try as well when planning to flaunt your indo-western outfits at events.

  • Ethnic Jodhpuris with Western Outfits

Here’s another way to mingle the Indian with the western culture - pairing your Jodhpuris with western outfits that have a hint of the Indian traditional. If it is a somewhat casual event, you can always pair your jeans or trousers with an Indian ethnic kurta and Jodhpuris. So, rather than looking like a western outfit, you would be sporting a fresh indo-western look instead. As most people choose to wear western casual outfits during casual events, you can take the opportunity to do something new and influencing with your indo-western look.

Check Out The Perks Of Shopping At Nihal Fashions

Apart from the lovely range of outfits available online with us at Nihal Fashions, we also offer a number of perks for you to make your shopping exciting and fun. So, instead of focusing on your expenses, you are sure to be surprised by your huge savings and the amazing quality of clothing you can find online on our website.

  • Irresistible Offers and Discounts

At Nihal Fashions, you can come across numerous discounts and offers from time to time, especially during festivals, giving you the chance to save on your purchases with us. Apart from getting Indo western clothing online at competitive prices that are the lowest you can find anywhere, you also get to save on the purchases made with the help of the many coupons offered online that reduces you overall purchase price a great deal. We also get you your outfits delivered with free shipping, reducing you expenses even more!

  • Customisation

One of the best features offered by Nihal Fashions is the customisation feature that allows you to customise the outfits to your liking and your fitting. Rather than purchasing something online and getting it altered later on, you might as well choose the outfit you like best and have it customised before it is delivered to you right at your doorstep. Not only is that a time-saver but a stress reliever as well to save you the trouble of searching for someone to have the outfit stitched to your measurements.

  • Innumerable Varieties

The indo western range of suits for men at Nihal Fashions is wide enough to leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose from an eclectic range of suits that come in numerous colours, type of material, sizes, and the style of the outfit. You can take a look at the website and filter the choices depending on what you are looking for to narrow down the choices to what you wish to check out. This is an even better time-saver than going out to shop and turning the entire store upside down on your hunt for the perfect outfit.

  • Complimentary Accessories

Every outfit purchase on Nihal Fashions, be it an indo-western sherwani or an indo-western suit, comes with certain accessories in tow that complement the outfit perfectly. You can choose the dupatta, safa, and mojdis offered by us along with your outfits, depending upon your sizes and the length of safas that you prefer, allowing you to customise your outfits as well. With this, you get to save the time it would otherwise take to shop for all these accessories separately. If you would rather not spend on these, you can also forego the accessories and purchase just the outfit, giving you the chance to get just what you need instead of spending on what you do not wish to buy.

You can also avail free shipping worldwide for your orders that go beyond USD 199, allowing you to save all the more on your purchase of indo western dresses online. On the next event that arrives, we hope to be your choice while purchasing mens designer suits online!