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Shop for Nehru Jacket - A Perfect Blend of Tradition And Modernity

The greatest fear in the world of fashion is committing a fashion faux pas. Whether you are planning to attend a family function or a celebration as grand as the red carpet events (Indian weddings are way grander, after all), donning the right outfit is everything people really care about apart from how well the arrangements are done.

Commonly called a Nehru jacket named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, the popular hip-length jacket has evolved a great deal over the years since it first became a phenomenon. With a Mandarin collar called the bandhgala in India, the coat was worn by the esteemed Pandit Nehru in an Achkan styled kurta that had a western touch. Needless to say, his penchant of flaunting these jackets were as dedicatedly remembered as his own personality with his style of dressing influencing the decades to come. Not only has it stayed popular through the years but also managed to get trendier with each passing year.

Having feasted our eyes of Bollywood stars and numerous other men flaunting the jacket in unimaginable yet enthralling styles, it leaves us in no doubt that the attire is only bound to evolve further. And with the jacket becoming a unisex outfit where women flaunt it as good as men do, stocking up a few within our wardrobes is sure to have a positive outcome some day! After all, when in need of something to wear at a grand occasion, you can just add the jacket to a fancy western attire and create a gorgeous indo-western look that fashionistas would be proud of.

How these Stylish Jacket came to be

While one cannot exactly pinpoint the origins of the Nehru jacket, excerpts suggest that they were first seen during the Mughal dynasty where the courtiers often worn royal garbs. With enough evolution and updates to the choga worn by the courtiers came an evolved attire that struck the fancy of many.

The Nehru jackets first came to be recognized in the 1940s during the era before independence. During those decades, people wearing these jackets were viewed to be in a socially high position. While they were earlier called ‘bandh gale ka coat’ due to the Mandarin collar, the attire was eventually called Nehru jacket although he wore it in the form of an achkan. Although the clothing article is named after Mr. Nehru, the jacket was never worn by him. Irrespective of that particular fact, there is no doubt that the attire makes for a classy addition, back when the royals and courtiers flaunted it till today where it is worn by many over any outfit that could use an addition.

The increasing popularity of the outfit

As a way to garner attention and popularity in the west, the attire was called the Nehru jacket which soon became a hit across the globe. With famous people in the west such as the Beatles, and the Monkees subsequently, the jacket was briefly quite popular out there. It was also worn by actors in various Hollywood movies. All of these appearances have made the outfit popular among people who aren’t of the Indian ethnicity as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear something that an actor wore in one of the Bond movies?

Over the years, its use in both Indian and western outfits as an add-on has made the attire popular among both Indian and westerners. While this popularity has decreased amongst the westerners within barely a few year, and a few years where the attire made a brief comeback, the Nehru jacket is bound to remain a favorite for Indian all over who can pair it with their lovely kurta pajamas for a classy look.

The many variations of the jacket over the years

When it first gained popularity, the jacket was more a short shirt worn above a kurta than a jacket. Although the style of the outfit has evolved with the years, the essence remains the same. Waist-length and a straight-cut fit, the mandarin collar and the buttons in the front have barely changed even with time. Some, however, have gone ahead and replaced the buttons with a zip for easy wear. Most, though, prefer the old-school way of wearing the jacket. Made with khadi in the initial years of its popularity, the attire has gone on to be manufactured in other materials such as silk, linen, cotton, etc. for better comfort and style. Worn as a formal way of dressing right from the olden days, the attire has only become more elegant with time with the numerous ways of pairing the attire right. Its popularity has made led to many shopping portals offering Nehru jackets online in numerous styles. One style that has been a great hit is the jacket style kurta pajama.

While that is certainly the most popular, pairing it with shirts and trousers, casual T-shirts and jeans, kurtis and more are equally captivating. Men and women have recognized the utilitarian purpose of said garment, allowing jackets to become the perfect addition for every outfit and event.

Lately, another variation to the Nehru jacket has been introduced which is equally popular and garnering attention swiftly. More colorful than the Nehru jackets, Modi jackets are more desi in style and are seen in colors and shades that are more casual and funky than a formal jacket. Worn frequently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on most of his international voyages, this is yet another style of jackets that have peaked the interest of many, albeit not as famous as the Nehru jacket.

Pairing it with the Traditional Kurta

 Giving the jacket a more traditional outlook that what most others allude it to, Nehru jackets worn with a kurta pajama make for a combination worth flaunting. The right kind of styling can take the charm of your kurta pajama up a notch. Whatever you decide on, keep your physical structure, your height, and the color scheme of the outfit in mind since colors and fabrics can also make you look leaner, taller, and well-built if chosen right. For those who love the conventional, a button-down jacket in solid colors paired with a slightly varying shade of kurta pajama or, perhaps, a white or black kurta pajama is bound to look impressive.

For those who don’t mind a bit of funk to their otherwise conventional outfit, substituting the buttons to your jacket with a zip is not only convenient but also more stylish. If you prefer, you can even leave the jacket unbuttoned and give off a rugged look while being suave at the same time. Another way of pulling off a jacket style kurta pajama is opting for a corduroy jacket instead of the usual linen, cotton, or silk.

Nihal Fashions has a lovely selection of kurta pajama with Nehru jacket online that you can check out and purchase should it suit your tastes and preferences.

Ways of styling your jacket-style kurta pajama

Your jacket style designer kurta pajama look needs nothing more than confidence to be pulled off with a flair. For those fashionistas who love standing apart in a crowd, we recommend pairing your lovely Nehru jacket and kurta with a stylish dhoti in a contrasting shade. Go for a funky color if the occasion is a casual party your friend is planning to throw. For formal events, stick to shades that are more acceptable as formal colors.

Another great addition to the list of styling your Nehru jacket and kurtas right is replacing the pajamas with Jodhpurs instead! Baggy and comfy, these make for a perfect attire for every occasion, and add a touch of charm to your overall traditional look. If you’d rather prefer casual outfits, you can always wear your Nehru jacket that was accompanied by your kurta pajama with a shirt and trousers and create your style.

Accessorizing the jacket kurta with Nihal Fashions

Accessories is one of the many boons for shopping with Nihal Fashions. Whether you purchase a silk kurta pyjama with Nehru jacket or something comfortable in cotton, you can get a dupatta to match the outfit at a small additional cost. For those who love everything ethnic, buying the mojdis that come along with the kurta pajama is perfect to complete your look. You can find the kurta pajama as well as the accessories in the finest quality. Another accessory that you can get for yourself at Nihal Fashions along with kurta pajama is a safa that you can flaunt at a family wedding.

While the kurta pajama with jacket is sure to look exceptional even without accessories in tow, you can always opt to glam up your look further. For those not keen on any additions to the exquisite attire, you can always opt to purchase just the kurta pajama. Since all the accessories come at an additional cost, you can choose to buy just what you want without shelling out on redundant accessories.

Occasions to flaunt your jacket style kurta pajama in

There are no dearth of occasions to flaunt their best outfit for Indians, no matter what part of the world they reside in. From weddings and festivals to cultural events, no one needs a second nudge before taking out their ethnic outfits shoves towards the back of the closet. With the collection from Nihal Fashions, there will be no shoving of clothes to the back. The exquisite selection of Nehru jacket kurta pajamas we have are made from the finest of fabrics woven with care and designed and embellished to perfection. We have a range of simple jacket style kurta pyjama online as well as ones that are heavily embroidered to be flaunted at important functions such as a wedding, a family celebration, etc.

The number of festivals you can wear your Nehru jackets with the kurta pajamas you in stock is enough to make you buy as many ensembles as you can to stand out from the crowd. From Diwali and Eid to Navratri and Holi, you can flaunt your best ethnic garb, being the envy of the crowd. National holidays are another occasion to don these outfits to boast of your roots and your pride of the nation through your outfits. From the right fabric to the right shades and designs, we have it all amongst our collection.

Why Shop with Nihal Fashions?

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