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Buy Pathani Suit at Nihal Fashions

Everyone has witnessed the surge in the trend of owning and flaunting a Pathani suit. With the kind of attention it has garnered, it is safe to say that this outfit is one that is owned by almost every Indian, irrespective of where he lives. Online shopping portals such as ours are often thronged by people browsing through this particular category. And why not when it offers such a great fit. Perfect for every occasion, the Pathani suit has certainly made a mark in the world of fashion among outfits that are timeless classics.

While not everyone would look at the outfit the same way once the history behind the adopting of this outfit is known, the charm that this grab manages to exude when being worn is enough to make most have at least one in their wardrobe.

The resemblance between the salwar and the Pathani suit

As elegant as they look and feel, Pathani suits for men do not have a very positive history. It is believed that the Pathans, out of fear of the Sikhs, donned on the garb of women (which was the salwar kameez) to escape being killed. Since it was widely known that the Sikhs do not harm the defenseless, specifically the women, the children, and the elderly, the Pathans were advised to dress up as women to avoid being harmed. Fearing the wrath of the Sikhs, the Pathans took to dressing up in a salwar which kept them safe. Although the Sikhs knew of their strategy to keep themselves from harm, they refrained from harming anyone in said garb. Eventually, this attire was adapted into the daily routine of the Pathans who accepted it as their garb, leading to it being called a Pathani suit.

This does explain the similarities between the salwar suit and the Pathani suit that has so often confused people. While the history of the outfit is disturbing, the allure of the attire has remained and grown further in making it a phenomenal outfit sought by all. From weddings to parties, the number of people opting for this suit over any other outfit does seem high. In many regions in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. one can still see Pathani suits to be a prevalent outfit for daily wear among men who have adopted the outfit as their own.

A snugly fitting top paired with straight-cut pajamas, the Pathani suit has managed to catch the eye of people across the world and encourage designers to try out different styles over the years to make it a garb that has an appeal one cannot resist.

The evolution of the Pathani suit in modern-day fashion

Fashion is the one thing that has evolved constantly and been accepted without much resistance. When it comes to outfits like the Pathani suit that has been influenced by the golden decades, a change was definitely warranted to keep with the flow and mindset of people today. Gone are the days where puffy, flowing sleeves were encouraged upon men and flared pants were considered a trend. Today, we are more likely to see these trends on women which has also become a norm over the years.

The introduction of the snug fitting Pathani kurta, with their unique collars, shades, and cut managed to overpower the trend of the old Pathani suits that were loose-fitted and plain. Embroidery, zari work, use of various fabrics in the making of the suit, and the stitching pattern has kept the outfit from being overshadowed by sherwanis and other equally enthralling traditional outfits for men.

Having its own charm, there is no denying that these suits manage to bring out the best in men as far as their stature and personality is concerned. And with the comfortability and convenience it offers and its easy maintenance, choosing a Pathani suit over western outfit even for regular use seems like a wise decision.

How to choose the right Pathani suit for you

Worn majorly by the men in Punjab and Kashmir, the Pathani suit has gained attention by people everywhere to be the perfect traditional ensemble for occasions. Not as flashy as the sherwanis and yet as elegant as one, these suits have become a trend among Indian men all over the world. A constant during festivals such as Eid and Diwali for those looking comfortable options, the first step to buying the right Pathani suit for men is choosing the right fabric. These suits can be found in varying materials such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. You can choose the fabric depending on what season you are venturing into in order to avoid fiascos while you are attending important events.

Another vital aspect of choosing the right Pathani suit is the color of the apparel. If you are of a shorter stature, make sure you go for darker monochrome shades to make it look like you’re taller than you actually are. Similarly, those taller can wear a suit in contrasting colors that blend well with each other. While there is nothing you can do to increase your height or change your physical structure within a night, you can do a lot make it appear like you have with the right choice of fabric, cut, style, and color.

If you love bling and glitzy outfits, make sure you decide on your Pathani suit while taking your physical built into consideration. Men who are leaner can opt for suits that are heavily embroidered or embellished while men with more muscular features are better suited for apparels that are of a lighter fabric or material with as little addition in terms of designs and embellishments.

Best styles of flaunting your very own Pathani suit

The impression that Pathani suits make, even on their own, is enough to make stars pop out of your eyes. The heady combination of a well-cut suit paired with an equally stylish bottom is a trend that can never go out of fashion. One way of keeping the essence of the Pathani suit intact is by pairing it with the usual straight-cut bottoms that are so in trend. However, there is no reason why you cannot try out your own experiments with fashion to create a style of your own.

Pairing the top of your suit with an ethnic dhoti is an equally great way of making an impression and staying in vogue. The fall of the dhoti with its loose layers paired with a short Pathani kurta that gives a snug fit is bound to give you the appearance of the physique you have always craved to have.

Another way to make the Pathani suit look stylish is by adding certain accessories to it that bring out the hue of the apparel. Gemstones studded in the suit or worn around your neck like a pendant are as likely to bring out the charm of your overall look as a jacket atop the kurta. While jacket style kurta pajamas have their own separate niche in the world of fashion, you can always mix and match to form your own style statement and start a trend of your own.

Accessorizing your Pathani suits with Nihal Fashions

The simplicity of a Pathani suit in itself is enough to make the outfit a hit among men who look for elegance and comfort in their choice of clothing. Accessorizing your attire becomes easier with Nihal Fashions to the rescue. Along with your purchase of the pathani suit for men online, you can find a number of accessories available to further enhance the grace and elegance of your outfit.

A dupatta to drape around your shoulder that matches your suit would be hard if you don’t know where to look. Instead, shopping here would get you the perfect match to your outfit. Not only this, you can also complete your traditional look with a mojdi in tow. You can get all of these with your suits at a small additional cost. Along with these, you can also get a safa of your own to match the suit you purchase. So, when a wedding in the family does get planned in the near future, you have you outfit for the event as well as the safa you would be expected to don atop you head. All of the accessories are available at varying lengths and sizes to suit your requirements and can be chosen based on your specifications.

For those who like simplicity and prefer to wear their suit without any additions, you an forego all of the accessories and purchase just the suit. The accessories made available at additional costs, you needn’t pay for what you don’t like and save up on you shopping.

Occasions to flaunt your Pathani suit in

 The sheer brilliance of a Pathani suit makes it perfect to be flaunted at a wedding. With the right accessories to go with the attire, your Pathani suit, with its handiwork and intricate patterns, makes for a splendid ensemble. With the kind of collection we offer at Nihal Fashions, you can find the right Pathani suit for weddings as well as other equally important and inevitable family occasions. Be it an engagement you plan to attend or a family celebration that just cannot be missed, Nihal Fashions has the perfect outfit for you to make you the envy of all as you walk through the crowd.

The many cultural events, national days, and other such occasions are another opportunity to add to your wardrobes by shopping with us online! So, when you are asked to be the host at the upcoming silver jubilee anniversary of uncles and aunts, you can look the part in your very own Pathani suit that is designed with the best handiwork and patterns.

Perks of a shopping spree with Nihal Fashions

Shopping online has a lot of perks. What’s even better is shopping with Nihal Fashions. Why, you ask? Apart from the reasonably low cost of every product, we offer a range of discounts and deals to help you find the best without causing a large dent in your budget. Shopping online with us can get you the benefits of monthly discounts and festive offers all year round. You can filter through the searches to find outfits within your budget and in your preference of fabric, shade and more. You can also have your chosen outfits customized to your liking and specifications. So, you needn’t worry about having your outfits altered once you have purchased it from us. We do our best to make sure your convenience and comfort isn’t compromised with while shopping at Nihal Fashions.

Along with these discounts, you get an assured 10% discount on your purchase at Nihal Fashions, giving you more opportunities to save. The remarkable selection of ethnic outfits we have online is another reason why we are your go-to site for all ethnic shopping. Another amazing perk of shopping with us is the free worldwide shipping we offer on a total purchase of above USD 199! We guarantee offering every product at the lowest prices in the finest quality of fabric. We also offer customized deals for you upon request and give you a range of selections to browse through apart from the fine Pathani suits.

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