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Sherwani For Men To Create A Regal Look

Sherwanis reflect a sense of grandeur with their rich weaves and exquisite brocade prints. Whether it’s your own wedding or you plan to attend a close one’s wedding, investing in a good sherwani adds a touch of sheer sophistication to your personality. Some men already have an ideal design in mind and start their buying process in that direction, while others are open to different designs depending on the trend. No matter which category you belong to, checking out an exclusive range of Indian clothing options online and offline can sometimes be quite overwhelming. If you are in that phase of your selection process where you don’t know where to begin, we’re about to simplify your journey through this perfect guide for sherwani for men

Where Did Sherwani Originate From?

Most of you wonder where the trend of sherwani originated from. Was it the Persian era or the Mughal? The answer to that is the latter. The Mughal emperors ruling the Delhi sultanate brought the trend of sherwanis into existence. This regal style was a blend of Indian salwar kurta and British flair coats. In the 18th century, every man wore this traditional attire for style and elegance. Since then, this design has undergone various evolutions, while its essence remains the same.

Different Types of Sherwani Available for Men

Sherwani’s come in many styles and forms and look stunning when worn at a celebratory function. At Nihal Fashions, we bring you a range of sherwani designs like Angrakha Style, Anarkali Kurta Style, Indowestern Style, and Jodhpuri. Depending on the occasion you wish to wear it, you can browse through a collection of designer sherwanis available in different colors, from light pastel to deep red and navy blue.

While all these designs are usually crafted with warm materials polyester, rayon, and heavy silks, if the weather of the country you live in is considerably cold, you might want to choose a velvet sherwani with a complimenting pajama. You can also consider wearing silk brocades with a jacket.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Sherwani

Selecting the perfect sherwani involves considering the fabric, a crucial factor that impacts comfort and overall appearance. Here's a concise guide to popular sherwani fabrics:

  1. Silk Sherwani: Silk sherwanis exude timeless elegance, making them ideal for weddings and special occasions. The smooth silk texture adds regal charm to your look, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs.
  2. Velvet Sherwani: Perfect for colder climates or winter weddings, velvet sherwanis offer warmth and opulence. They pair exceptionally well with intricate embroidery, making them a favorite for evening events.
  3. Brocade Sherwani: Brocade sherwanis are known for their intricate patterns and textures. These eye-catching designs, with metallic threads, add a touch of glamour, making them perfect for grand celebrations.
  4. Jacquard Sherwani: Jacquard fabric combines modern designs with tradition. These sherwanis feature subtle patterns, ideal for grooms who prefer a contemporary look. Comfortable and suitable for daytime events.
  5. Raw Silk Sherwani: Raw silk sherwanis strike a balance between rustic charm and luxury. Their textured finish gives them a unique appeal, suitable for both daytime and evening ceremonies, especially when paired with intricate embroidery.

Selecting the Perfect Sherwani for Every Event

Choosing the right sherwani for different occasions can be a nuanced process. To ensure you make a memorable and stylish appearance, consider these tips:

  1. Wedding Ceremonies: For the main wedding ceremony, opt for a sherwani that exudes opulence. Silk or velvet sherwanis with intricate embroidery or embellishments are perfect for this occasion. Choose rich, deep colors like maroon, royal blue, or dark green for a regal look.
  2. Pre-Wedding Functions: Pre-wedding functions like mehndi and sangeet call for a fusion of tradition and style. Angrakha style or Indo-western sherwanis can be a great choice. Play with lighter colors and minimalistic embroidery to keep it festive yet comfortable.
  3. Reception: For the reception, you can embrace a more contemporary look. Jodhpuri or Anarkali kurta style sherwanis work well here. Consider experimenting with pastel shades or unconventional colors to stand out.
  4. Daytime Events: Opt for sherwanis made from lighter fabrics like jacquard or raw silk if you have daytime events in your wedding itinerary. Pastel shades or earthy tones work best for a fresh and vibrant appearance.
  5. Accessories Matter: Don't forget to accessorize appropriately. Choose footwear that complements your sherwani style, whether traditional mojaris, Kolhapuri chappals, or stylish loafers. Accessorize with jewelry that enhances your overall look, and consider the season and time of day when selecting color combinations.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Sherwani for Men for a Wedding Function

Choosing a sherwani can be a tedious task with a range of options available at your disposal. Be it color, material, style, or fit, consider all factors before making your pick. Here are some things you should keep in mind before starting your shopping.

  • Browse through different styles to understand which look would suit you the best
  • Since you and your bride need to complement each other, make sure your sherwani choice matches with her outfit
  • Depending on the weather of your city in the USA and your skin tone, select the fabric and the color combination of your sherwani
  • To balance your look well, choose a light fabric with heavy work or rich fabric with minimal work
  • Keep the latest trends in mind and make sure the sherwani you choose is easy to pair with the accessories you intend on wearing

Best Ways to Style Up Your Sherwani

After you’ve selected your perfect sherwani and are already dreaming about D-Day, it’s time to figure out the accessories with which you can style your sherwani best.

  • Shoes you can consider: Unsure whether you should go with Mojaris, Kolhapuri chappals, or loafer shoes? Think of the look you want to create and make your perfect choice. If you wish to go completely traditional, Kolhapuri chappals can be a good option, if you want to keep your look regal, go for mojari's, and if you want to ace that indo-western look, loafers can be a good option.
  • Accessories for added regality: There's no doubt that beaded necklace, watch, and stone rings add richness to your ensemble. However, instead of going for the usual whites, try wearing contrasting jewelry that will make you stand out in every way.
  • Choosing the right color combination: As per the time and season of your wedding, you can choose different color combinations that would look great in your wedding pictures. For a summer wedding happening in the morning, pastels could be the right option. For a wintertime night wedding, navy blue, dark green, and black would steal the show.

Buy Mens Sherwani Online

Prepping up for your wedding this year, but staying far away from home in the USA seems to limit your options on traditional attires? Fret not. We at Nihal Fashions bring you the exquisite designs that are sure to charm your bride and the guests with every stride. Here are some of our best-selling wedding sherwanis to simplify your search process.

  • Peach Silk: This simple yet alluring peach color sherwani's is made with resham, zari, and stone embroidery work. Since the base colors are subtle, the overall design takes the viewer’s attention.
  • Dark Gold Silk:Feel like an ideal desi groom in this dark gold sherwani that comes with an overcoat. It’s enhanced with a touch of maroon for added regality.
  • Black Colored: Black sherwani's are here to stay forever, and all for the right reasons. They are minimal in design but look extremely rich at the same time.

We hope your selection for the right Mens Sherwani has been simplified with our best-selling picks. However, if you are still unsure about your choice, head to the product page and filter a range of designs as per your preference.

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You can buy sherwani online at Nihal Fashions webstore. We ship all our products worldwide, like USA, UK, Australia.

FAQs on Sherwani

What is a Sherwani ?

A sherwani is an Indian men's outfit, knee-length and tight-fitted, typically made of thick fabrics with a fusing cloth inside. It's paired with bottoms like Churidar, Dhoti, Pajama, or Patiala pant.

On what occassions can one wear a sherwani ?

Sherwanis are commonly worn by grooms on their wedding day.

How to choose grooms wedding sherwani?

Select a sherwani based on color and fitting. Ideal colors include white, cream, and maroon. Avoid black sherwanis on a wedding day. Opt for a tight fit for a royal look.

Which fabric materials are in trend for Sherwani?

Silk, Jacquard, and Brocade fabrics are trendy choices.

What is the ideal length of Sherwani for men?

The ideal length is just below the knee.

Can the groomsmen attend their friend's wedding in sherwanis?

Certainly, groomsmen can wear sherwanis, typically lighter in weight.

What accessories can I pair with a sherwani?

Accessories such as Safa/Turban, Mojdi/Shoe, Kamarbandh/Waist Cloth, and Kantha/Necklace complement sherwanis. Nihal Fashions offers matching accessories tailored to your sherwani.

Why should you buy Sherwanis from Nihal Fashions ?

Nihal Fashions offers customized sherwanis, ensuring your desired design and fitting for a perfect look.