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Buy And Flaunt Your Royal Side With Nihal Fashions’ Sherwani Collection

India is famous for its enthusiastically followed festivals and rich culture, having managed to woo people across the globe in becoming a widely followed way of living. From the traditions followed by the people to the way of dressing, India, as a country has made a lasting impression on people throughout the world, owing to the varied heritage and the novelty it offers. Among everything that India has had an effect on when it comes to countries abroad, traditional attire is one thing that fascinates people the most. This applies not only to people originating from the other countries but also to Indians who have decided to settle down abroad while still wanting to stay in touch with their roots.

Among men, sherwanis have become a standard outfit to be flaunted at every festive occasion or formal event. This custom has become prominent irrespective of where one lives. With its interesting cut, pattern, and colour co-ordination, the ensemble has struck a fancy with anyone who knows about its significance or the convenience it offers.

Similar to the long coats worn by the British, a sherwani is a long garment in the form of a coat, usually worn by Indians. Ideally paired with a dhoti or pajama, this traditional attire has its origins in the 19th century with the British ruling over the nation. It was created with the fusion of the traditionally worn achkan by the royals and the long frock-coats worn by the British. From Indians to those enthralled by the vibrant folk and traditional outfits that Indian usually wear, witnessing people in countries apart from the Asian countries where the outfit is more commonly worn in is hardly surprising.

Nihal Fashions, one of the best online providers of sherwani for men, offer an exquisite collection of ensembles to cater to your needs for every occasion. Be it a wedding, a festival, or an important family function, you can have your sherwanis customised online and get it without having to step out of your homes. With numerous add-ons offered as part of your purchase, you can get a complete online shopping done for your outfits as well as shoes and accessories to match. 

Moreover, sherwanis are usually worn for weddings and by grooms because of their rich vibe. Check out our brief blog which describes why Sherwani is the outfit of the elite.

Confused About What Kind Of Sherwani To Wear? Read On To Know More

Sherwanis, with their many patterns and styles come in numerous types that are each as exquisite as another. The brocade work in evergreen gold and red, or a modern touch of going for bolder shades that look equally charming, you can go through a number of options before finally settling for one that suits you as well as the occasion the best. Nihal Fashions offers an eclectic range of options among sherwanis for men to help you purchase the best one. With quality that is worth every penny spent, you can find sherwanis from among the below types at Nihal Fashions.

  • Chipkan Sherwani

Exuding royalty in every sense, Chipkan styled sherwanis are inspired from the Mughal dynasty that saw some of the richest designs in sherwanis worn by the royals ruling the land. A number of brand cater to men who have a penchant for all things royal by offering chipkan sherwanis among other types that are equally enticing.

  • Angrakha Sherwani

For those with a fit physique, showing off your fitness is now possible with a beautiful angrakha sherwanis that is tailored to offer a snug fit. With a form fitting upper portion that flares down elegantly, an angrakha sherwani has everything you need to make a fashion statement. An angarakha sherwani is best worn as a wedding sherwani!

  • Pakistani Sherwani

Having overcome borders due to its beautiful style, bodice, and shades, Pakistani sherwanis have made its way in the hearts of Indians all over the world. The charm these sherwanis exude is certainly incomparable. Being a style in itself, Pakistani sherwanis are perfect for those who prefer bolder shades.

  • Anarkali Sherwani

Having received recognition for the intricate patterns it flaunts, an anarkali sherwani is yet another elegant traditional attire you should consider while purchasing a sherwanis that stands out. Similar to the angrakhas, anarkali sherwanis can make heads turn your way if worn the right way. Opt for a wedding sherwani online at Nihal Fashions.

  • Achkan Sherwani

One of the simplest yet elegant type of sherwani often preferred by most is the achkan sherwani that can be seen worn by many during weddings. Paired with a dhoti or a churidaar, and a jacket in tow, flaunting an achkan sherwani is a sure fashion statement.

  • Indo-western Sherwani

Giving the traditional a perfect modern touch, indo-western sherwanis have swept people off their feet with its convenience along with giving it the needed contemporary look that gives it the look of being a fad both then and now. Playing with shades and textures, every sherwani for men makes for an ideal ensemble during festivities.

  • Jodhpuri Sherwanis

Another addition to the royal range of sherwanis, the Jodhpuri collection is often seen worn by groom during weddings. Owing to the fact that they are richly designed and embroidered, these sherwanis cost more than many of the other types of sherwanis. Check out the ten most popular sherwani styles for this season on our blog.

All You Need to Know About Styling Your Sherwani Right

Sherwanis have managed to captivate people in every style and form with its exuding elegance. Some of the major styles that have appealed to those with a penchant for Indian outfits are certainly worth trying:

  • Adding a jacket to the Sherwani

Pairing jackets with your sherwanis has become a trend followed by many with immaculately cut jackets enhancing the look of your sherwanis. You can either pair a simple sherwani with an intricately designed jacket, or opt for a sherwanis that is heavily embroidered or studded with a simple yet classy jacket in tow. A jacket looks all the more amazing when paired with a men’s velvet sherwani!

  • Try different bottom Styles

Unlike earlier days where a sherwani was paired with pajamas, people are opting for dhotis and churidaar bottoms to take their fashion game up a notch. You can mix and match the different options to create an altogether new look that could eventually become a fashion statement at the events you frequent. Nihal Fashions offers the option of choosing the style of bottoms you prefer while making a purchase.

  • Traditional Mojdis

Is a traditional avatar ever complete without the right shoes complementing your outfit? When wearing ethnic clothes, slipping on a pair of mojdis that complement your outfit is a must. Gold embroidered jootis are commonly seen worn by men who choose sherwanis over suits. Mojdis are a must when it comes to donning a royal sherwani for wedding. At Nihal Fashions, you can get matching mojdis in your size along with the sherwani you choose, allowing you to be fashion perfect.

  • Dupatta

Sherwanis are often paired with dupattas that blend with the shade of the sherwanis beautifully. These dupattas could either be silk, or net, depending on what your sherwani needs. While choosing your sherwanis at Nihal Fashions, you have the option select a dupatta or unselect it if you prefer to go without one. Depending on your convenience, you can choose to purchase a dupatta that matched your sherwanis perfectly.

  • Safa

The wedding parties in India are often seen flaunting a safa, whether you have on a tuxedo or something ethnic. When you make your purchase at Nihal Fashions, you can choose to add a safa to your purchase list and also decide on the length of the safa according to your preference that is an exact match to your sherwani. 

These days many grooms opt for sherwanis which are colour coordinated with the bride. If you are a groom-to-be and want to opt the same idea then read our blog on stylish ways to co-ordinate your sherwani with your bride’s lehenga.

Where to Flaunt your Sherwanis?

Indians can never run out of traditional occasions or events to flaunt their best traditional wear collection. This is sure to give most people enough opportunities to go on a shopping spree in order to flaunt something new each time, especially for those who are fashion conscious. With wardrobes brimming with ethnic wear, donning a new outfit for every special occasion is certainly a possibility. This is even more so if you have a good fashion sense that allows you to mix and match outfits. You can wear it at all of these events. Be it a marriage sherwani for groom or a formal wedding sherwani, Nihal Fashions has amazing options in this segment.

  • Weddings

Weddings are a never-ending part of life. With the family tree increasing almost every year, there comes a time where weddings line up one after another. And what better ensemble to don on a wedding than a sherwani! If you are the groom, this is an absolute must. However, for close family of the bride and the groom, donning a sherwani suit on the big day is as essential as family photo sessions. With sherwanis flaunted at the event, the wedding album is sure to bring back beautiful memories with dashing cousins and uncles in their best looks. Check out the collection of designer sherwani for groom at Nihal Fashions and also look for our irresistible offers and discounts.

  • Festivities

The number of festivals celebrated by Indians in a year is absolutely mind boggling. From the start of a new year till the time the year ends, we go through endless festivals that last for days on end, giving us the opportunity to wear our best traditional outfits during the celebrations. At Nihal Fashions, you can buy sherwani online for every festival or occasion at the best prices.

  • Family Functions

Indians are known to have large families that extend from generation to generation and also include family friends who are as good as a part of the family. The average family functions that could therefore line up are sure to add at least a function a month to your calendars. This includes shopping for clothes for these occasions as well. Whether you are looking for something simple to wear to the event or something jazzy that adds colour to the celebration, you can buy Indian men’s sherwani online that caters to all your whims and fancies at Nihal Fashions.

  • Other formal Events

Attending an event that requires formal dressing, or visiting a place that requires one to be dressed in ethnic wear is another occasion that can give you the chance to pull out your sherwanis from deep within your closets, or to just buy sherwanis online at Nihal Fashions.

If you are confused about whether to wear a kurta pajama or a sherwani then check out our blog kurta pajamas vs sherwanis – what should you go for?

Why Nihal Fashions Makes for a Perfect Shopping Partner?

Nihal Fashions offers what no other online store can – outfits customised to your specifications. With sherwanis priced reasonably for the quality of materials used and the finishing of the outfits, you can expect nothing less than perfection while making a purchase with us. We also make it a point to offer the best and latest designs to keep your outfits in trend no matter what the occasion and the season. The customisation feature also allows you to get it shaped for an expert fit without having to worry about getting it altered like you otherwise would while making a purchase at stores without this facility.

While browsing through our website, you can refine your search to choose the material you prefer most for your sherwanis along with the colour you wish to look for to filter through the option and reach the one destined for you. Another great thing about making an online purchase at Nihal Fashions is the fact that you can get multiple additional things such as matching mojdis, safas, dupattas, and more to pair with the sherwani you choose to buy.

Along with offering our best sherwanis for men online at comparatively lower prices, we also provide free shipping over a certain amount spent, allowing to save further. You can also enjoy numerous offers that are available on the website frequently to offer our customers a way to celebrate while saving when they buy traditional sherwani online from us.

At Nihal Fashions, you can also find an eclectic range of kurta pajamas for men, and exquisite sareeslehengas, and salwar kameez for women. You can also find an indo-western range of outfits for men who want to get the best of both worlds. These indo-western outfits are equally a rage as compared to traditionally worn sherwanis and kurtas. To complete the package, we also offer a wide range of kids’ apparels to get your little ones the best quality clothes online. To carry out the traditional wear shopping expedition for your family, you know where to find the finest of selections because the collection at Nihal Fashions is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.