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Indian Sherwani, a tasteful blend of Kurtas and British frock coat, are essentially a long coat-like garment indigenous to the aristocratic class of Indian Subcontinent. Today, Sherwani for men is for pomp and grandiose affairs. The unmistakable charm of Indian Sherwani makes it a choice garb among fashion aficionados and wedding grooms alike. Its stately appeal notwithstanding, how you choose your Wedding Sherwani for the occasion is equally important– you want it to be impressive, but it could very well go the bling-and-gaudy way.

Mens Sherwani is to be worn over khara pajama, tight-fitting churidars, however you choose. You could also compliment it with a neat stole; it adds a nice touch. When it comes to Indian sherwani, one cannot overemphasize enough on the quality of fabric and embroidery design to be chosen. It is what separates a good choice from a dowdy one. In addition to the stole, you can also choose traditional Mojris for an enhanced look. Aside from the festive occasions, Sherwanis for Men also characterize to be the traditional Indian dress for weddings in India.

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