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Maroon Kurta Pajama

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Have you ever categorized kurta pajama as casual wear? Or this outfit is best suited as occasion wear? With a rich history behind, a kurta pajama has seen massive evolution. Worn by rich zamindars in the pre-independence era and gradually strengthening its position amongst the revolutionaries and ministers; and finally being the most preferred outfit which underwent the scissors by fashion designers, a kurta pajama has come a long way.

Buy Maroon Kurta Pajama for Casual and Occasional Dressing

Today there is a chunk of men who love to wear a kurta pajama as casual wear but then there also exists a percentage who considers this outfit best for special occasions and celebratory moments with family. A maroon colored kurta pajama woven in fine cotton is an ideal pick for casual dressing when teamed up with your favorite pair of denim. While if woven in luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet, along with a dash of ornate embroidery and embellishments can turn this outfit into stunning occasion wear for men. Now, you can buy maroon colored kurta pajama online from Nihal Fashions in a variety of colors, fabrics and embellishments.Make your selections based on occasions, it will give you a fairer understanding on which design to shop for. So, browse through our collection of maroon kurta pajama, maroon sherwani and more and you’ll be spoilt for choice.