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Linen Kurta Pajama

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Stay Stylish with Nihal Fashions Collection of Linen Kurta Pajamas

Made from the fibers retrieved from the flax plant, linen is one of the most widely used fabrics for clothing, both Indian and western. Owing to their ability to keep you feeling fresh and cool even in the summer heat with its ability to absorb, linen is preferred over a majority of other textile options. The popularity of the word grew to an extent where even clothing items made from other materials were recognized as linen due to the patterns most commonly seen in linen clothing.

The use of linen in the making of Indian traditional wear is hardly surprising with the popularity of the fabric’s sturdiness, absorption level, and durability. The fabric is used to make not only clothing items but also cushion covers, table cloths, napkins, aprons, bags, etc. Like every other fabric, linen too can be embroidered and printed upon, paving a way for the creation of beautiful designs and patterns. This makes linen an ideal fabric to be used for the manufacturing of Indian traditional outfits such as a linen kurta pajama.

While the earliest use of this fabric is dated back to thousands of years ago in Egypt, trade enabled the reach of the fabric to various parts of the world. Over the years, India has become a major manufacturer of linen clothing and products, of which Indian ethnic wear is the most sought after. The elegance of Indian outfits stand unparalleled with the beautiful fitting and fall it offers, making linen an ideal fabric to be used in the making of Indian clothing.

Use of the material in the making of linen fabric kurta pajama

Since comfort is what most people look for in their choice of clothing, men opting for linen fabric kurta pajamas is a more common sight than them opting for other grander materials such as silk. Perfect to be worn even in warm seasons, the breathability of the fabric is enough to convince most people to purchase a linen kurta pyjama than anything else. With kurta pajama being the go-to attire for men since decades ago, the utilization of this fabric in the making of kurta pajamas for men is not surprising.

Taking a cue from the traditions of old, Nihal Fashions offer a wonderful selection of linen kurta pyjamas online for men that you can take a look at while browsing through our website. We ensure using the best quality of fabrics and raw materials in the making along with expert professionals working on designing each fabric with care. From the zari work to the embellishments being added to the fabric, we ensure perfect finishing and durability of the ensemble. Not only this, you can also find sherwanis for men and a gorgeous collection of ethnic wear for women in linen on our website.

Styling men’s linen kurta pajama the right way

Due to the fabric being so convenient, a majority of the people choose to wear linen kurtas to work on a regular basis. The number of options to choose men’s linen kurtas online at Nihal Fashions is worth the amount spent in purchasing the same. Apart from wearing it to the office, choosing designer linen kurta pyjamas gives you more opportunities to flaunt your recent purchase at weddings and other equally happening events. You can find an eclectic collection of every type of kurta online on our website with varying choices of bottoms. Whether it is an upcoming festival or a family celebration, we have all you need to look your best in traditional Indian wear. Here’s how you can style your linen kurta right:

  • The right choice of bottoms

Choosing the right pair of bottoms for your kurta goes a long way when it comes to adding to your vogue. Kurtas of varying lengths can be paired with different kinds of bottoms like dhoti, pajama, or trousers. A short kurta can be combined with trousers to complete a formal look or with a dhoti, if you are dressing up for a traditional occasion. Pajamas of various styles can be clubbed with your kurta. A loose pajama adds an eye-catching allure to a mid-length kurta, while fitting pajamas or chudidars can be worn with long length kurtas and sherwanis when you want to flaunt your kurta’s design.

  • Accessorizing the outfit

One of the best ways to style your linen kurta pajama from Nihal Fashiosn is to add accessories to the outfit that bring out the brilliance of the outfit.

  • Fusing the ethnic with western

Pairing your kurta with western clothing is a trend you can set fire to. The idea of pairing your traditionally approved kurta with trouser, jacket or western shoes, although unconventional, can make you the star of the event.

  • Pants

Pairing a short kurta with formal pants is a fashionable option when looking to attend a formal event. You can select a plain or printed kurta to go with formal pair of pants to make your outfit complete with formal shoes and watch.

  • Jackets

Jackets of various materials can add to your apparel’s appeal. You can wear a traditional Nehru jacket or a western tweed jacket with a plain mid length kurta. Wearing dinner jacket or a waist coat with long kurtas are trends that you can set. You can choose to mix the materials of your outfit by choosing a velvet jacket or a printed shimmery coat with your linen kurta.

  • Playing with Prints

You can play with prints by mixing printed pants with a printed scarf to drape it over a bandhgala. You can also wear printed jacket over your kurta to add to your allure.

Accessorizing your kurta the right way

Accessorizing any outfit is the key to augmenting your look for any occasion. Kurta pajamas look best with certain add-ons that increase the charm of the outfit.

  • Accessories offered by Nihal Fashions

Nihal Fashions offers a safa, a dupatta, as well as matching footwear with your linen kurta pyjamas online. Another great thing about shopping online with us is the choice of bottoms, from dhotis and salwars to churidaars that make the outfit look even more elegant. All you need to do is pay a small additional amount over the price of the kurta pajama you intend to purchase.

  • Drape a scarf or dupatta

Another way you can accessorize your designer linen kurta is by adding a lovely scarf or dupatta that matches your outfit splendidly. You can look up chic ways to style the dupatta in a way that keeps with the trend and lives up to the grandeur of the occasion.

  • Pair it with a coat

You can wear your kurta with a jacket for a minimalist and semi-formal occasion. You can also add a Nehru-styled jacket to make your kurta look trendy. Clubbing your kurta with a coat in contrasting colors can add to your style quotient. You can experiment with colors and materials for your choice of jacket.

  • Shoes maketh a man

Wearing the right shoes can change your appearance to a great extent. Wearing traditional Indian jooti completes your traditional attire, whereas pairing your kurta with formal pants and formal shoes will give an edge to your semi-formal attire. You can also chose to pair your kurta with casual shoes to give add a stylish appeal.

  • Add some bling

Accessorizing your kurta with complementing jewelry is a serious affair. You can pick your choice of accompaniment to add to the ethnic appeal of the ensemble. It can be an eye-catching brooch, an exquisite pearl neckpiece, a strikingly gorgeous pocket square, a stunning rajwadi mala, or an intricate pocket mala. Every piece of jewelry adds to the charm of your attire. You can also add jeweled pocket watch or a stylish bracelet to complement your kurta. For those with a penchant for bling, gemstone pendants and rings are perfect to complete your ethnic look. These jazzy accessories in their bright hues paired with the linen kurta pajamas are enough to bring out the elegance of the outfit and augment it further

Occasions to wear your Linen Kurta Pajamas in

You can choose to wear your linen kurta pajamas to several occasions. Indian are definitely known for the number of festivities and celebrations enjoyed due to large families. And with linen being a fabric that is comfortable to worn in any season and at any time of the day, there is nothing stopping you from flaunting one at the many grand occasions. On the other hand, you can always create opportunities to dress up in kurta pajamas when the mood kicks in!

  • Weddings

Weddings and celebrations with the wedding are the best place to flaunt your ethnic side. Be it your friend’s sangeet ceremony or your sister’s mehendi ceremony, wearing a kurta is recommended to appeal to your cultural inclination.

  • Cultural Events

You can wear your favorite kurta pajama to cultural events throughout the year to be one with the cultural spirit. Whether it is a community gathering or a party hosted to celebrate cultural roots, your ethnic attire will enhance your charm and make you the star of the event.

  • National Days’ Celebrations

National days are perfect events to flow with your patriotic nature and partake in the celebrations. Wearing your linen kurta pajama with pride, you can feel closer to your roots as you flaunt this traditional outfit that is so popular among Indian everywhere.

  • Family Functions

With bigger families come more opportunities to flaunt ethnic outfits. From anniversary celebrations and birthdays to get-togethers and family dinners hosted every now and then, family functions are the best events to wear you linen kurta pajamas in. You can find the best designer linen kurta pyjamas that designed to perfection for grand events at Nihal Fashions among their lovely selection.

  • Casual Outings

Wearing kurta pajamas on your casual outings is the perfect option if you find denims uncomfortable. With kurta pajamas offering you flexibility and comfort, it is ideal to be worn any day.

  • Office

With the simplicity they offer, linen kurta pajamas are perfect for daily office wear. Not very jazzy and easy to carry, these kurta pajamas are also easy to maintain and give you the comfort that usual formal wear doesn’t. You can opt for simpler, sober colors that can be worn to a workplace.

  • Festivals

Festivals are yet another occasion where you can wear your ethnic best without being too different. Since the men in your family are bound to flaunt kurta pajamas too, make sure you buy yours from Nihal fashions to get the latest collections and be a class apart.

Why shop with Nihal Fashions

Nihal Fashions, being a major provider of Indian ethnic wear online, makes sure you can stay in touch with your roots no matter what part of the globe you reside in. Offering free shipping worldwide over a purchase of USD 199, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over profits, ensuring that you are delivered your choice of clothing within stipulated time. Numerous discounts and offers can be availed by shoppers online with monthly discounts and festive offers that allow you to save on your purchases.

Customization is yet another feature that we offer where you can have your outfit customized to your sizes and preference. Not only this, you can also customize the deals we offer to suit your requirements. So, shopping with us guarantees quality as well as savings!

Since most consider linen to be an ideal fabric for every weather, opting for linen kurta pajamas, whether for festivals, weddings, celebrations, formal events, or daily wear, makes perfect sense. At Nihal Fashions, you can refine your search by filtering the budget to one that you are comfortable spending and choose the shade of the outfit as well as the pattern. We do our best to make sure that our customers receive what they need by keeping a refreshing selection of outfits that you can browse through in order to find the right one.

Take a look at our collection and the deals we offer to get the best linen kurta pajamas online at jaw-dropping prices.