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  1. Light Gold Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4364) Sale
  2. Beige Imported Silk Sherwani (NMK-4361) Sale
  3. Gold Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4360) Sale
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  5. Beige Art Silk Sherwani (NMK-4358) Sale
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  12. Light Gold Velvet Sherwani (NMK-4340) Sale
  13. Grey Banarasi Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4336) Sale
  14. Gold Art Silk Sherwani (NMK-4334) Sale
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  15. Gold Banarasi Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4332) Sale
  16. Beige Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4328) Sale
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  18. Peach Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4325) Sale
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  20. Beige Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4314) Sale
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  21. Beige Art Silk Sherwani (NMK-4312) Sale
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  22. Navy Blue Jaquard Sherwani (NMK-4309) Sale
  23. Orange Banglori Silk Sherwani (NMK-4301) Sale
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  25. Blue Velvet Sherwani for Men (NMK-3916) Sale
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Latest Sherwani Collection with Price List
Gold Jaquard Silk Brocade Sherwani (NMK-4545)
$621.00 $403.65 35% Off
Peach Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4538)
$809.00 $525.85 35% Off
Cream Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4543)
$705.00 $458.25 35% Off
Dark Gold Jaquard Silk Brocade Sherwani (NMK-4544)
$705.00 $458.25 35% Off
Beige Art Banarasi Silk Mens Sherwani (NMK-4531)
$413.00 $268.45 35% Off
Beige Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani for Men (NMK-4532)
$413.00 $268.45 35% Off
Beige Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4533)
$413.00 $268.45 35% Off
Pink Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4536)
$517.00 $336.05 35% Off
Gold Art Banarasi Silk Sherwani (NMK-4525)
$569.00 $369.85 35% Off
Pink Art Banarasi Silk Grooms Sherwani (NMK-4526)
$705.00 $458.25 35% Off
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Buy Indian Sherwani Online

Indian menswear has undergone a revolutionary change in the past few years. Indian men have stepped into the fashion arena to experiment with their looks depending on different occasions. One such occasion is the grand Indian wedding. While the brides are all geared up to look their best on their special day, the grooms-to-be are also leaving no stones unturned to look dapper alongside their would-be-wives. The set of clothing which undoubtedly wins all votes as the most sought after Indian ethnic wear for men is the Indian sherwani. 

Today, sherwani for men are available in a plethora of styles, designs, and patterns. From the availability of different weaves, use of sumptuous fabrics, fine embroideries, metallic thread work, ornate embellishments, to the variety of colour options, one will get a plethora of choices to pick from while shopping sherwani online. At Nihal Fashions, one will get an assorted selection of men’s sherwani design depending on the occasion you wish to flaunt it too.

Shopping at Nihal Fashions is a hassle-free process because of the easy navigation the website offers to its customers. Browse through the sherwani collection online, streamline your search on the basis of various filters like type of sherwanis, colours palette, fabrics and more.

Wedding Sherwani for Men

If we trace back to the time, we will find kurta pajama as the most preferred traditional wear for men at an Indian wedding. But with changing times, new fashion evolutions took place and sherwani took over the fashion circuit as the prime apparel for men. Fashion designers and Bollywood have brought in immense popularity to this piece of clothing. Nowadays, a men's wedding sherwani is a set of extravagant clothing worn with an embellished long coat, a kurta, and a churidar pant or a pair of dhoti pants.
A traditional sherwani is a long coat woven in regal fabrics like silk or Benarasi brocade adorned with metallic thread and stonework. A sherwani usually features a buttoned collar with a panel on the front which touches the knee length. But with new design innovations, one may find a variation in sherwani length as well. There are a variety of sherwani designs available in the market today namely traditional sherwani, dhoti style sherwani, Indowestern sherwani, Breech pant style sherwani, Achkan style sherwani, and Angarakha style sherwani.

Latest Sherwani Styles for Men

Bollywood celebrities have donned different styles of Indian sherwani on various occasions. Drawing inspiration from them, these day’s men wear sherwani even at celebrations beyond wedding ceremonies, like Diwali and Dussehra parties. Following the latest trends in sherwani designs, one can’t ignore the lavish use of embellishment and dark colour palette which is quite favored by today’s cosmopolitan men. In order to complete the style, men are opting for matching footwear and dupatta to get a dapper look. Use of colourful jewel stones, zari and zardozi work, intricate thread work and jacquard weaves are beautifully done on different styles of sherwanis crafted of different types of fabrics like silk, poly silk, Benarasi silk jacquard, silk brocade, and crepe. At Nihal Fashions, you can choose from the vast array of designs available online from the men’s ethnic wear section, at best prices. Besides wedding sherwani online, the store also offers a handsome range of kurta pajama, dhoti kurta and Indo western suits for men.